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Climate Justice

The Heat Is On: Via Campesina and Allies Challenge Climate Capitalism

Salena Tramel | Posted 01.26.2015 | Green
Salena Tramel

A new report by NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) indisputably confirms what many scientists had predicted: 2014 is officially the hottest year on record.

Why Developing Countries Are Disproportionately Affected By Climate Change -- And What Can They Do About It

Tom Osborn | Posted 01.20.2015 | Green
Tom Osborn

If there is something today that nobody, regardless of socio-economic status, ethnicity or race, can run away from, it is the issue of climate change. In particular, the world's poorest people are most vulnerable to the devastating effects climate change.

The Keystone XL Pipeline Debate Is Right Where We Want It

Jamie Henn | Posted 01.08.2015 | Green
Jamie Henn

Before last November, Obama may have been concerned about the impact a rejection would have on moderate Democrats. Now, he has nothing to lose. The fight is a long way from over, but there are good reasons to feel confident.

Fostering A Climate For Racial Justice

Ian Monroe | Posted 12.30.2014 | Green
Ian Monroe

Climate change is not primarily an environmental issue. Yes, over half of Earth's species are in danger of extinction from our current pace of climate disruption. But what makes the imperative to immediately act on climate most compelling is what a warmer world means for people, particularly people living in poverty and people of color.

Six Lessons Learned From the Front Lines of the Climate Fight

Frances Beinecke | Posted 12.19.2014 | Green
Frances Beinecke

As I prepare to retire from NRDC and hand the reins over to our incoming president Rhea Suh, I have been reflecting on how the climate movement can secure the solutions we need to protect future generations from harm. In my view, here are issues we need to keep in mind.

Flush Fossil Fuels, Sec. Kerry!

Kassie Siegel | Posted 12.16.2014 | Green
Kassie Siegel

Instead of leading the way at the international level, the United States seems bent on pushing other countries out in front. That's unworkable and morally outrageous given how badly our government has failed to live up to its prior climate promises.

Cultivating Climate Justice Through Compost: The Story of Hernani

Beverly Bell | Posted 12.11.2014 | Impact
Beverly Bell

Talk about a win-win-win! Jobs, carbon-sequestration, and reduced toxic exposures for farmers and neighbors. For such a humble and ancient practice, composting is a powerful act.

Work for Climate Justice: United Nations 20th Conference of Parties in Lima, Peru

Grace Ji-Sun Kim | Posted 12.03.2014 | Religion
Grace Ji-Sun Kim

For the sake of creation, for the sake of our sister and brothers, for the sake of the planet, and for own sake, is is important to work for justice and continue to fight to reverse climate change.

Before COP20: Climate Walkers Arrive At Ground Zero

Caroline Richter | Posted 01.26.2015 | Impact
Caroline Richter

Alan Burns is a climate activist from North Carolina. He just came back from a month in the Philippines, where he joined the "Climate Walk" as the only non-Filipino and with his 68 years also as the oldest climate walker.

Cultivating Climate Justice from the Front Lines of the Crisis: The Philippines and Australia

Beverly Bell | Posted 01.24.2015 | Green
Beverly Bell

One of the greatest injustices of climate change is that those who have done the least to cause it -- like the residents of the Philippines hit by Super Typhoon Yolanda -- feel the impacts first and worst through rising sea levels and extreme weather.

Cultivating Climate Justice: Brazilian Workers Leading the Charge Toward Zero Waste

Beverly Bell | Posted 01.18.2015 | World
Beverly Bell

This is part 1 of a four-part article series "Cultivating Climate Justice" which tells the stories of community groups on the frontlines of the pollut...

Voices of Hope in a Time of Crisis

Asoka Bandarage | Posted 11.11.2014 | Green
Asoka Bandarage

How quickly can the shift to renewables and de-carbonization at the source be achieved through individual and grass roots efforts? Globalization is the reality and events like the 'Voices of Hope in a Time of Crisis' Conference are themselves the products of globalization.

