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Childhood Fears

'Weird Childhood Fears' Hashtag Brings Back All The Scary Memories

The Huffington Post | Jamie Feldman | Posted 09.13.2016 | Healthy Living

We’re all afraid of something: heights, the ocean, clowns. But when we’re little, those fears ― whether big, small or in some cases, totally wei...

Establish a Sleep Routine for Your Kids and Yourself -- Get the Rest You Need (Part 3 in a 3-part series)

Ingrid Prueher | Posted 03.06.2017 | Parents
Ingrid Prueher

This is the final installment in this 3-part series on what keeps a child up at night and how parents can help children feel calm and secure, and slee...

What Keeps Your Child Up at Night and How You Can Help (Part 2 in a 3-Part Series)

Ingrid Prueher | Posted 03.01.2017 | Parents
Ingrid Prueher

Children depend on parents and caregivers to set consistent rules and structure an environment that is predictable. Children may not always like when parents say "no," but the truth is they feel secure when they know that parents mean what they say.

What Keeps Your Child Up at Night and How You Can Help (Part 1 in a 3-part series)

Ingrid Prueher | Posted 02.20.2017 | Parents
Ingrid Prueher

Childhood fears are real -- and common -- and can interfere with a child's ability to function at their best as well as to sleep. Sometimes, parents k...

What Are Adults Afraid Of?

Posted 03.06.2013 | Fifty

Monsters, spiders, mean babysitters –- there are plenty of things to be afraid of when we're younger. Some of these harmless fears persist even a...

What Growing Up Really Means

Amanda Magee | Posted 03.15.2013 | Parents
Amanda Magee

Lately, Briar has been preoccupied with the idea of growing up. She seems convinced that by doing so, I will somehow cease to be her mom. Last night, after her sisters had been tucked in, we talked nose-to-nose about what growing up really means.

Drowning And Other Fears

Hilary Sheinbaum | Posted 01.26.2013 | Healthy Living
Hilary Sheinbaum

My failure fear is centered on expecting too much of myself and having too many goals. There are 24 hours in a day. And this girl appreciates sleep.

How to Go Back to School Without Anxiety: A Q and A with Dr. Tamar Chansky

Tamar Chansky | Posted 10.21.2012 | Parents
Tamar Chansky

Summer is quickly drawing to a close and as you gather your back to school supplies, don't forget to equip your child with some good tips for making it a great, anxiety-free transition.

It Takes a Village (and a Ladder)

Cheryl Dumesnil | Posted 06.22.2012 | Good News
Cheryl Dumesnil

B is stuck in a tree. For real. Perched on a winter-bare branch, six feet above the ground, my 7-year-old son looks rather like Dr. Seuss' faithful elephant, Horton, sitting on that abandoned egg.

How To Help Your Kids Beat Test-Anxiety

Darryl Sollerh | Posted 11.17.2011 | Healthy Living
Darryl Sollerh

For kids with test anxiety, even a minor challenge can induce such high levels of stress that they virtually shut down, losing their ability to think or even recall what they know.

You Can Sing This Song When I'm Gone

Molly Magid Hoagland | Posted 11.17.2011 | Healthy Living
Molly Magid Hoagland

In a story my older son wrote, a volcano asks a question of a flamingo, a camel, a beehive and an okapi: "What month are you gonna die in?" He's been thinking about death for a year now.