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Central America

Letter to a Trump Supporter #1: Undocumented Immigration

Anthony W. Orlando | Posted 10.09.2016 | Politics
Anthony W. Orlando

We will all remember this election. Our children and grandchildren will read about it. They will ask us what it was like to live through it. They will...

No Place Is Hopeless: Improving Education in One of the World's Most Violent Countries

Foundation for Education in Honduras | Posted 10.03.2016 | Impact
Foundation for Education in Honduras

Over the past decade, rising rates of violent crime, especially homicide, have turned the Central American northern triangle - Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador - into one of the worlds' most insecure regions. Sources estimate that an average of 19 people per day are murdered in Guatemala, 16 in El Salvador, and 15 in Honduras.

Biden Is Dangerously Unaware Of The Tragedy Asylum Seekers Face

Tom Andrews | Posted 09.06.2016 | Politics
Tom Andrews

Vice President Biden's widely reported claim, late last week, that the Administration has "embraced a fundamentally different approach" to the "hard trade-offs" posed by the Central America migration crisis is either ill-informed or disingenuous.

U.S. Aid To Honduras In Doubt After Killings Of Activists

The Huffington Post | Roque Planas | Posted 09.23.2016 | Politics

A $750 million U.S. economic aid package for Central America was touted last year as a way to slow migration into the U.S. by making one of the world...

Want to Curb Immigration from Central America? Address the 'Push Factors'

Lutheran World Relief | Posted 08.09.2016 | Impact
Lutheran World Relief

Two years ago, a spike in the number of children crossing the border into the United States from the Central American nations of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras pricked the conscience of our nation.

Obama Administration Expands Efforts To Help Central American Refugees

The Huffington Post | Elise Foley | Posted 07.27.2016 | Politics

WASHINGTON ― The Obama administration announced plans Tuesday to expand programs that allow Central Americans to come to the U.S. as refugees, ackno...

Me, the Sideshow in Guatemala

Ama McKinley | Posted 06.26.2016 | Travel
Ama McKinley

It was our first international trip together, and Andrew noticed that I was getting stared at something serious. I'd forgotten about the international Stare-At-Ama game, and it was a rude awakening.

Best Intentions, Worst Outcomes: Ethical And Legal Challenges For International Research Involving Sex Workers

Ethics & Society | Posted 06.21.2016 | Impact
Ethics & Society

Central America hosts a thriving sex work industry that is a key source and transit region for sex trafficking and undocumented migrants engaged in sex work. Sex workers -- particularly those who are migrant -- are at high risk for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections as well as physical abuse and in some cases murder.

A Dreamer Who Dares to Dance: Mr. Fernando Paiz and La Ruta Maya Foundation

Mark Coleman | Posted 06.07.2016 | Green
Mark Coleman

Mr. Fernando Paiz is the quintessential Renaissance man. A philanthropist, businessman, cultural and environmental preservationist, humanitarian, father and grandfather - Mr. Paiz's storied life has yielded many titles and credits to his name.

Do Women Make Better Farmers Than Men?

Lutheran World Relief | Posted 06.07.2016 | Impact
Lutheran World Relief

Farmers in the Flor de Pancasán area of Nicaragua's Matiguás municipality were struggling. They were seeing low crop yields for a variety of reasons...

They Are Someone's Children Too: Caring for the Children of Honduras

Foundation for Education in Honduras | Posted 06.03.2016 | Impact
Foundation for Education in Honduras

BY JON HENES "We think sometimes that poverty is only being hungry, naked and homeless. The poverty of being unwanted, unloved, and uncared for is...

Migration as Reparations

Joseph Nevins | Posted 05.26.2016 | Politics
Joseph Nevins

The roots of this deportation regime must be eradicated and replaced. But this will not occur by asking the federal government to be more "humanitarian" in carrying out its regime of immigrant and territorial exclusion.

