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Chamber of Commerce

Jonathan D. Lovitz Talks NGLCC Palm Springs Event And LGBT Equality (AUDIO)

Charlotte Robinson | Posted 08.15.2016 | Queer Voices
Charlotte Robinson

The event brings over 1,000 entrepreneurs, corporate decision-makers, affiliate chamber leaders and government officials from across the country and globally. There are also fabulous special events including a performance by legendary singer-songwriter Melissa Etheridge.

Black Business Is Certainly The Small Engine That Could Change America

Phil Andrews | Posted 07.21.2016 | New York
Phil Andrews

Black Business is certainly the small engine that could change America. As I write this article, the story of John H. Johnson Founder of Jet and Ebony...

Anger Over Trump Is Misdirected; To Paraphrase, It's the Stupid People, Stupid

Murray Forseter | Posted 07.18.2016 | Politics
Murray Forseter

I'm not angry at Trump. I'm angry at the electorate, at the stupid, self-centered, uninformed, xenophobic, even racist, ignorant, personality-driven voters willing to turn this country over to a man who, as McCullough points out, lacks any of the four key qualities President Dwight D. Eisenhower said a leader must possess: character, ability, responsibility and experience.

A DIVERSIFY Moment In Chattanooga

Deborah J. Levine | Posted 06.29.2016 | Business
Deborah J. Levine

For the third year, the Chattanooga area Chamber of Commerce hosted its Diversify marketplace, showcasing the area's growing number of diverse vendors...

Here's The Legal Problem That Could Crash Uber

The Huffington Post | Zach Carter | Posted 05.17.2016 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Ride-sharing titan Uber -- which is valued at about $68 billion -- makes a lot of its money by skirting labor laws. And one of its top l...

Leaked Poll for Chambers of Commerce Shows Business Execs Overwhelmingly Support Raising the Minimum Wage

Mitchell Hirsch | Posted 04.12.2016 | Business
Mitchell Hirsch

By a margin of 80 to 8, a poll conducted late last year of one thousand business executives who are members of a local, state or national Chamber of Commerce shows overwhelming support for raising the minimum wage.

It's Time to Stop Claiming Businesses Oppose Paid Leave Policies

Debra L. Ness | Posted 04.12.2016 | Business
Debra L. Ness

When organized big business groups pour resources into blocking paid family and medical leave, paid sick days, a higher minimum wage, and other worker friendly policies, they are pursuing a policy agenda that many of the businesses they claim to represent do not support.

Give Small Business Owners an Even Break, Pass a Minimum Standard for Paid Sick Leave

Amanda Ballantyne | Posted 04.07.2016 | Business
Amanda Ballantyne

For many small businesses -- especially those who operate on razor-thin margins -- they can only afford to offer it if their competition does as well. A minimum standard, which levels the playing field, is essential for small businesses to compete in crowded markets.

Chamber of Commerce Works to Defeat, Not Implement Its Own Members Preferences

Dave Johnson | Posted 04.06.2016 | Business
Dave Johnson

If the Chamber of Commerce is not really the voice of its members as it claims, whose voice does the Chamber really represent, and why?

5 Tips for Planning a Property-Sharing Vacation

Nathaniel Sillin | Posted 03.10.2017 | Business
Nathaniel Sillin

If you've never rented vacation property before, know that you probably have many more price-conscious options available to you at your destination than ever before. But keep in mind that you have to shop very carefully.

When It Comes to Influencing GOP Legislators, Business Interests Can't Match Koch-Funded Group

Jason Salzman | Posted 02.22.2017 | Denver
Jason Salzman

Much has been written about the Colorado Democrats' proposal to remove a hospital fee from TABOR restrictions. But one question that hasn't been explained fully is, why the near-unanimous opposition by Republican state lawmakers to the proposal?

The Misinformation Campaign to Stop Clean Air Rules

Keith Gaby | Posted 02.24.2017 | Green
Keith Gaby

When we watch TV commercials, we're conditioned to be skeptical about the claims made by advertisers. Well, that's the same skepticism you should bring to industry claims about the cost of clean air rules.

