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Cfl Bulbs

A Bright Idea to Cut Carbon Emissions

XPRIZE | Posted 05.26.2016 | Green

You've probably spent a significant portion of your life beneath harsh soul-crushing fluorescent lighting in school, in the office, in the supermarket... everywhere. Why? It's simply because fluorescent bulbs are so much more efficient than their incandescent cousins.

Here's Proof That CFLs Don't Have To Be Ugly

Posted 01.25.2014 | HuffPost Home

If you like the energy-saving benefits of a CFL but kind of hate the light emitted from the bulbs, we present you with a lovely compromise: The PLUMEN...

Lightbulbs As You Know Them Are About To Change Forever

Posted 12.26.2013 | Green

From Mother Nature Network's Matt Hickman: Consumer lighting giant Osram Sylvania has just released the 2013 edition of its Socket Survey — consi...

CFL Bulb UV Rays Linked To Skin Cell Damage In Study

Posted 08.10.2012 | Green

From Mother Nature Network's Matt Hickman: Not that noted fast-food chicken sandwich enthusiast/professional foot-in-mouther/incandescent lady-warr...

Are Your Lights Too Bright?

The Huffington Post | Kaitlyn Davis | Posted 10.11.2012 | HuffPost Home

Walk into any hardware store and you're presented with rows full of lighting options. Incandescent or fluorescent? 40 watt or 100 watt? Yellow light o...

Radiant Gift Ideas

Maria Rodale | Posted 02.19.2012 | Green
Maria Rodale

by guest blogger Wendy Gordon, pioneer in the green consumer movement. Thanks to President George W. Bush and his positively brilliant idea to sign i...

"Green" Light Bulbs Have Mercury: Who Knew?

Kate Kelly | Posted 05.25.2011 | Green
Kate Kelly

The move toward greater energy efficiency Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs is more complex than consumers might realize because all fluorescent bulbs contain mercury, a known neurotoxin.