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Approaching 81, MOMA REELS Out Great Film!

Isa Freeling | Posted 02.03.2016 | Entertainment
Isa Freeling

Image courtesy of MOMA Did you know that MOMA, one of the United States preeminent showcase's for international cinema and leading institutions for ...

10 Traps Screenwriters Need to Avoid

ScreenCraft | Posted 02.03.2016 | Entertainment

Stop waiting. Once you click submit and you've entered that contest, leave it to the fates to decide. It's out of your control now so why torture yourself? And furthermore, the true trap here is putting all of your eggs in that one basket.

7 Adaptation Rules from the Screenwriter of Dracula and Contact

ScreenCraft | Posted 02.01.2016 | Entertainment

This Post originally appeared on the blog ScreenCraft. ScreenCraft is dedicated to helping screenwriters and filmmakers succeed through educational ...

Opera's Bizarro World

Miriam Gordon-Stewart | Posted 01.27.2016 | Arts
Miriam Gordon-Stewart

Imagine a world in which the Golden Age of Cinema had never ended. We had decided that it was so wonderful, it should just be preserved as it was. This world exists. It is the world of the opera establishment.

Jimmy Stewart, Hollywood's "It's a Wonderful Life" Archangel

Bonni Brodnick | Posted 01.27.2016 | Entertainment
Bonni Brodnick

During the Blizzard of 2016, my better half and I had plenty of hours to watch, debate, discuss and bicker about movies. We cast our own in-house vot...

Die Hard 2 and Bad Boys Screenwriter Talks About the Heyday of Screenwriting in the 80s and 90s!

ScreenCraft | Posted 01.26.2016 | Entertainment

This Post originally appeared on the blog ScreenCraft. ScreenCraft is dedicated to helping screenwriters and filmmakers succeed through educational ...

9 Tips for Filmmakers Struggling to Make Their Short Film

ScreenCraft | Posted 02.02.2016 | Entertainment

The rite of passage for any filmmaker is making that first short film, which is where filmmakers cut their teeth and truly come of age. They learn about filmmaking by making a lot of mistakes -- big and small.

Why Screenwriters Are the Biggest Employers in Hollywood

ScreenCraft | Posted 01.20.2016 | Entertainment

When a film wins Best Picture or makes a billion dollars at the box office, whose name do we hear? The star, the director, and maybe some of the high profile producers. A majority of the time, the screenwriter is somewhat anonymous amidst any of the hoopla.

5 Reasons Why Hans Gruber is the Greatest Movie Villain of All Time

ScreenCraft | Posted 01.19.2016 | Entertainment

"Who said we were terrorists?" These sinister words, spoken with almost Shakespearean grandeur and playfulness by the late Alan Rickman, is perhaps one of the greatest lines spoken by any movie villain. It denotes that all is not as it seems while watching the original Die Hard.

This Guy Wants Popcorn Banned Inside Movie Theaters

The Huffington Post | Lee Moran | Posted 01.15.2016 | Weird News

Enough is enough for a frustrated movie fan who's calling for popcorn to be banned from theaters because he says it's too noisy. Mike Shotton,...

33 Screenwriting Lessons from the Philosophy of Bruce Lee

ScreenCraft | Posted 01.14.2016 | Entertainment

Bruce Lee passed away suddenly in 1973, at the young age of 33, shocking the film industry and martial arts community. Over forty years later, his legacy lives on as one of cinema's most iconic film stars and as one of the greatest martial artists of all time.

'Separate Cinema': A Look At Beautiful and Racist Movie Posters During the Segregated Film Era

Erika Hardison | Posted 01.14.2016 | Books
Erika Hardison

There's a very visual and historical table book out that showcases posters the depicts beautiful and haunting images of black thespians in cinema over a course of 100 years.

7 Must-Read New Year's Resolutions for Screenwriters

ScreenCraft | Posted 01.14.2016 | Entertainment

As Hollywood is once again open after the holiday shutdown, it's time for writers to reflect and ready themselves for the year ahead.

Yes, This Is The 'Star Wars' Hero You're Looking For

Swara Salih | Posted 01.05.2016 | Entertainment
Swara Salih

The Force has awoken within its hero, Rey. We have a multilayered and complex heroine at the forefront of the action, who serves as the heart of the storyline, not relegated to being a "sideshow badass" as too many female characters in action and science fiction cinema have been.

The 5 Major Differences Between Writing Novels and Screenplays

ScreenCraft | Posted 12.28.2015 | Books

First off, let me start by saying if you're a writer, you can write novels and screenplays, if you have the undying ambition and drive to do so.

Son of Saul (Art At Auschwitz)

Zachary Braiterman | Posted 12.23.2015 | Arts
Zachary Braiterman

It may be too early to say for sure, but I'm going to predict that Son of Saul sets a new standard, particularly for the arts and philosophy.

Am I the Only Lesbian Who Didn't Love 'Carol?'

Allison Hope | Posted 02.02.2016 | Queer Voices
Allison Hope

This was the beginning of something explosive that had the potential to move me to tears, to arousal, to the moon and back. And then it didn't.

Indie Filmmaker, Kris Swanberg, on Her Film, Unexpected, and Finding Balance

Elysabeth Alfano | Posted 12.17.2015 | Entertainment
Elysabeth Alfano

There has been a lot of talk lately about the lack of female directors in Hollywood. For indie director Kris Swanberg, the pressures in filmmaking center more around finding the balance between directing and motherhood.

A Brief History Of Hollywood's Complicated Relationship With Cocaine

The Huffington Post | Oliver Noble | Posted 12.18.2015 | Entertainment

"Cocaine is a hell of a drug," Rick James once said on an episode of "Chappelle’s Show." It was hilarious, and people laughed....

7 Reasons Why Star Wars Still Matters

ScreenCraft | Posted 12.17.2015 | Entertainment

This Post originally appeared on the blog ScreenCraft. ScreenCraft is dedicated to helping screenwriters and filmmakers succeed through educational ...

What Does The Black List Mean for Screenwriters and Hollywood?

ScreenCraft | Posted 12.15.2015 | Entertainment

This year, scripts had to receive at least six mentions to be included on the Black List. It has been said many times, but it's worth repeating: The Black List is not a "best of" list. It is, at best, a "most liked" list.

Q&A: Cinema Veritas: Where Have All the Women Gone? A Male Filmmaker Responds

Anna Shen | Posted 01.04.2016 | Women
Anna Shen

Photo credit: Lindsey Ricker Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett, Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Chastain and other Hollywood A-List actresses are not alone...

International Film Festival of India, Goa, 2015

Bijaya Jena | Posted 12.14.2015 | Arts
Bijaya Jena

Cinema is never demarcated as art or commercial anywhere in the world but always good or bad. But unfortunately, in India, it's different.

How to Write the Perfect Query Letter for Your Scripts

ScreenCraft | Posted 12.14.2015 | Entertainment

Do your research, feel free to take some shots in the dark, and just keep getting your concepts out there. Your odds of success increase with each and every query you send.

The Ever-Present Song Within Andrea Bocelli

Tavis Smiley | Posted 12.08.2015 | Entertainment
Tavis Smiley

A true artist, music runs deep through Bocelli's veins. In this clip, he speaks on the ever-present melody that lives within his mind, body, and soul.