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Candy Crowley Debate

Presidential Debate Co-Chair Attacks Candy Crowley

The Huffington Post | Jack Mirkinson | Posted 04.22.2013 | Media

One of the co-chairs of the 2012 presidential debates said on Tuesday that it was a "mistake" to choose CNN's Candy Crowley as a moderator. Frank F...

The Candy Crowley Effect: Little Things Can Lead to Big Changes

Kate Farrar | Posted 12.22.2012 | DC
Kate Farrar

Last week, young women across the country saw something on their TVs and streaming on their laptops they had never seen before: a woman moderating a presidential debate.

Sunday Roundup

Arianna Huffington | Posted 10.21.2012 | Politics
Arianna Huffington

We didn't need the Long Island Medium to predict that the Sleepy-Time Obama from the Debacle in Denver would be replaced at this week's Hofstra debate with a much feistier POTUS -- or that the town hall format would lead to more verbal sparring than the locked-behind-a-podium approach. The breakout star of the event was Romney's "binders full of women" comment, an awkward turn of phrase that unleashed a bevy of tweets, Tumblr gifs, and video mashups. The top TiVo takeaway had to be Romney's epic fail as, eyebrows shooting upward, he tried to nail Obama on the words the president had used to describe the attack in Benghazi -- a dramatic moment highlighted by Candy Crowley's instant fact-check. Before the debate, I suggested that the real-time, crowd-sourced fact checking that has become a staple on Twitter should be made a standard part of the debate process. Candy's sharp memory demonstrated why it'd be so useful.

Jason Linkins

Winning On Semantics, Missing The Point: The 2012 Speculatron Weekly Roundup For Oct. 19 | Jason Linkins | Posted 12.20.2012 | Politics

One final note on this: we were a little dumbstruck by the number of people who commented that Obama had managed to definitively parry the issue or put Libya to bed. No, no! It really is more than what phrases were used in certain speeches, we're afraid. There is a whole debate coming on Monday, exclusively about foreign policy. That debate's moderator, Bob Schieffer, is absolutely going to want to earn his stripes. He will absolutely re-raise the question. If he doesn't he will be pilloried. So the matter has not been put to bed. Hopefully, Schieffer will manage to steer the discussion to more substantive grounds.

An Independent Perspective: Did Romney Hurt His Prospects Among Independents in the Second Debate?

Bill Hillsman | Posted 12.19.2012 | Politics
Bill Hillsman

President Obama won in 2008 largely because of support among independents. Whichever poll you want to look at, Obama badly trails Governor Romney among independents this year. And he is going to have to cut into Romney's independent support if he wants to win a second term.

Gender Politics: You Can't Have It Both Ways

Jeff Schweitzer | Posted 12.18.2012 | Politics
Jeff Schweitzer

I think the idea of differentiating between male and female moderators in fact is a bit outrageous and offensive, a reverse form of gender discrimination.

Dear Candy, You Blew It on Climate Change

Don Kraus | Posted 12.18.2012 | Green
Don Kraus

Disappointed doesn't begin to express how I feel about the question you didn't choose from the audience. You had a chance get the candidates on record on how they will deal with climate change, and you blew it.

The Real Reason for the Right's Wrath Against Candy Crowley

Joseph A. Palermo | Posted 12.18.2012 | Media
Joseph A. Palermo

The hate brigades have taken aim at Ms. Crowley not because she showed "bias" or was "wrong" about the facts or exceeded the role of moderator, but because she performed a genuine act of journalism in front of 65 million viewers.

'No One -- Man Or Woman -- Could Have Done It Better'

Posted 10.17.2012 | Teen

Partially as the result of the dedicated efforts of three teenage girls, a woman -- Candy Crowley, CNN's chief political correspondent -- was chosen t...

Obama Dumps Biden, Chooses Candy Crowley as His Running Mate

Spencer Green | Posted 12.17.2012 | Comedy
Spencer Green

In a startling announcement, President Barack Obama has officially dropped Joe Biden from the Democratic ticket and chosen CNN newsperson Candy Crowley as his vice presidential running mate.

