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Charlie Hebdo Cartoons

The Economist Pulls Charlie Hebdo Cartoon From Southeast Asia Edition

Reuters | Posted 03.18.2015 | Media

LONDON, Jan 16 (Reuters) - The Economist has removed a picture showing the cover of Charlie Hebdo, which features a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammad,...

The World's Schizophrenic Attitude Towards Charlie Hebdo

Haoues Seniguer | Posted 03.17.2015 | World
Haoues Seniguer

Who would say that deadly acts and statements have never been committed in the name of a faith -- whichever faith it may be -- throughout history? What historian would explain away the "wars of religion" between European Christians in the 16th and 17th centuries as mere socio-economic casualties? What is the rationale behind this bastion of thought that, in recent days, led to the statements that this was a case of "madmen" who "distorted religion," as if there were religious elements purely detached from what these men did?

How the Massive Response to the Charlie Hebdo Attack Will Backfire

Jack Miles | Posted 03.15.2015 | World
Jack Miles

Like President George W. Bush's declaration of a "global war on terror," this new French declaration of war on "radical Islam" will have undercut any attempt to belittle these attackers as common criminals, inflating them instead to the size of worthy military opponents.

Josh Earnest: Reprinting Charlie Hebdo Cartoons Is Media's Call

The Huffington Post | Jackson Connor | Posted 01.13.2015 | Media

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest believes journalists and news organizations should reprint cartoons from Charlie Hebdo at their own discretio...

Muhammad Featured On Charlie Hebdo's Cover This Week

The Huffington Post | Alana Horowitz | Posted 01.13.2015 | Media

Charlie Hebdo revealed their cover image for this week's issue, printed just days after two gunmen opened fire on the newspaper's Paris office, killin...

The Terrorists Win -- American Mainstream Media and the Charlie Hebdo Tragedy

Shawna Vercher | Posted 03.11.2015 | Media
Shawna Vercher

Though this attack happened in France, there are few things considered to be more American than our right to our freedom of speech. By contrast there should be few things less patriotic than skulking away with our tail between our legs when someone threatens that freedom.

'Asterix' Cartoonist Comes Out Of Retirement To Pay Stunning Tribute To Charlie Hebdo

The Huffington Post | Katherine Brooks | Posted 01.12.2015 | Arts

The 87-year-old cartoonist behind the famous French comic "Asterix" has come out of retirement to pay tribute to those killed during the attacks on Ch...

The Most Frightening Thing to a Terrorist

Mike Smith | Posted 03.10.2015 | World
Mike Smith

The Most Frightening Thing to a Terrorist

In Wake Of Charlie Hebdo Attack, Some Media Self-Censor Cartoons

The Huffington Post | Ryan Grenoble | Posted 01.27.2015 | Media

Following a deadly terror attack Wednesday morning on the offices of Charlie Hebdo, a satirical French newspaper known for lampooning religion with ca...

Illustrators Around The World Pay Tribute To Charlie Hebdo

The Huffington Post | Alana Horowitz | Posted 01.07.2015 | Media

Artists around the world took to Twitter and other social media sites to pay tribute to the 12 people killed in the attack on the Paris headquarters o...

Artists Around The World Show They Won't Be Silenced By Terrorism After Charlie Hebdo Attack

The Huffington Post | Jackson Connor & Priscilla Frank | Posted 01.07.2015 | Arts

Gunmen stormed the offices of Charlie Hebdo -- a satirical newspaper headquartered in Paris -- leaving 12 dead Wednesday, including cartoonists Jean "...

#JeSuisCharlie Hashtag Is A Message Of Solidarity After Charlie Hebdo Shooting

The Huffington Post | Cavan Sieczkowski | Posted 01.07.2015 | World

The hashtag #JeSuisCharlie began trending on Twitter as a message of solidarity after 12 people were killed in a shooting at the Paris offices of sati...

France Bans Protest Over Prophet Mohammad Cartoons

Reuters | Posted 11.21.2012 | World

* French premises abroad closed; Paris on alert * Cartoons have stoked Muslim fury over anti-Islam film * National Front...

White House Questions Judgement Behind Publishing Mohammad Cartoons

Eline Gordts | Posted 09.20.2012 | World

The White House questioned the "judgment" behind the decision of the French magazine Charlie Hebdo to publish cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad on Wedn...