Mountaintop Experience and a Prophetic Call for Climate Change

Grace Ji-Sun Kim | Posted 11.23.2014 | Religion
Grace Ji-Sun Kim

As we come down from the mountaintop, let us join in action and reflection. Without a sustainable planet, we stand without food or energy, as if we stood beside a burnt down house in the desert.

We Made History: 310,000 March for Climate Action

Frances Beinecke | Posted 11.21.2014 | Green
Frances Beinecke

I have long understood that climate change is not only an environmental issue--it is a humanitarian, economic, health, and justice issue as well. Today's march reflected all those concerns.

Climate Justice: World Council of Church's Interfaith Summit on Climate Change

Grace Ji-Sun Kim | Posted 11.19.2014 | Religion
Grace Ji-Sun Kim

This is not only an environmental issue, but also an economic and social issue. Communities, churches and individuals need to become and involved in working towards climate justice. The time to act is now. Tomorrow is already too late.

Will the People's Climate March and the UN Climate Summit Really Deliver?

Brandon Wu | Posted 11.17.2014 | Green
Brandon Wu

The kind of solidarity and diversity behind the People's Climate March is crucial to show governments that there's widespread demand for them to take real action to tackle climate change. But the march is targeting the wrong thing.

Climate Change and Food Sovereignty: The People's Climate March

Eric Holt Gimenez | Posted 11.10.2014 | Impact
Eric Holt Gimenez

The best intentions of world leaders tend to sputter and fail without the power of social movements pushing hard to ensure they actually do the right thing. That is why people from more than 750 organizations will converge in New York City for the People's Climate March.

A Zero Emissions Manifesto for the Climate Justice Movement

Tom Weis | Posted 11.11.2014 | Green
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Tom Weis

Top military experts and government institutions like the U.S. Department of Defense and National Intelligence Council warn that climate destabilization threatens our national security, yet global emissions just keep going up.

It's Time to Talk: Ending Burnout in Movements for Social Change

Justin Haaheim | Posted 04.25.2014 | Green
Justin Haaheim

It's like trying to run a marathon on no sleep and a twisted ankle, and continuing to do things this way is keeping us from winning victories. We are facing a crisis of planetary proportions. We have got to do better than this.

Meet the Students Getting Arrested Over Keystone XL

Jamie Henn | Posted 05.01.2014 | Green
Jamie Henn

More than 1,000 students from over 200 schools and 42 different states have come to Washington, DC to take part in the protest. Here are some of the faces of the growing climate justice movement that's sweeping the nation.

Chomsky: Putting the Eco Back in Economy

Abel Collins | Posted 04.15.2014 | Green
Abel Collins

Environmentalists are frequently characterized as being economy killing party poopers. The truth is we merely want to work and live in a way that isn't self-destructive.

Beyond COP 19: Accelerating Climate Protection

Asoka Bandarage | Posted 01.31.2014 | Green
Asoka Bandarage

Climate crisis, global inequalities, and resistance to necessary change all stem from the acceleration of competition over natural resources, especially energy. At the root of the crisis is the psychological dualism of 'self vs. other' separating humans from nature and each other.

Fighting for the Soul of Climate Finance

Brandon Wu | Posted 01.23.2014 | Green
Brandon Wu

As UN climate talks kick off in Poland this week, arguments about money are likely to take center stage. But this year's twist to a familiar tale is a strategic shift by rich countries to a more fundamental, and troublesome, debate about what even counts as "climate finance."

Humanity at a Crossroads: Fighting for Climate Justice

Jayaseelan Naidoo | Posted 10.02.2013 | Green
Jayaseelan Naidoo

We are one human race with one planetary system. We live in a global village. Expanding our moral imagination, we can achieve the impossible dream of a future that is built on social solidarity, human dignity and living in harmony with nature.

Laughing Matters: U.S. Government vs. Voices of Conscience

Subhankar Banerjee | Posted 08.19.2013 | World
Subhankar Banerjee

The US government and voices of conscience are now engaged in a war -- not a laughing matter. We can only hope -- to make sense of this ongoing war -- there will be humor.