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Central Africa

4 Day-Old Baby Girl Among 480 Migrants And Refugees Rescued In Mediterranean

Reuters | Eline Gordts | Posted 04.02.2017 | World

ABOARD THE GOLFO AZZURRO/ROME, April 2 (Reuters) - A four day-old baby was one of over 480 migrants rescued by humanitarian ships on Saturday during s...

The Central African Republic: A Political Springboard For The Gabonese Military

The Conversation Global | Posted 03.16.2017 | World
The Conversation Global

Axel Augé, Ecole Saint-Cyr Coëtquidan Amid the mayhem of the Central African Republic, new armed groups are emerging, according to reports by Human ...

Poachers Have All But Emptied This 'Sanctuary' Of Forest Elephants

The Huffington Post | Chris DAngelo | Posted 02.21.2017 | World

Poachers in just a decade slaughtered roughly 25,000 forest elephants in Africa’s Minkébé National Park ― as much as 81 percent of the populatio...

Few Solutions to Gabon's Election Dispute

Young Professionals in Foreign Policy | Posted 12.17.2016 | World
Young Professionals in Foreign Policy

By Michelle DeFreese Elections have dominated the headlines in 2016. It seems that every major region of the world has been affected by electoral tu...

Narrow Focus on HIV Response Overlooks Pandemic's Weakest Links

Dr. Mit Philips | Posted 06.06.2016 | World
Dr. Mit Philips

The global health community simply cannot afford to ignore the HIV epidemic in Western and Central Africa (WCA), where five million, or a third, of the 15 million people who should be started on antiretrovirals in the next four years currently live.

Papa Wemba: strong, but ambiguous bonds, with his motherland

The Conversation Africa | Posted 05.05.2016 | World
The Conversation Africa

Eugenio Giorgianni, Royal Holloway "The Kasaï Nightingale" was on stage, a flamboyantly dressed stage animal as always, when he collapsed from a sud...

Foundations Must Think Globally and Act Locally

Sylvia Bongo Ondimba | Posted 04.01.2017 | Impact
Sylvia Bongo Ondimba

In business, "think global, act local" has become a well-known saying, but in nonprofits and foundations, we sometimes forget to do both. It can be e...

In U.S. Congress: On Boko Haram and Good Governance in Africa

Yaa-Lengi Ngemi | Posted 02.11.2017 | Politics
Yaa-Lengi Ngemi

African Great Lakes Region This past February 9, 2016, in the US House of Representatives, in the Capitol Visitor Center, we attended an "Africa ...

Why Is Central Africa Missing From So Many Maps?

Quartz | Taryn Finley | Posted 02.05.2016 | Black Voices

You’ve probably had the following experience: You are reading along when a map, shaded in a procession of pastels, interrupts the story. Your eyes t...

Christina Wilkie

America Just Chose A Talented, Qualified Diplomat To Bring Hope To War-Torn Congo Basin | Christina Wilkie | Posted 07.07.2015 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Secretary of State John Kerry announced Monday that former Rep. Tom Perriello (D-Va.) will serve as the Obama administration's special e...

UNICEF And Snapchat Join Together To Protect Children Affected By Boko Haram

The Huffington Post | Cameron Keady | Posted 04.17.2015 | Impact

Social media is being used for social justice to protect children in West and Central Africa. UNICEF has teamed up with Snapchat for a campaign to...

Climate Change This Week: A BIG Climate Pact, Cheap US Solar Soon All Over, and More!

Mary Ellen Harte | Posted 01.17.2015 | Green
Mary Ellen Harte

Today, the Earth got a little hotter, and a little more crowded. South Florida and Sea Level Rise - A Slow Motion Catastrophe - latest in the This I...

The Central African Republic's Future Depends on New York and Washington

Florent Geel | Posted 05.24.2014 | Politics
Florent Geel

A United Nations peace-keeping mission for Central Africa? This is the ultimate question for the US and the international community as a whole as talks launched in New York on March 6 wend their way to a vote.

Anarchy in the CAR and the Paralysis of a PCV

Mallory McDuff, Ph.D. | Posted 11.06.2013 | Religion
Mallory McDuff, Ph.D.

As we turn our collective attention to Syria, we must confront the need to provide humanitarian and peacekeeping aid in countries such as the CAR, whose plight may be visible to us only on Facebook, but whose conflicts could escalate regional instability that threatens an entire continent and beyond.

The Trouble With Congo Is Deep and Widespread

Obadias Ndaba | Posted 08.18.2013 | World
Obadias Ndaba

Conventional wisdom about the Democratic Republic of Congo make us believe that the trouble with Congo lie in the east of the country alone. That is wrong and dangerous. Like a wrong diagnosis of a disease, it leads to wrong prescription and medicine.

How the Changing Marketplace of Food and Supplies is Saving Lives

Caryl M. Stern | Posted 07.18.2013 | Impact
Caryl M. Stern

This year, hundreds of thousands of children lived because of this change in the global market. And because of UNICEF's volume purchasing, prices for therapeutic food dropped by nearly 10 percent -- math that equates to more children saved.

African Artists Unite On Sahel Food Crisis

Louis Belanger | Posted 10.09.2012 | World
Louis Belanger

More than 18 million people across West and Central Africa are facing a food crisis. This is a fact. 18 million people are hungry and, along with ai...

For the Forgotten Children of Central Africa, One Test Makes the Difference Between Life and Death

Dr. Russell E. Ware | Posted 09.18.2012 | Impact
Dr. Russell E. Ware

Sickle cell disease is a common, deadly, and overlooked killer of children around the world with a mortality rate that rivals that of malaria, HIV/AIDS, and tuberculosis. Why then, haven't you heard of it?

Funny Or Die: 'Law & Order' Star Takes On 'Kony Hunter' Role

John Prendergast | Posted 05.29.2012 | Impact
John Prendergast


Helping Former Child Soldiers Return to Normal in Chad (PHOTOS)

Christian Fuchs | Posted 01.10.2012 | Impact
Christian Fuchs


LRA victims in their own words

Louis Belanger | Posted 05.25.2011 | World
Louis Belanger

In May, President Obama signed a piece of legislation requiring the US government to develop within the next six months, a strategy to protect civilia...

Reclaiming the Sword: 50 Years Later, a Brief Account of Africa's Road to Independence

Olusegun Obasanjo | Posted 05.25.2011 | World
Olusegun Obasanjo

Next week, President Barack Obama will host a three-day forum for young African leaders to mark the fact that 17 African countries are celebrating 50 years of independence from colonial rule.

Afro-Brazilian History, Beats and Culture

Lauri Lyons | Posted 05.25.2011 | World
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Lauri Lyons

While Africa and America are often recognized as the book ends of the African Diaspora, there is an additional link in the Middle Passage that is less publicized, but no less important.

Decoding The Secret Language Of Elephants (VIDEO)

Posted 05.25.2011 | Green

Field biologist Andrea Turkalo is the world's leading expert on forest elephants, and she's taking her observations to another level. Turkalo and a te...

Stopping One Man to Save Thousands

John Prendergast | Posted 05.25.2011 | World
John Prendergast

For more than two decades, the United States has attempted piecemeal solutions to addressing the scourge of the Lord's Resistance Army.