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Citizens United

Call It Corruption, Not Ideology

Dave Johnson | Posted 03.20.2013 | Politics
Dave Johnson

This week the president of the United States held a press conference with the DC elite press corps. They had the opportunity to ask the president what our government is doing about the nation's most serious problems.

Martin Luther King, Citizens United and Driving Voters to the Polls

Minister Leslie Watson Malachi | Posted 03.19.2013 | Black Voices
Minister Leslie Watson Malachi

Americans -- and especially Americans of color -- are questioning whether our voices can be heard over the noise of massive corporate and special interest political spending in the wake of Citizens United.

Kathleen Miles

Get Ready To Vote On Citizens United | Kathleen Miles | Posted 01.25.2013 | Los Angeles

Following the most expensive presidential election in history, Los Angeles voters are set to become the largest electorate to vote whether to support ...

A Key Issue President Obama Should Include in the S.O.T.U.

Pearl Korn | Posted 03.18.2013 | Politics
Pearl Korn

We cannot afford more caves and concessions on critical issues for which there really can be no compromise, Mr. President. You must recognize this moment as an opportunity to show the nation and the world true leadership. There could be no better time.

Paul Blumenthal

Is New Congress Ready For Campaign Finance Reform? | Paul Blumenthal | Posted 01.10.2013 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- The 2012 election was the most expensive in history, with a pricetag as high as $6 billion. This staggering amount brought with it many ...

Paul Blumenthal

FEC Commissioner Cynthia Bauerly To Resign | Paul Blumenthal | Posted 01.15.2013 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Cynthia Bauerly, one of six commissioners at the Federal Election Commission, handed in her resignation on Friday and will officially le...

Paul Blumenthal

How Serious Are Big Group's Threats? | Paul Blumenthal | Posted 01.23.2014 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- As the nation briefly tumbled over the "fiscal cliff" and the White House worked to cut a deal with Senate Republicans, political groups...

Welcome to the Fiscal Blip. Demand More in 2013

Adam Levin | Posted 03.02.2013 | Politics
Adam Levin

Forget the narrow confines of this binary problem (tax breaks for the rich vs. continuing insurance for the unemployed) -- a political problem allows for a creative, political solution. We should use this fake, ginned-up "crisis" to our advantage and solve the real problems faced by real Americans.

The Flow of Money in New York State Politics

Ana Komnenic | Posted 03.02.2013 | New York
Ana Komnenic

The logic behind the Citizen's United ruling was that people, corporations, and organizations have the right to free speech. However, disclosure reports indicate that donors often contribute to such a wide range of political candidates and parties that their money goes to contradicting ideologies.

Ten of My Favorite Things About 2012

Medea Benjamin | Posted 03.02.2013 | Politics
Medea Benjamin

There are many things to be thankful for in 2012. People have been taking to the streets around the world, from students in Chile to indigenous activists in Canada to anti-austerity workers in Europe. Here are some U.S. and global issues that experienced newfound gains in 2012.

Luke Johnson

Murkowski Proposes Measure To Correct 'Uncomfortable' Citizens United Decision | Luke Johnson | Posted 12.28.2012 | Politics

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) and Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) proposed campaign finance reform on Thursday that will seek to walk back the funding possib...

2012: The Year the Rich Couldn't Buy

Rev. Al Sharpton | Posted 02.25.2013 | Black Voices
Rev. Al Sharpton

Whether it was draconian voter ID laws, the shooting death of young Travyon Martin, or the attacks on women and the workers of America, I went into each challenge concerned that they had outmaneuvered us financially. But in the end, I left convinced that money could not buy genuine commitment.

Want Gun Reform? Follow the Money

Bob Edgar | Posted 02.20.2013 | Politics
Bob Edgar

The linchpin for gun reform, and for progress on just about every other problem facing our country, is fundamentally changing the way Washington works by getting control of the money that is corrupting our politics and elections.

Adelson gave $40 million to super PACs in final weeks of election

The Center for Public Integrity | Posted 02.20.2013 | Politics
The Center for Public Integrity

By Michael Beckel and Andrea FullerThe Center for Public IntegrityBillionaire casino magnate Sheldon Adelson and family poured nearly $40 million into...

Sam Stein

Why The Gun Rights Lobby Is The Baddest Force In Politics | Sam Stein | Posted 12.18.2012 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- In the spring of 2010, Democrats began charting out their legislative response to a Supreme Court ruling that allowed unlimited spending...

After Newtown, The Fight of Our Lives

Christine Pelosi | Posted 02.16.2013 | Politics
Christine Pelosi

We do know that Americans have evolved from the shopworn "God, guns and gays" campaigns and our legislators need to catch up before even more lives are lost to preventable gun violence.

Wake Up America: We Are Losing the Moral Ground

Georges Ugeux | Posted 02.14.2013 | Politics
Georges Ugeux

For those of us who travel around the world, there is no doubt that, while admired for many other reasons, the United States of America is increasingly losing the moral ground that it not only was proud of, but is trying to preach to the rest of the world.

The Billionaires' Long Game

Robert Reich | Posted 02.11.2013 | Politics
Robert Reich

I keep hearing that the billionaires and big corporations that poured all that money into the 2012 election learned their lesson. They lost their shirts and won't do it again. Don't believe that for an instant.

American Democracy Is Not for Sale

Rev. Dr. Kenneth Lee Samuel | Posted 02.10.2013 | Politics
Rev. Dr. Kenneth Lee Samuel

Today I want to stand in solidarity with those who are speaking out against an obvious problem in America: corporate money in our democracy.

Great Myth of 2012: $6 Billion Election 'Didn't Change Much'

Josh Silver | Posted 02.06.2013 | Politics
Josh Silver

For those of us who care less about partisanship and more about what our elected officials actually do -- or fail to do -- once in office, the 2012 election portends a bleak future.

Why Money in Politics Is Still a Really Big Deal

Miles Mogulescu | Posted 02.05.2013 | Politics
Miles Mogulescu

Money in politics remains the greatest danger to government of, by, and for the people, and the 2012 elections only made a bad situation worse.

Beyond a Constitutional Amendment

Jay Mandle | Posted 01.30.2013 | Politics
Jay Mandle

What is lacking in the Constitutional amendment approach is an alternative funding system, one that gives candidates the option of running for office without wealthy patrons.

Is Samuel Alito a Tenther?

Nan Aron | Posted 01.27.2013 | Politics
Nan Aron

The Roberts Court, Alito included, has transparently become the judicial outpost of a political movement with political goals.

Three Ways to Fix Our Democracy

Erik Opsal | Posted 01.26.2013 | New York
Erik Opsal

America is the world's leading democracy, but that doesn't mean there aren't improvements to be made. By modernizing registration, ending government dysfunction and combating Citizens United, we can put the people back in charge.

How the Supreme Court Has Come to Play a Policymaking Role

Eric Black | Posted 01.20.2013 | Politics
Eric Black

Compared to Supreme Courts in other democracies around the world, ours is more powerful than most, perhaps more than any.