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China Coal

Coal Isn’t Just Bad For The Air. It’s A Huge Water Waster.

The Huffington Post | Shane Ferro | Posted 03.21.2016 | Business

Burning coal doesn’t just pollute the environment and harm people’s health -- it’s a huge drain on the world’s increasingly strained supply of...

Here’s A Sign That The Coal Industry May Be In Trouble

The Huffington Post | Shane Ferro | Posted 03.07.2016 | Business

This week brings us yet another indicator that coal may be on the decline worldwide. JPMorgan Chase announced on March 4 that it will curtail the amou...

What You Need To Know About The Crisis That’s Burying Coal For Good

Fusion | Farah_Mohamed | Posted 01.18.2016 | World

For not being magnetic, coal is exceptionally polarizing. Some people seem to be tractor-beamed directly into the alluring power of this combustible r...

Beijing Looks Like A Climate Horror Movie Right Now

The Huffington Post | Lydia Oconnor | Posted 12.07.2015 | World

Beijing's air pollution has engulfed the famous landmarks of the Chinese city in clouds of smog, shut down outdoor activities and prompted the governm...

China Has Been Spewing Out A Lot More CO2 Than Previously Reported

The Huffington Post | Nick Visser | Posted 11.05.2015 | World

China has emitted roughly a billion more tons of carbon emissions a year over the past 15 years than it previously said, according to a report from Th...

Here's Why It Matters That China’s Been Emitting Less Carbon Than We Thought -- And Also Why It Doesn't

Fusion | Farah_Mohamed | Posted 08.25.2015 | World

A team of Harvard researchers recently found, based on new analysis, that China is putting out roughly 14 percent less carbon than previous estimates ...

Matt Sheehan

Beijing's Air Becoming Slightly More Breathable | Matt Sheehan | Posted 04.22.2015 | World

Maybe, just maybe, there’s a light at the end of this smog-filled tunnel. Two years after the Chinese government declared “war on pollution,” th...

Matt Sheehan

The Power Politics Behind China's Climate Pledge | Matt Sheehan | Posted 11.14.2014 | World

BEIJING –- President Barack Obama had barely finished shaking Chinese President Xi Jinping’s hand to seal this week’s landmark climate agreement...

Matt Sheehan

From Coal To Communist Memories: Chinese Town Turns To Red Tourism | Matt Sheehan | Posted 09.23.2014 | World

ZHAOJIN, China -- Coal has been the fuel and the scourge of China's economic miracle. Plentiful and relatively cheap, the black rock has driven China'...

Matt Sheehan

Inside China's Fight To Quit Coal | Matt Sheehan | Posted 09.23.2014 | World

TONGCHUAN, China -- World leaders are gathering Tuesday at the United Nations in New York City, hoping to talk their way out of decades of gridlock on...

China Approves Massive New Coal Capacity

Reuters | Posted 03.10.2014 | Green

By David Stanway BEIJING, Jan 8 (Reuters) - China approved the construction of more than 100 million tonnes of new coal production cap...

China Admits It's Poorly Prepared To Tackle Climate Change Impacts

Reuters | Posted 02.08.2014 | Green

BEIJING, Dec 9 (Reuters) - China is poorly prepared to tackle the impact of climate change that presents a serious threat to the country, thanks to ...

Coal To Surpass Oil As Top Global Fuel

Reuters | Posted 01.23.2014 | Green

* China, India to propel coal past oil by end of decade * Muted impact from carbon policies aimed at curbing coal use *...

'The End of the Beginning'

Carl Pope | Posted 09.18.2013 | Green
Carl Pope

The decision by the World Bank this week to repudiate future investments in coal-fired power plants except under exceptional circumstances marks the first time that the global community has collectively ruled some forms of high carbon energy development off the table.

Chinese Government to Clean the Capital's Air -- Everyone Else, Good Luck

John C.K. Daly | Posted 05.12.2012 | Green
John C.K. Daly

China's leadership should glance back over their egalitarian Communist shoulders and realize that if clean air is good enough for Beijing, it's good enough for the comrades in the rest of the country too.

WATCH: Is This The New Oil?

The Huffington Post | Joanna Zelman | Posted 05.25.2011 | Green

In the quest for easy energy, what's one way to emit even more CO2? Reuters reports on one of China's strategies to feed its growing demand for oil --...

Twenty-First Century Energy Superpower: China, Energy, and Global Power

Michael T. Klare | Posted 05.25.2011 | World
Michael T. Klare

If you want to know which way the global wind is blowing (or the sun shining or the coal burning), watch China. That's the news for our energy future and for the future of great-power politics on planet Earth.