Joshua Hersh

The Many Assumptions Of The Current Libya Debate | Joshua Hersh | Posted 10.17.2012 | Home

One of the most raucous moments of Tuesday night's debate between President Barack Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney came when the two sparred ...

Obama Mastered the Town Hall a Long Time Ago

Death Race | Posted 12.17.2012 | Politics
Death Race

Last night's debate wasn't about how Obama performed on America's biggest stage; it was about how he had always performed on its smallest.

Obama: It's Not True

Ruth Rosen | Posted 12.17.2012 | Politics
Ruth Rosen

At stake tonight was whether the audience thought that President Barack Obama cared more about ordinary Americans than Mitt Romney, known for his extraordinary wealth and promotion of tax cuts for the wealthy.

2012 Presidential Debate #2 Wrap: To Tell the Truth

Roger King | Posted 12.17.2012 | Politics
Roger King

If campaigns are about generating votes and televised debates reveal the true candidate, for the first time America may have seen a glimpse of the real fire inside both of these men in contrast from what we have seen before.

WATCH: Candy Crowley Fact Checks Mitt Romney On Libya

The Huffington Post | Rebecca Shapiro | Posted 10.17.2012 | Media

Presidential debate moderator Candy Crowley fact checked Mitt Romney after the Republican presidential candidate charged that President Obama failed t...

WATCH: Mitt Romney Barrels Over Candy Crowley

The Huffington Post | Jack Mirkinson and Rebecca Shapiro | Posted 12.16.2012 | Media

(Videos by HuffPost's Political Mashups Team) Candy Crowley asked a followup question. And then she asked some more followup questions. And the wor...

Candy Crowley's Potential Debate Follow-Ups Take On A Life Of Their Own

The Huffington Post | Jack Mirkinson | Posted 12.16.2012 | Media

It is somewhat strange, really, that one of the main questions surrounding Tuesday night's presidential debate is, "Will Candy Crowley ask a follow-up...

10 Things To Know About Candy Crowley

Posted 10.16.2012 | Women

When Candy Crowley takes the stage October 16 to moderate a presidential debate, she will be the first woman in over 20 years to do so. Crowley, a pol...

Are Female Moderators Just The Vanna Whites Of Debates?

MORE Magazine | Posted 10.16.2012 | Women

When CNN’s Candy Crowley moderates the second presidential debate in a few weeks, she will be only the second woman to perform that role since Carol...

Candy Crowley Responds To Campaign Debate Pressure

The Huffington Post | Jack Mirkinson | Posted 12.15.2012 | Media

Candy Crowley is brushing off the pressure she's receiving from the Obama and Romney campaigns over her vow to ask follow-up questions at Tuesday's pr...

5 Points Obama Must Make In Tomorrow's Debate

Robert Reich | Posted 12.15.2012 | Politics
Robert Reich

Although the "town meeting"-style debate isn't conducive to sharp give-and-take with Romney, look for every opportunity to nail him. Indignance doesn't come naturally to you, but you have every reason to be indignant on behalf of the American people.

Picturing a Real Foreign Policy Debate

Michael Brenner | Posted 12.15.2012 | Politics
Michael Brenner

Foreign policy debates are especially prone to leave obscure the key issues and fog our vision of each candidate's positions. Tuesday's Obama-Romney debate promises more of the same mix of platitudes, bromides and patriotic flourishes. In disorderly times, the land fills with loud patriots.

Are Both Presidential Candidates Afraid of What Candy Crowley Might Ask?

Greta Van Susteren | Posted 12.15.2012 | Media
Greta Van Susteren

There is no question that Candy Crowley is a pro with years and years of real experience... but if a candidate fears what Candy might ask at a debate, what happens when the candidate faces world leaders? Shrink and run?

Obama, Romney Campaigns Raise Objections About Candy Crowley

The Huffington Post | Jack Mirkinson | Posted 12.15.2012 | Media

In a rare show of unity, both the Obama and Romney campaigns have complained to the Commission on Presidential Debates about CNN's Candy Crowley, who ...

Crowley Speaks Out On New Post

Posted 08.15.2012 | Media

CNN's Candy Crowley, who was named a presidential debate moderator for the 2012 election, spoke out on being the first woman in 20 years to hold such ...