In Guatemala, Victims Commemorate the Third Anniversary of the Genocide Verdict

Jo-Marie Burt | Posted 05.19.2016 | World
Jo-Marie Burt

The revered Latin American writer Eduardo Galeano wrote these words a few months after the events he alludes to: On May 10, 2013, 30 years after the crimes were committed, former dictator General Efraín Ríos Montt was convicted of genocide and crimes against humanity against the Maya Ixil population and sentenced to 80 years is prison.

Obama's Cruel Decision to Resume Mass Deportations

Dan Kovalik | Posted 05.17.2016 | Politics
Dan Kovalik

Put quite simply, the U.S. owes these refugees a home in light of the fact that the U.S. has mercilessly destroyed their home countries over the past century or so.

Trending Destination: 3 Perfect Days in Panama City, Panama | Posted 04.28.2016 | Travel

By Jason Heidemann for the Orbitz Travel Blog As visitors flock to Central American countries like Costa Rica, Belize--and increasingly Nicaragua--i...

Permaculture as a Gringo Movement

Tobias Roberts | Posted 04.22.2016 | Green
Tobias Roberts

In order to truly live out the ethics that were first set out for permaculture, the values of frugality, thrift, prudence, and simplicity need to be reworked into how we care for the earth and care for people.

El Santuario Canopy Adventure

Holly McGuinn | Posted 04.14.2016 | Travel
Holly McGuinn

Costa Rica is filled with a plethora of activities to indulge your adventurous side. Trying to decide what to do and where can be overwhelming. There are many places to zip-line, but El Santuario Canopy Adventure makes itself an easy pick!

Ending the Exploitation of People and the Planet

Michael Shank, Ph.D. | Posted 04.13.2016 | World
Michael Shank, Ph.D.

There could be no more urgent political or policy agenda. There are two global crises that are increasing exponentially in scale this year, trapped in a vicious reinforcing cycle, one making the other worse.

Developer Financing Accelerates Residential Solar and Carbon Reductions in Luxury Real Estate

Mark Coleman | Posted 03.30.2016 | Green
Mark Coleman

On the heels of COP21 and increased global awareness and commitment to reduce carbon, development with a purpose has finally found paradise. A powerfu...

Is the Face of the Undocumented Immigrant Still Mexican?

Martine Kalaw | Posted 03.21.2016 | Latino Voices
Martine Kalaw

My own immigration journey has a happy ending. For the rest of us, however, we spend so much time disproving the image that doesn't represent us -- that of the Central American woman or child -- that we are left with no time to tell our own story.

Zika Virus and El Salvador: Why Abstinence May Not Be an Answer

Jenny Eaton Dyer | Posted 03.17.2016 | Healthy Living
Jenny Eaton Dyer

For women in El Salvador, the prescription for abstinence either before or during marriage is an impractical one, perhaps a naïve wish.

Christian Proselytizing as a Form of Oppression

Warren J. Blumenfeld | Posted 03.15.2016 | Religion
Warren J. Blumenfeld

Televangelist Pastor Mark Burns, a Donald Trump surrogate who often travels with his candidate around the campaign trail, warmed up the crowd at a ral...

American Foreign Policy Must Focus on Women and Girls

Rep. Eliot Engel | Posted 03.09.2016 | Politics
Rep. Eliot Engel

The United States has placed a high priority on advancing women's health and the rights of women and girls around the world, and we should always be seeking more ways to include these issues in our global agenda.

How El Salvador Became The World’s Most Violent Peacetime Country

The Huffington Post | Roque Planas | Posted 03.04.2016 | World

Every week, we bring you one overlooked aspect of the stories that made news in recent days. You noticed the media forgot all about another story's ba...

Feminist Rapper Highlights Abuse Against Women Through Her Music

The Huffington Post | Carolina Moreno | Posted 03.01.2016 | Latino Voices

Rebeca Lane is spitting verses in the name of feminism. The Guatemalan hip-hop artist, featured in an Al Jazeera Plus video published Sunday, is using...