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Civic Duty

Don't Wait. Participate.

Larry Schooler | Posted 01.18.2017 | Politics
Larry Schooler

Beyond the partisan divides around some of President Obama's policy proposals lies a compelling thought: regardless of the policy outcome, give ordinary people safer access to the process. That is an achievable goal--as demonstrated by the many governments who have made it so.

Mother, Hope and the Meaning of Christmas

Joel Peterson | Posted 12.13.2016 | GPS for the Soul
Joel Peterson

I came to understand as never before what Christmas is. Christmas is not in the glitter and props and material objects offered and received. It is not in rituals, half pagan, whose meanings had long been forgotten.

Queen Elizabeth II: Credit and Character

Janet Tavakoli | Posted 09.09.2016 | Good News
Janet Tavakoli

Character is the most important of all of the four C's of credit: character, capacity, collateral, and capital. Even if misfortune destroys the latter three, people of good character will find a way to pay you back.

Why Not Make Voting Mandatory Like Jury Duty?

Clare Munn | Posted 11.05.2014 | Politics
Clare Munn

As a person who makes mistakes and has missed some voting over the years due to not planning absentee ballots in advance, I speak from a crevice of some honesty.

It's All About the Sticker: I Voted Today!

Suzan McDowell | Posted 01.02.2015 | Politics
Suzan McDowell

Admit it, all you really want is the sticker. Yea, yea, yea, it's nice to do our civic duty and all, but nothing beats the feeling you get when at the end of the process, you're handed the "I VOTED TODAY!" sticker.

The Disease Of American Democracy

Robert Reich | Posted 10.19.2014 | Politics
Robert Reich

No wonder Americans feel powerless. No surprise we're sick of politics, and many of us aren't even voting. But if we give up on politics, we're done for. Powerlessness is a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Are Fire Hydrants Too Socialist?

Kevin Walsh | Posted 08.31.2013 | Detroit
Kevin Walsh

There were bodies everywhere. I'd never seen anything like it before -- especially on a dog-walk...

A Brief Thought on "American Duty"

Meredith Hutchison | Posted 03.27.2013 | Politics
Meredith Hutchison

It is my right to exercise free speech and it is the government's duty to uphold that right. So, what are my minimum duties as an American to my government, my nation, and my fellow citizens, and how do I know those are my duties?

Free to Be... a Juror?

Kathryn E. Livingston | Posted 02.10.2013 | Fifty
Kathryn E. Livingston

Isn't it ironic? Here we are deciding on another's freedom when our own freedom has been denied. We aren't given the right to flip jury duty off. We aren't given the choice to turn it down. We simply must show up.

Voting: What's the Point?

Lorraine Devon Wilke | Posted 12.07.2012 | Politics
Lorraine Devon Wilke

We're bombarded with all manner of tugging and pulling from this side or the other, right down to those who suggest it's all so dark there's really no point in voting anyway. So what do we do?

Confusing Morality With Duty: It's the Reason You Keep Paying Your Underwater Mortgage and Overpriced Credit Cards

Nicholas Carroll | Posted 01.02.2012 | Business
Nicholas Carroll

In 2011 walking away from an underwater home or usuriously high credit card interest is not only moral -- it's good citizenship.

The Contract Society: It's Time to Become Citizens Not Customers

Terry Newell | Posted 05.28.2011 | Politics
Terry Newell

Welcome to the contract society. In the contract society, "citizens" have become government's "customers," and they judge government by how satisfied they are with what they get.

The Ties That Bind Soldiers and Citizens

Jeffrey Abelson | Posted 05.25.2011 | Impact
Jeffrey Abelson

Exactly 2,500 years ago this year, a war was fought that made the world safe for democracy. It's a fitting tale for Memorial Day, for it reminds us of the eternal debt we owe our warriors.

Concentric Circles of Service

Jeffrey Abelson | Posted 05.25.2011 | Impact
Jeffrey Abelson

There's a missing link in our quest for a good and equitable society. In addition to volunteering, we must educate ourselves and impact our government to achieve lasting change on prominent issues.

A Practicing Doctor's Prescription for Health Care Reform

Dr. Jordan Shlain | Posted 05.25.2011 | Home
Dr. Jordan Shlain

The government has no problem regulating Wall Street, nuclear energy, the health care system and the legal system. Where are the regulations for maintaining personal health?

Our Children (and Our Country) Deserve Democratic Schools

Sam Chaltain | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
Sam Chaltain

It is possible -- indeed, essential -- for schools to find the right organizational balance between individual freedom and group structure.

Changing Politics From The Bottom Up

Arthur Rosenfeld | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
Arthur Rosenfeld

The more sleaze we see in politics the more all this talk of change becomes not nearly so much a campaign slogan or political rallying cry as a plaintive plea.

A New Age for Individual Service

Tom Nelson and Usher Raymond IV | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
Tom Nelson and Usher Raymond IV

Younger Americans in the millennial generation, many of whom went to schools that required service to graduate, are better prepared for civic engagement than any other generation in our history.

This Election Doesn't Leave Our Children Behind

Christopher Fink | Posted 05.25.2011 | Home
Christopher Fink

Many children have been learning about and engaged with this election. This is sure to have an affect on our children's sense of civic responsibility to vote and care about our democracy as they grow up.