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Case Foundation

This Is Not Your Father's Forbes: Forbes $1 Million Under 30 Change the World Social Entrepreneurs Competition

Sugar Rautbord | Posted 09.28.2015 | Business
Sugar Rautbord

The ethos of the hip FORBES Under 30 Summit, taking place this October, is Wealth, Bold Ingenuity and Social Responsibility set to the music of Fetty ...

It's Time to Take Millennials Seriously

Geoff Livingston | Posted 05.19.2015 | Business
Geoff Livingston

As more Baby Boomers retire, and Generation X takes an increased role in the executive suite it will become apparent that competitiveness will demand evolution. The time is now to stop chiding millennials, and start embracing them and the digital ethos they bring.

Impact Investing's Newest Champion -- the Millennial

Emily Yu | Posted 06.02.2015 | Business
Emily Yu

The reality is that there are many in the financial markets and social sector who firmly believe that Millennials are critical stakeholders who will unleash impact investing's true potential within the next two decades.

Reinventing America, The Forbes Summit in Chicago Part II

Sugar Rautbord | Posted 04.20.2015 | Business
Sugar Rautbord

These small, invitation-only congresses bring together Wealth, Politics, Business, and Government as well as Education and Disruptive Innovation and are a winning formula for stimulating growth, forging new partnerships, and in this case, the reinvention of industrial power.

The Biggest Giving Day Ever?

Geoff Livingston | Posted 07.04.2014 | Impact
Geoff Livingston

Tuesday's Give Local America event is expected to be the largest online community giving event in U.S. history.

Want to Change the World Forever? Follow These Three Rules of Philanthropy

Dan Klinglesmith | Posted 04.13.2014 | Impact
Dan Klinglesmith

Philanthropy wants to change the world: make it a better place, protect the environment, create social equality, end hunger, stop conflict. Here at Water For People, we want to ensure that people around the world have safe drinking water and a decent place to poop -- not just temporarily, but for generations to come.

How One Warm Coat Can Help Many

Emily Yu | Posted 02.22.2014 | Impact
Emily Yu

Next time you head out of your home, take a moment to pause as you bundle up and put on your warm coat, tie a scarf around our neck, or slip gloves onto your hands. For those who have warm clothing items such as these readily accessible, it is easy to take for granted the importance that these pieces play in our overall health and well-being.

Generosity: The Lucky Helping Those Less Lucky Than Them

Rachael Chong | Posted 02.19.2014 | Impact
Rachael Chong

As for all the people we've profiled in this series, what ties them all together is that they share is a common and unmistakable trait: they truly believe that who they are and what they have is due in large part to luck.

A Billion Ways to Give Back This Holiday Season

Emily Yu | Posted 02.10.2014 | Impact
Emily Yu

Why not take what you are good at such as graphic design, accounting, marketing, or human resources, for example, and use that skill to help your favorite nonprofit organization?

Be Benevolent: Q&A with Megan Kashner

Emily Yu | Posted 02.05.2014 | Impact
Emily Yu

We believe that when we reach out and help someone in need, everyone wins. We forge important connections, break down barriers, and most importantly, help families towards stability and success for themselves and their children.

What Happens When You Infuse Philanthropy With Tech Entrepreneurial Spirit?

Rachael Chong | Posted 03.14.2014 | Impact
Rachael Chong

Steve and Jean Case are finding success with their foundation by doing things a little differently. They are bringing the same sensibility they brought to creating AOL to their current investments in people and ideas that can change the world

SOCAP 2013 - Who Should Be in the Room?

Jennifer Hirsch | Posted 11.11.2013 | Impact
Jennifer Hirsch

SOCAP can start the conversation. But what will make it impactful is carrying it forward into our diverse communities to have the ideas grow into ventures.

The 2013 Millennial Impact Report: Top 3 Findings Your Nonprofit Organization Needs to Know

Emily Yu | Posted 09.17.2013 | Impact
Emily Yu

While much has been said, written, and shared about millennials, there is far less data around what millennials collectively think, prefer, and desire... especially when it comes to interacting with businesses, nonprofits, universities, and other groups across sectors.

WATCH: Former AOL CEO, Wife Redefine Success

Posted 06.28.2013 | Impact

Thought-leaders gathering in Aspen this week have turned the conversation to the Third Metric -- how success is not simply about the cash in your pock...

"Fearless Philanthropy: Reaching Out, Taking Risks and Achieving More": A Conversation with Jean Case

Kathleen P. Enright | Posted 06.16.2013 | Impact
Kathleen P. Enright

I had a chance to talk with Jean Case, CEO of the Case Foundation, about their commitment to make big bets, innovate, learn from failure, collaborate and do it all with a sense of urgency.

Share Kind Deeds This Season Through #GoodSpotting

Posted 12.04.2012 | Impact

#GoodSpotting is one easy way to spread joy to the world this time of year. With the holiday season in full swing, the Case Foundation is asking pe...

Giving Tuesday Spurred 113% Spike In Number Of Donations

Posted 11.30.2012 | Impact

Giving Tuesday has sure lived up to its name. The initiative, which urged charities, businesses, schools and religious and community groups to give...

From South Central, LA, to the Summit of the Grand Teton: A Journey to Change

Emily Yu | Posted 01.09.2013 | Impact
Emily Yu

I recently had a chance to talk with one groundbreaking Millennial leader named Juan Martinez and learn from him about his views on social change, impact, and the next generation.

The Kind of Innovation America Needs

Jason A. Llorenz | Posted 12.03.2012 | Technology
Jason A. Llorenz

We must grow and mentor cutting edge entrants to tech if we are to forge a new middle class in a new economy with very different rules.

The World Needs Us To Be Fearless

Jean Case | Posted 04.30.2012 | Home
Jean Case

Because the very idea of fearlessness can bring out fears, it's important to state up front what it isn't: We're not talking about reckless abandon here. We're talking about sincere, diligent efforts to innovate -- to find new ways to try to solve old problems.

The Mission Continues (via Case Foundation)

Craig Newmark | Posted 05.25.2011 | Impact
Craig Newmark

The deal is to support veterans and service to the country in ongoing ways that matter. As highlighted by the Case Foundation last week, the Mission ...

"If you Want an Answer, ask Everyone:" The Rise of Crowd-Source Grantmaking

Jane Wales | Posted 05.25.2011 | Impact
Jane Wales

Crowd-sourcing is a powerful way to build relationships with people outside an organization, helping them uncover ideas to fund, learning about opportunities they otherwise wouldn't have heard about.

Donors Are Investors, So Act Like One

Tom Murphy | Posted 05.25.2011 | Impact
Tom Murphy

Why is it that we are deliberate when considering what to buy, but not where to donate? A brochure shows up one day with a photo of a child who is in need of your help. Do you know where your money is really going?

The Case Foundation: Why Don't People Want To Give?

Posted 05.25.2011 | Impact

From The Case Foundation: Well, the easy answer is that it's hard to make people give because people don't really want to. The logic is simple and co...

Who's Listening to America's Youth?

Julia Moulden | Posted 11.17.2011 | Healthy Living
Julia Moulden

Are these young people just talking to one another? Is anyone listening, really listening, to them? Trying to discover what the generation dubbed the "Millennials" cares about?