Martin Luther King Would Support a $15 Minimum Wage in Pasadena

Peter Dreier | Posted 01.26.2017 | Politics
Peter Dreier

On Monday, February 1, the Pasadena City Council will make a long anticipated decision about adopting a citywide minimum wage. That date happens to be the 55th anniversary of one of the most important events in American history -- the sit-in at the Woolworth's lunch counter in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Meet The Most Powerful Political Organization In Washington

The Huffington Post | Ryan Grim | Posted 01.23.2016 | Politics

This article was originally published in the journal Democracy. Subscribe to it here, because why not? WASHINGTON -- Coverage of the influence of mone...

Jewish Mother Stands Up Against the Trans Pacific Partnership

Judy Frankel | Posted 01.14.2017 | Business
Judy Frankel

After I gave a few examples of how the TPP can ruin the lives of Americans, (which I recorded), I admonished the young man from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for his dereliction of duty in laying out the whole truth.

On the Minimum Wage, Pasadena's Restaurant Lobby is Serving Baloney

Peter Dreier | Posted 01.14.2017 | Politics
Peter Dreier

Don't let the restaurant industry and the Chamber of Commerce feed you misinformation. Their claims are full of baloney. Here are four reasons why Mayor Tornek and the City Council members should take their arguments with a grain of salt.

Corporate Lobbyists Continue Fight Against Corporate Transparency

The Huffington Post | Paul Blumenthal | Posted 12.19.2016 | Politics

WASHINGTON ― As more and more corporations adopt rules governing their political activity, large trade associations engaged in Washington lobbying ...

This Ranking System Is Increasing Corporate Political Disclosure

The Huffington Post | Paul Blumenthal | Posted 10.08.2015 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Corporations are increasingly adopting policies that govern their participation in the political process, acting to voluntarily disclose...

Ash, Smoke and Learning to Lead

Elliot Begoun | Posted 09.14.2016 | Business
Elliot Begoun

Amidst the tragedy of the raging wildfires in the mountains of Northern California, under a soft rain of ash and the drifting pungent smell of wood smoke, an intrepid group of twenty-four people assembled to start a year long leadership program.

Corporate, Koch Money Dominates Early 2016 Senate Race Spending

The Huffington Post | Paul Blumenthal | Posted 08.22.2015 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- The race for control of the Senate is already underway -- and it is being fueled by outside groups that do not disclose their donors. I...

Chamber of Commerce Threatens Health of Americans

Laurent Huber | Posted 07.30.2016 | Home
Laurent Huber

An opinion piece published on July 30 by Al Jazeera exposes the work of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce on behalf of the tobacco industry in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement negotiations.

Ted Cruz Blasts Big Money In Politics

The Huffington Post | Paul Blumenthal | Posted 07.24.2015 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) launched into a tirade on the corrupting role of lobbyists and campaign contributions in Washington during a Sen...

US Chamber of Commerce -- A Smokescreen for Big Tobacco

Lisa Gilbert | Posted 07.16.2016 | Politics
Lisa Gilbert

Clearly, there is a deep conflict of interest between the Chamber's aggressiveness on tobacco and the interests of its health-related members. So why is the Chamber so brazenly pursuing the interests of Big Tobacco?

Polygamy: The Marriage of the Tea Party, Wall Street, and Evangelicals Dissolves

Richard Brodsky | Posted 06.30.2016 | Politics
Richard Brodsky

Responses to the flag controversy, and the new constitutional right to same-sex marriage and upholding Obamacare are dividing the GOP family.

Trans-Pacific Partnership: Obama Sides With the Wrong People for the Wrong Reasons at the Wrong Time

Joseph A. Palermo | Posted 06.25.2016 | Politics
Joseph A. Palermo

President Obama not only expended his own "political capital" by pushing for fast-track but that of the Democratic Party too. He had a clear choice: either side with workers, environmentalists, consumers, and progressives -- or side with Wall Street, Big Pharma, Wal-Mart, and the Koch Brothers.