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Thales Corrêa: Filmmaker Tackles Suicide in Short Film

Thales Corrêa: Filmmaker Tackles Suicide in Short Film

Andrew Benkovic  09.11.2014
Some filmmakers make films to purely entertain the masses. During the summer blockbuster season, this is very apparent. However as this...
Middle East Film Festival Politics

Middle East Film Festival Politics

Isaac Zablocki  08.28.2014
Films provide visions from around the world and an opportunity to show how similar our humanity is and how much we share, not remind us...
Helping to Create a New Spectator: Giorgio Gosetti of Venice Days

Helping to Create a New Spectator: Giorgio Gosetti of Venice Days

E. Nina Rothe  08.25.2014
To me, Giorgio Gosetti represents Venice. The quiet, understated elegance of the oldest, most prestigious and open to all, film festival...

The Rise and Fall of an Algerian Tycoon

Sami Moubayed  08.14.2014
The Khalifa story is a complex one indeed, worth making into a Hollywood movie. So many world capitals and celebrities are involved that...

Cannes 2014 #Shingerview: David Lang, Mindshare NA

David Shing  08.12.2014
This past June, I had the opportunity to sit down and talk to my friend, Emmy-award winning TV producer, and Chief Content Officer at Mindshare...

Cannes 2014 #Shingerview: Erika Ferszt, Luxottica Group

David Shing  07.18.2014
My dear friend Erika Ferszt, Luxottica Group's Global Advertising, Media & Digital Director, spent some time with me in Cannes to talk...

Discovering an Emperor With Adrien Brody and Lee Tamahori in Cannes

E. Nina Rothe  07.10.2014
Acting teacher Richard Pinter would say to his students that a great actor, even a fascinating human being for that matter, should be unpredictable....
'Big Bad' Israeli Film

'Big Bad' Israeli Film

Julie Gray  07. 2.2014
American film aficionados (and Academy members) seem predisposed to view Israeli film in a specific light -- that of the conflict. That...

To Improve Is to Change; To Be Perfect Is to Change Often

Nick Emery  07. 1.2014
Stream epitomises the famous Churchill quote, "To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often". Stream in Cannes brought...