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Cancer Survivor

The Debate We Need: How to Help People Live After Cancer

Doug Ulman | Posted 08.03.2013 | Healthy Living
Doug Ulman

Survivorship as a treatment discipline means going beyond just medical care to equip people to thrive today as well as they can, both during that fight and beyond it. It is treating the whole patient, the abnormal cells spurring tumor growth as well as the day-to-day challenges that accompany them.

Today Was a Gift -- Until I Burned My Soup

Danielle Ripley-Burgess | Posted 07.30.2013 | Impact
Danielle Ripley-Burgess

It's days like today that I realize that sometimes the advice and outlook that I dish out from time to time isn't exactly the easiest to follow.

The Fight After the Fight

Eamonn Conrad | Posted 07.30.2013 | Healthy Living
Eamonn Conrad

When I was diagnosed with cancer, one thing I really was prepared for was the fight during treatment. I knew I was going to have surgery. I knew I was going to get radiation. What I was not fully prepared for was everything that came after.

The New "C"...Continuous Innovation

Newton F. Crenshaw | Posted 05.30.2013 | Politics
Newton F. Crenshaw

Ignoring this cycle of innovation in cancer research due to economic pressures carries the risk of unintended consequences.

Loving Your Reflection

Alyssa da Silva | Posted 07.29.2013 | Healthy Living
Alyssa da Silva

In the end it is humorous to me that a surgery to change my appearance brought my hidden cancer to my attention -- and that this cancer has essentially reversed how I feel about beauty.

I Was Prettier Before Cancer

Stephanie Sliekers | Posted 07.29.2013 | Healthy Living
Stephanie Sliekers

I like to think I'm not superficial or petty. But it wasn't until my new doctor, an oncologist, told me I would lose my hair that despair reared its ugly, presumably bald, head.

Finding My Niche, Post Cancer

Kate Sievers | Posted 07.28.2013 | Healthy Living
Kate Sievers

I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma, stage 2A with bulky mediastonal disease, when I was 22. Most people know that cancer is expensive, but I didn't think that most people understood what that meant for a twenty-something.

From Tragedy to Triumph

Heather Von St. James | Posted 07.20.2013 | Healthy Living
Heather Von St. James

I am a wife, a mother and a mesothelioma warrior. I have a story to tell, one that starts with tragedy but ends in triumph.

Reflect, Refocus, Rebuild, Live: An Interview With Mike Lang

Emily Drake | Posted 07.20.2013 | Healthy Living
Emily Drake

Having been a former outpatient at a pediatric health center, it was a unique experience for me to be on the other side of the fence talking about the experience of pediatric patients transitioning from pediatric to adult health care. I had the opportunity to catch up with Mike Lang last week to ask him about his adventure therapy organization, Survive & Thrive Expeditions.

Cancer Messed With the Wrong B*tch: Now Is the Time

Seporah Raizer | Posted 07.14.2013 | Healthy Living
Seporah Raizer

When you're diagnosed with cancer, there's all this pressure to get out and "live your life," and anxiety about being judged for taking life for granted now that you're staring your mortality in the face. But living life to the fullest doesn't mean the same thing for everyone.

7 Key Healthy Strategies From a 15-Year Cancer Survivor

Jeannine Walston | Posted 07.14.2013 | Healthy Living
Jeannine Walston

Integrative cancer care does not only include medical visits and treatments. In combination with necessary conventional cancer treatments and other integrative therapies addressing the entire body, cancer patients need to use self-care daily.

A Cancer Survivor's Tribute to Mom

GalTime | Posted 07.14.2013 | Women

There I was on one end of the phone trying to sound calm, cool and collected because I wanted to protect her. And there she was on the other end of the phone, offering consoliatory words in an effort to protect me, her daughter.

Things I Was Told During Chemotherapy

Eamonn Conrad | Posted 07.14.2013 | Healthy Living
Eamonn Conrad

Every day, young adults are diagnosed with cancer. Every day, people tell them it will be okay, or it isn't so bad. These quotes are some things that were said to me by various people in my life. These things didn't really help me.

