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Citizen Journalists

Bridging Technology and Law to Bring Perpetrators

Mark S. Ellis | Posted 06.09.2016 | World
Mark S. Ellis

"Citizen journalists" typically use social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Google and Twitter to disseminate real-time news and first-hand accounts of sometimes startling events.

Media Ethics: Whose Standards?

Magda Abu-Fadil | Posted 05.23.2016 | Media
Magda Abu-Fadil

Broadcast media are under intense pressure, given tight deadlines, security threats, competition and shrinking budgets. The key challenges are: How do we define media ethics and who sets the standards when the journalism of terror is becoming the new normal?

Rumors: Are Lebanese Media Culprits? Take 2

Magda Abu-Fadil | Posted 10.10.2014 | Media
Magda Abu-Fadil

Rumors are Lebanon's daily bread with legacy media and citizen journalists accused of fanning the flames amid domestic political unrest, economic uncertainty, and regional upheaval whose sparks are burning Lebanese fingers.

Gaza in Social Media Images Speaks Volumes

Magda Abu-Fadil | Posted 09.29.2014 | Media
Magda Abu-Fadil

The images from and about Gaza disseminated through social media are striking, searing, poignant and loaded with messages, proving, yet again, that a ...

Filming Police in Public Places: A Risky First Amendment Activity for Citizen Journalists

Clay Calvert | Posted 08.03.2014 | Crime
Clay Calvert

Today, anyone and everyone has the capacity to be a journalist and to record with their smartphones potential abuses of government authority.

Arabic Online Media Ethics Guide Launched at Lebanon Forum

Magda Abu-Fadil | Posted 07.08.2014 | Media
Magda Abu-Fadil

All too often journalists and content producers make assumptions that can land them in court, in jail, or worse, in their own countries or while on assignment elsewhere.

Training Citizen Journalists: There's an App for That

Brian Conley | Posted 09.30.2013 | Impact
Brian Conley

The beta release of StoryMaker makes it possible for English and Arabic speakers all over the world to make their voices heard. From now on, individual citizens in Egypt or Syria can tell their own stories

Bassem Youssef Brings Down House at 12th Arab Media Forum

Magda Abu-Fadil | Posted 07.19.2013 | Media
Magda Abu-Fadil

Strutting onto the stage at this week's Arab Media Forum (AMF) to a burst of applause and cheers, Egyptian satirist Bassem Youssef had a captive audie...

Why 2012 Was Big for Human Rights Video... and Why 2013 Will Be Bigger

Witness | Posted 03.17.2013 | Impact

We envision a world where many, many more citizens and human rights defenders have access to knowledge, skills and tools enabling them to create compelling, trustable videos and to make sure that their video is acted upon and human rights change happens.

Democracy, Trust and WikiLeaks: A Conversation With the Mother of Julian Assange

Vivian Norris | Posted 07.26.2012 | Media
Vivian Norris

I believe that people such as Julian Assange, movements such as Occupy Wall Street and those behind the Arab Spring, actually want change for a better, not worse and more chaotic, world. But their image and their hard work is being hijacked and manipulated.

HuffPost Citizen Journalists At The Conventions: We Are The History We Have Been Waiting For

Howard Fineman | Posted 06.27.2012 | Politics
Howard Fineman

In spite of the ever-deepening flood of candidate advertising, politics (and journalism) today are do-it-yourself, web-based and socially-connected enterprises. Which is where you come in.

The 11 Most Overrated Things about 2011

Mark Juddery | Posted 02.04.2012 | Home
Mark Juddery

Having listed the most overrated things about 2010 and the entire previous decade, it's now time to look back on the vintage year of 2011 - a year whe...

Anyone Can Cover the Caucuses

Howard Fineman | Posted 10.05.2011 | Media
Howard Fineman

Now that the GOP presidential race is starting in earnest here is some advice for Iowans, and anyone else in other states, who might want to volunteer for do-it-yourself journalism as part of the Huffington Post's Off the Bus 2012 project.

Time to Get Your Clark Kent On?

John Shore | Posted 09.05.2011 | Media
John Shore

In some very real ways, citizen journalists are the only journalists left. Nobody cares about local politics like local citizens. Nobody can. The adage is true for a reason; all politics is local.

Newsroom Summit Highlights Digital Engagement

Magda Abu-Fadil | Posted 08.19.2011 | Media
Magda Abu-Fadil

The newsroom concept is an idea that has been catching on in countless communities where hyperlocal news is now king.

No, Not a Superinjunction But a Big Competition

Deborah Hobson | Posted 08.13.2011 | Impact
Deborah Hobson

New charity the Citizen Journalism Educational Trust (CJET) has launched with its Big Picture street photography competition.

Matt Osborne | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
Matt Osborne

If Robert Gibbs had walked around Las Vegas last week talking to the professional left, he would have learned what I did: that progressives, liberals, and Democrats are as diverse as the day is long.

Write For The NYC Beat: The Huffington Post Citizen Journalism Music Blog

Rebecca Harrington | Posted 05.25.2011 | New York
Rebecca Harrington

Are you in the New York City area this summer? Are you interested in music journalism? Do you want to go to free concerts? In an effort to grow ou...

Will Exxon and Goldman choose our next president?

Josh Dorner | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
Josh Dorner

The Supreme Court didn't just open the floodgates yesterday, it breached the dam that has held back untold sums of special interest cash for the bette...

Hanging Citizen Journalists Out to Dry: Shield-Law Amendment Excludes Unpaid Bloggers

Pam Spaulding | Posted 05.25.2011 | Media
Pam Spaulding

The real issue with the language of the proposed New York shield law is less the law per se than placing a definition of a journalist on the books.

Part Exposé, Part Cover-Up: 1968's My Lai Massacre Photos Have Big Lessons For Citizen Journalists

David Quigg | Posted 05.25.2011 | Media
David Quigg

Citizen journalists must not give in to the urge to un-take a photo, to click delete and banish the evidence for the parts of a story that shame them, their cause, their friends, their country, their species.

Losing the News: A Great Book

Diane Francis | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business
Diane Francis

Alex Jones writes that the implosion of the business model for traditional media is creating a vacuum in the type of news gathering, analysis or revelatory investigation which is in the public interest.

Stop "Crimes Against Humanity and Geological Scandals": Give AFRICOM a Chance In Congo

Georgianne Nienaber | Posted 05.25.2011 | World
Georgianne Nienaber

This is going out to the end of a very long limb, but contrary to the rumblings in progressive think tanks, let's suggest that AFRICOM must be given a chance in eastern Congo.

Letter From Paris: Calling A Dick A Dick

Beth Arnold | Posted 05.25.2011 | World
Beth Arnold

With yet another round of Dick Cheney disinformation saturating the airwaves, it boggles the mind how the Bush administration controlled the American conversation in the media for so many years.

TELL US: Are You Or A Loved One Facing Home Foreclosure?

Matthew Palevsky | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics

America's housing crisis has rocked the economy and continues to worsen, with tens of thousands of people facing foreclosure each week. The dialogue i...