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Child Autism

'Autistic and Aging Out' Film

Lauren Betesh | Posted 12.02.2013 | Healthy Living
Lauren Betesh

Though formal programs for children diagnosed with autism continue through high school, at 21 these programs end, and the options for care become less clear. This process is known in the autistic community as "aging out."

Try to Imagine

Ariane Zurcher | Posted 03.26.2013 | Healthy Living
Ariane Zurcher

Imagine that who you were, the way you spoke, moved and behaved was seen as wrong and in need of fixing. Just try to imagine what that must be like. Try to imagine what it might be like to be autistic.

The Best Football Game of My Life

Dafna Maor | Posted 12.01.2012 | Parents
Dafna Maor

Improvising isn't just about making up games where there are no toys. It's about listening to what your child needs. I can't say there's an improvisation for every situation, but try to feel what the child really needs, not necessarily what he asks for.

Untangling Me From My Daughter

Ariane Zurcher | Posted 08.08.2012 | Healthy Living
Ariane Zurcher

Emma is without inhibitions. She is without embarrassment. She is without shame. Female neuro-typicals could learn a thing or two from Emma. I could learn a thing or two from Emma.

SHOCK: 6th Grader Brutally Beaten While Peers Videotape, Cheer

Posted 03.23.2012 | Education

Troubling footage has surfaced of a student with autism being brutally beaten to the ground at his Maryland school bus stop while his peers stood by t...

Child Autism Epidemic Firmly Linked To Environment

Stephen Barrie, ND | Posted 11.17.2011 | Healthy Living
Stephen Barrie, ND

Experts agree that the the dramatic increase in autism is caused by toxic environmental exposure and gene-environment interactions. Multiple toxic exposures may be a key factor to the onset of autism.