It Happened, Even to Me

Elise Frame | Posted 07.14.2013 | Healthy Living
Elise Frame

I am happy that my story brings others encouragement,

And I don't think any of this is a mistake.

I just wish people would stop telling me "I can't imagine how you do it"

And instead realize, "You're just like me."

Remission With a Side of Hypochondria

Jennifer Giuffre-Donohue | Posted 07.14.2013 | Healthy Living
Jennifer Giuffre-Donohue

Being a young cancer survivor is a paradox. On the one hand you have a long life ahead of you. On the other hand because you're younger you'll have many years of testing to make sure there are no recurrences.

False Evidence Appearing Real

Joanna_Montgomery | Posted 07.13.2013 | Healthy Living

If I allowed it, I could "what if" myself into a state of total paralysis. But I'm not going to do that. Fear is the only thing keeping me from living a full life, not cancer or car crashes.

Valleys: Episode 3 -- 'This Guilty Feeling'

Mike Lang | Posted 06.17.2013 | Healthy Living
Mike Lang

Talking about cancer can be difficult. And for many, the thought of sharing their actual feelings about cancer with those they love can feel insurmountable.

Valleys: Episode 6 -- 'The Choice'

Mike Lang | Posted 07.08.2013 | Healthy Living
Mike Lang

Getting cancer as a young adult seems so unfair. And holding all these conflicting and difficult emotions inside can cause an emotional cancer that takes almost as great a toll as the physical disease itself.

Valleys: Episode 5 -- 'The Release'

Mike Lang | Posted 07.01.2013 | Healthy Living
Mike Lang

Is it possible to transform anger, guilt, loss and grief into acceptance and forgiveness? Can you be peaceful in the face of the relentless life threat of cancer? In Valleys: Episode 5, Amy struggles with this conflict as she tries to find release from tormenting anger and guilt.

Welcome to My Cancer Circus

Jim Higley | Posted 06.26.2013 | Healthy Living
Jim Higley

Well, my friends, that cancer circus began eight years ago today. And in my books that makes me an eight-year survivor. I feel an emotional connection with today. It's right up there with my birthday and the birthdays of my three kids.

Understanding Cancer (or At Least Part of It)

Denise Tam | Posted 06.25.2013 | Healthy Living
Denise Tam

Most cancer books or support groups are more like self-help books. Don't get me wrong, we all need a pep talk to move us along but sometimes we need to be in touch with reality as much as we need to dream and have hope.

Stupid Cancer Nation

Kenny Kane | Posted 06.24.2013 | Healthy Living
Kenny Kane

The 2013 Stupid Cancer Road Trip was characterized by new connections. One of the best parts about my job is observing the meaningful conversations that take place when you put a group of people affected by young adult cancer in the same room together.

Valleys: Episode 4 -- 'Letting Go'

Mike Lang | Posted 06.24.2013 | Healthy Living
Mike Lang

Cancer awakens our ability to experience impermanence, including our own mortality. Valleys: Episode 4 -- 'Letting Go' -- awakens us to the realities of impermanence and the notion of letting go of what we want or what "may be" and instead embracing "what is."

A Conversation With My Bone Marrow on Her 10th Birthday

Benjamin Rubenstein | Posted 06.24.2013 | Healthy Living
Benjamin Rubenstein

My bone marrow donor was an anonymous girl, so my blood has two of the same sex chromosome. I have reared my bone marrow as my child, and my only complaint is that she's a brat. She is also a prodigy, teaching herself advanced calculus when she was four.

Being Two

Kelly Bergin | Posted 06.23.2013 | Healthy Living
Kelly Bergin

There are many times when I am so happy! Many, many people say they'd never know that I was sick. But right now, living feels like so much work. And the wait to get better keeps getting longer and longer.