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Christian Voters

Trump, Truth, And The Christian Right

Joseph Loconte, Ph.D. | Posted 10.13.2016 | Religion
Joseph Loconte, Ph.D.

In the war of words during this disgraceful campaign, on both sides of the political aisle, truth has been the most conspicuous casualty. But how do we explain the failure to uphold basic norms about truth-telling among Bible-believing Christians?

Faith And Politics: A Way Forward

Dr. Michael B. Brown | Posted 10.13.2016 | Religion
Dr. Michael B. Brown

In the midst of a heated campaign season, it is important to understand there is a difference between religious and political realities.

Evangelical Voters Don't Care That Trump's Not Religious

The Huffington Post | Natalie Jackson | Posted 01.27.2016 | Politics

Businessman Donald Trump is viewed as the least religious of all the GOP presidential candidates, according to a new report from Pew Research -- but e...

Christian Women Looking for Action in 2016

Jennifer Danielle Crumpton | Posted 05.31.2015 | Religion
Jennifer Danielle Crumpton

Women of faith are increasingly seeking to elect those who commit to the betterment of women's lives and recognition of our contributions, cherished freedoms and autonomy.

The Religious Right Wasn't Created To Battle Abortion

Sally Steenland | Posted 06.24.2013 | Religion
Sally Steenland

According to the pundits and experts, the 1973 decision to legalize abortion outraged millions of Americans and mobilized them into a powerful movement to defend the rights of the unborn. But this tale turns out to be a myth.

Report: White Christian Voters No Longer Hold Keys To The White House

Religion News Service | Lauren Markoe | Posted 11.16.2012 | Religion

(RNS) The road to the White House is no longer white and Christian. President Obama won last week with a voter coalition that was far more racially...

How The Obama 'Ground Game' Was Church For Me

Rev. Dr. Janet Edwards | Posted 01.13.2013 | Religion
Rev. Dr. Janet Edwards

The days were long, but the dedication of these volunteers was inspiring. When I would look around the room, I knew I wasn't surrounded by my regular church family, but I was surprised that it still felt like church for me.

Toward An Irrelevant Faith: Reflecting on Conservative Christianity and the Elections

Andre E. Johnson | Posted 01.09.2013 | Religion
Andre E. Johnson

Not only did conservative Christians not adhere to their own principles embedded in their theology, but they also shirked their beliefs by acting in ways that were not "Christlike" because of their disdain for the president.

Faithful Citizenship: Lessons From The Long Election

Greg Garrett | Posted 01.09.2013 | Religion
Greg Garrett

The residue of the election lingers in our hearts and heads like those election signs still loitering in yards and medians. This election told us that we are more divided as a nation than ever. Now it's time to see if we can live together.

How Do You Vote?

Logan (Mehl-Laituri) Isaac | Posted 01.08.2013 | Religion
 Logan (Mehl-Laituri) Isaac

What Francis of Assisi said of preaching is equally true of voting: do it without ceasing, and do it on Election Day only when necessary.

America Has Spoken, Christians Need To Listen

Emily Timbol | Posted 01.07.2013 | Religion
Emily Timbol

What became clear last night is the way to reach the world is not through fear, discrimination or a movement farther right. It's through faith, love and equal treatment of all people.

The Privilege Of Detachment

Rachel G. Hackenberg | Posted 01.06.2013 | Religion
Rachel G. Hackenberg

As this dramatic season of political contests culminates in today's election, there are those who will predicate their privilege by choosing to abstain from voting. I am unimpressed.

Election Day Communion And The Sacrament Of Voting

Rev. Adam J. Copeland | Posted 01.06.2013 | Religion
Rev. Adam J. Copeland

Though we may feel as if we share little more than a zip-code with the voters beside us, in truth we share that great American feast and tradition: the ballot box. Nov. 6 is our festival day.

Choosing Lives: A Pastoral View On What Is At Stake In This Election

Mary Clark Moschella | Posted 01.06.2013 | Religion
Mary Clark Moschella

The choice this nation makes today will have an enormous impact upon the freedom, health and safety of American women and girls. As a teacher of pastoral theology and care, I urge readers to consider the well-being of women when you cast your vote for president on Tuesday.

Jesus for President 2012

Shane Claiborne | Posted 01.06.2013 | Religion
Shane Claiborne

We have to engage. After all, Jesus spent a lot of time talking about the real stuff of his world -- day laborers and unjust judges, widows and orphans, strangers and immigrants, abused women and exploited workers, redistribution of wealth and reconciliation with enemies.

Would Jesus Vote?

Jesse Lava | Posted 01.05.2013 | Religion
Jesse Lava

I saw a headline here at Faithful Democrats the other day that asked, "Who Would Jesus Vote For?" The question gave me pause. What would it even look like for Jesus to vote?

Faith And Political Rhetoric

Michael Jinkins | Posted 01.05.2013 | Religion
Michael Jinkins

This political season, we've heard politicians argue that if persons do not have the means to afford health insurance society should, essentially, let them die. This unyielding position is correlated with the rise of politicians who refuse to work together.

God Is Still Not a Republican, Or a Democrat

Jim Wallis | Posted 01.23.2014 | Politics
Jim Wallis

During this presidential campaign, we lament the way in which religious faith has been abused, manipulated and neglected in the heated, focus-group-tested sound bites that fill our airwaves and pass for "substantive" policy debates.

Despierta! Hispanic Evangelicals And Political Ping-Pong

Rev. Gabriel Salguero | Posted 01.23.2014 | Religion
Rev. Gabriel Salguero

Hispanic evangelicals are the quintessential swing voters. If Pew's research is correct, the approximate 7.5 million Latino evangelicals are an electorate that is not easily tied to any political party.

A Vote For Historic Christianity At Election Time

Dr. David P. Gushee | Posted 01.02.2013 | Religion
Dr. David P. Gushee

Perhaps because of the long informal establishment of (Protestant) Christianity as America's culture-religion, long ago the American Church became confused about what exactly it means to be the Church.

Religious Principles And The Election

Frank G. Kirkpatrick | Posted 01.23.2014 | Religion
Frank G. Kirkpatrick

We should not go into the voting booth informed only by warm sentiments but instead by an informed understanding of the real social consequences of what the candidates' policies would be.

I Wish Christian Preachers Would Just Shut Up

Steve McSwain | Posted 01.23.2014 | Religion
Steve McSwain

That sounds harsh and I do not mean for it to be unkind. But frankly, I'm growing exceedingly weary of the nonsense that uninformed and misinformed Christian ministers wail about almost continuously.

A Gospel Score Card For The 2012 Elections

Bishop Wayne Wright | Posted 12.18.2012 | Religion
Bishop Wayne Wright

With bullet point accuracy, political score cards aim to size a candidate up depending on a specific vote on this or that issue. Their purpose is to help voters sort who are the political sheep and who are the goats. We need a gospel score card.

Pro-Life Congressman Asks Mistress To Abort Their Child

Eric Sapp | Posted 12.16.2012 | Religion
Eric Sapp

In the New Testament, there is only one sin that gets the divine death penalty: hypocrisy. There is a reason. It's the devil's best tool against the Christian witness. And it's what so disappoints me about the Republican approach to faith and politics.

Is Choosing To Not Vote Selfish?

Sheldon C. Good | Posted 11.25.2012 | Religion
Sheldon C. Good

A number of my Christian friends have been saying they are not going to vote in the 2012 elections. As a Mennonite whose spiritual history is linked to removal from society, I can respect the belief that not voting is a way of subverting the powers of this world. And yet I'm concerned.