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Childrens Rights

Education a key driver to deliver climate action

Jakob von Uexkull | Posted 11.23.2016 | Impact
Jakob von Uexkull

In light of the outcome of the US elections it is even more important to keep in mind that 2016 will be another hottest year on record. As government ...

UN Tells Saudi Arabia To Stop Stoning And Executing Kids

Reuters | Rebecca Falconer | Posted 10.09.2016 | Home

GENEVA (Reuters) - A U.N. human rights watchdog called on Saudi Arabia on Friday to end “severe” discrimination against girls and to repeal laws t...

Listen Up: We Have Something to Say! A Message from Grassroots Leaders

Stephanie Heckman | Posted 09.30.2016 | Impact
Stephanie Heckman

In August 2016, One World Children's Fund, ACODEV and the African Diaspora Network convened the first Grassroots Forward meeting and workshop in Kampala, Uganda. More than 50 participants from over 10 countries across Africa spent the day together to discuss how we can push Grassroots Forward.

What Will Happen To My Baby When I Die?

Danielle Gletow | Posted 09.24.2016 | Women
Danielle Gletow

This fear may seem overly dramatic. I am 38 years old. I'm not overweight. I'm not a smoker. I don't drink excessively or eat poorly. I run three to four times a week. Looking at me, you'd assume I'm quite healthy. And you'd be correct. Sort of.

In Malala’s Hometown, A Young Activist Advocates For Girls’ Education

Women & Girls Hub | Jesselyn Cook | Posted 09.19.2016 | Home

As a teenager, Neelam Ibrar Chattan began working to promote peace in Pakistan’s conflict-torn Swat Valley. Now 23, she’s taking a stand in her ma...

Nepal's Child 'Love Marriages' Pose Dangerous Risks To Young Brides

Women & Girls Hub | Jesselyn Cook | Posted 09.15.2016 | Home

In Nepal, many children enter into so-called love marriages to escape desperate situations at home. But while these are marriages of choice, activists...

Doctors Find Refugee Children In Shock After Alleged Abuse ​By Police

The Huffington Post | Danae Leivada | Posted 07.07.2016 | Home

A refugee camp in Greece came under fire last week after the organization Médecins du Monde (Doctors of the World) reported that police officers ther...

Striking Photos Document Inequalities Among Children Worldwide

The Huffington Post | Jesselyn Cook | Posted 11.29.2016 | Home

Access to nutritious food, clean drinking water, a proper education and a safe place to live is essential for healthy development, but millions of chi...

Put Children - Especially Girls - High on the Global Agenda

Lindsay Stark | Posted 07.06.2016 | Women
Lindsay Stark

This year, one billion children around the world will experience a form of violence and around 200 million children will not meet their developmental ...

Children Out of School --'Left Behind' by Whom?

Elin Martinez | Posted 06.14.2016 | Impact
Elin Martinez

In Tanzania, like many other countries, stringent policies excluding pregnant girls and young mothers from schools allow school officials to conduct regular pregnancy tests and expel girls who are found to be pregnant.

Rain, on a Summer Day

Yara Zgheib | Posted 06.08.2016 | Impact
Yara Zgheib

"When at home alone I sit And am very tired of it, I have just to shut my eyes To go sailing through the skies"-- It is raining in June. That is no...

U.N. Unveils Arabic Smartphone App To Feed Syrian Refugee Children

The Huffington Post | Jesselyn Cook | Posted 06.08.2016 | Home

Just in time for Ramadan, the World Food Programme is giving Arabic-speaking smartphone users the opportunity to feed young Syrian refugees with the c...

An Open Letter to My Foster Son, 10 Years Later

Danielle Gletow | Posted 05.12.2016 | Parents
Danielle Gletow

Dear Antonio, My name is Danielle. You probably don't remember me, but you used to call me "Mom" sometimes. You made me a mom, even if for a short time. I will always treasure that, and I will always treasure you.

Advocates for Besieged Children Say Collaboration Is Essential

Barbara Crossette | Posted 05.05.2016 | HuffPost Home
Barbara Crossette

Grim images from the small world of children are multiplying. Little bodies adrift in the Aegean and Mediterranean seas. Uncomprehending faces pressed...

When Sally Met Lebanon's Personal Status Laws

Halim Shebaya | Posted 04.20.2016 | Home
Halim Shebaya

Regardless of the final outcome, this unfortunate incident should serve, at the very least, as a reminder that Lebanon's personal status laws are in dire need of reform, especially in relation to gender equality and discrimination.

Why Did This Mother Attempt to Smuggle Her Children?

Halim Shebaya | Posted 04.11.2016 | Women
Halim Shebaya

In Lebanon, the referee has called a foul on an Australian woman, Sally Faulkner. Apparently, she had arranged a Hollywood-like plan whereby child-recovery agents would help her "abduct" and then smuggle her two children out of the country.

My Plea to Tech Leaders on Behalf of 400,000 Kids

Danielle Gletow | Posted 03.28.2016 | Technology
Danielle Gletow

Recently I met with a leading advocacy organization at my office in Trenton, NJ. We spoke passionately for hours about the foster care system and its ...

This IS Our Problem: Fixing Foster Care in America, My Part (And Yours)

Danielle Gletow | Posted 01.26.2017 | Impact
Danielle Gletow

Let's just all come together and loudly and proudly make a commitment that we will be one part of the very big village we know it takes to raise a healthy, happy child.

"It's Not My Problem" Is No Longer Acceptable: Child Trafficking in the United States

Harry Leibowitz | Posted 01.15.2017 | Impact
Harry Leibowitz

With domestic and international terrorism, refugee crises around the world, and a Presidential race filled with ugly diatribe dominating the news cycles, it seems there is no place for an issue like child exploitation in the news.

Deputy Slams and Arrests Student: Children's Rights Denied in 'The Land of the Free'

Hope Loudon | Posted 10.30.2016 | Crime
Hope Loudon

When it is legal for authority figures to abuse children and have them arrested on spurious and unsubstantiated charges, can America really be "the land of the free"?

Promoting, Protecting and Realising the Rights of Children: A Matter of Political Will

Jakob von Uexkull | Posted 10.22.2016 | Impact
Jakob von Uexkull

Every child has the same human rights as adults. These include the right to life, food, health, education, development, a clean environment and the right to be heard.

Honoring a True Hero

Victoria Dunning | Posted 10.20.2016 | Impact
Victoria Dunning

It may sound like a fairy tale, but this is the story of a real life hero -- Phymean Noun. Indeed, Phymean, who accepted the World's Children's Prize on October 14, is one my heroes and friends, and I was honored to attend the award ceremony with her.

Our Family Courts Routinely Fail to Dispense Justice for Victims of Family Violence

Randy Burton | Posted 09.30.2016 | Crime
Randy Burton

Our family courts have subjugated the right of a child to be raised in an environment free from abuse and neglect to the parents' supposed right to do as they see fit with their "property" for so long that it is second nature to force children to live in unacceptably dangerous "homes."

Can 500 Cameras Change Refugee Children's Lives?

Bibbi Abruzzini | Posted 09.30.2016 | Arts
Bibbi Abruzzini

All Photographs (c) Zakira, Courtesy of Zakira The refugee crisis is all over the news. The European Union home affairs ministers will hold emergency...

Together, I Want Us All To Carry On

Danielle Gletow | Posted 09.11.2016 | Impact
Danielle Gletow

Whether people reading this decide to support Carry On or they decide to get involved in another luggage program from another organization for youth in foster care, I will be happy. Because the goal is to make sure that NO child ever has to pack their belongings in anything but proper luggage.