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Closing Guantanamo

Does This Guantanamo Prisoner Deserve His Time Back?

Andrew Royce Bauer | Posted 11.02.2015 | Politics
Andrew Royce Bauer

If more Americans were aware of the tragic tale of Shaker Aamer's treatment, it would be safe to assume his instant release would have come to the backdrop of throngs of cheering well-wishers.

Joint Chiefs Chairman Calls For Guantanamo Closure, Calling It A 'Psychological Scar'

The Huffington Post | Samantha Lachman | Posted 01.12.2015 | Politics

On the 13th anniversary of the United States' military prison on the island of Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs...

How's a Busy Mom Supposed to Find the Time to Protest Guantánamo?

Frida Berrigan | Posted 03.11.2015 | Impact
Frida Berrigan

When we went to Cuba in 2005, I was not a mother, I was not nursing and I had never been covered in baby snot or toddler vomit. It doesn't seem like so long ago and I am not a different person, but it is hard to be here when my friends and part of my heart are in D.C., working so hard for justice, accountability and all that I hold so dear.

Obama's Plan To Close Guantanamo Suffers Another Setback

AP | By DONNA CASSATA | Posted 01.31.2015 | Politics

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama's 5-year-old campaign to close the federal prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, suffered a major setback as lawm...

Obama Makes Move To Close Gitmo

AP | By BEN FOX | Posted 08.05.2014 | Politics

MIAMI (AP) — President Barack Obama is moving ahead with his push to close the Guantanamo Bay prison despite the uproar over the exchange of five Ta...

Judge: Produce Gitmo Videotapes, Medical Records

AP | PETE YOST | Posted 07.21.2014 | Politics

WASHINGTON (AP) — A federal judge on Wednesday brushed aside the Justice Department's objections and ordered the government to produce 34 videotapes...

Ryan J. Reilly

Detainee Tells Guantanamo Review Board He Plans 'Milk And Honey' Farm | Ryan J. Reilly | Posted 01.28.2014 | Politics

ARLINGTON, Va. -- An alleged former bodyguard to Osama bin Laden hopes to start an agricultural enterprise called Yemen Milk and Honey Farms Limited i...

General Who Opened Gitmo Calls For It To Be Shut Down

Reuters | Posted 02.11.2014 | Politics

By Jane Sutton MIAMI, Dec 12 (Reuters) - The U.S. general who opened the Guantanamo detention camp said Thursday it was a mistake and ...

Ryan J. Reilly

Congress' NDAA Deal Could Make It Easier For Obama To Finally Close Guantanamo | Ryan J. Reilly | Posted 01.25.2014 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- The Senate and House Armed Services committees have reached a deal that would, for the first time, loosen restrictions that impede the P...

Some Of Guantanamo's Hardest Cases To Get New Look

AP | BEN FOX | Posted 10.18.2013 | Politics

GUANTANAMO BAY NAVAL BASE, Cuba — As the U.S. renews its effort to close the Guantanamo Bay prison, it will soon begin reconsidering the fate of...

Microphones Removed From Guantanamo Meeting Rooms

AP | Posted 06.13.2013 | Politics

GUANTANAMO BAY NAVAL BASE, Cub -- The officer in charge of the operations of the Guantanamo Bay prison says hidden listening devices have been removed...

GOP Senator: Obama Speech A 'Victory' For 'Terrorists'

The Huffington Post | Preston Maddock | Posted 05.24.2013 | Politics

Code Pink activist and heckler Medea Benjamin wasn't the only one unimpressed with President Barack Obama's counterterrorism policy speech on Thursday...

Yemenis Have Moms Too

Jodie Evans | Posted 07.10.2013 | Politics
Jodie Evans

Here in the 21st century, we need to relearn those lessons and focus on training our children to be instruments of peace, not oppression.

Guantanamo's Collapse

David Schanzer | Posted 07.08.2013 | Politics
David Schanzer

Fixing Guantanamo -- which is what Obama clearly wants --- will require him to take risky unilateral action and dedicate a great deal of political capital.

Emily Swanson

Poll Reveals What Americans Want For Gitmo Detainees | Emily Swanson | Posted 05.14.2013 | Politics

Most Americans are in favor of giving trials to the detainees at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, Cuba, according to a new HuffPost/YouGov poll. But the res...

'We've Gone From Waterboarding Them To Foodboarding Them?'

Posted 05.02.2013 | Comedy

Jon Stewart began Wednesday's "Daily Show" with a check in on Guantanamo, which Obama promised to shut down by 2010. In his press conference earlier t...

After Making Major Vow, Obama's Options For Tough Scenario Explored

Reuters | Posted 07.02.2013 | Politics

(Repeats with no change in content) By Susan Cornwell and Jane Sutton May 2 (Reuters) - With his renewed vow to close th...

Peaceful Terrorist Hunger Strike, Gandhi Style, Should Lead to Closing Guantanamo Bay

Steven Kurlander | Posted 05.28.2013 | Politics
Steven Kurlander

The hunger strikes at Guantanamo may prove the biggest test of Obama's "endless war on terror" policies that have centered on concluding the two big conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan but also continues to keep the Guantanamo Bay terror prison open.

General Delivers Bad News For Guantanamo Bay

AP | RICHARD LARDNER | Posted 05.20.2013 | Politics

WASHINGTON — As much as $170 million is needed to improve facilities for the troops stationed at the Guantanamo Bay detention center that Presid...

Matt Sledge

Harry Reid: 'Nobody's Fault' Guantanamo Still Open | Matt Sledge | Posted 01.29.2013 | Politics

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said at a Tuesday press conference that it was "nobody's fault" the U.S. prison camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cub...

Guantanamo Detainees Could Be Safely Moved To U.S. Jails, Study Shows

AP | KIMBERLY DOZIER | Posted 01.28.2013 | Politics

WASHINGTON — The controversial detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, could be closed and the 166 detainees being held there could be absor...

Righting Wrongs and Securing the Rights Path

Anthony D. Romero | Posted 01.09.2013 | Politics
Anthony D. Romero

President Obama's reelection provides him with another chance to address pressing human rights challenges and restore our nation's standing as a defen...

The Shame of Guantánamo: A Close-Up View of Injustice

Anthony D. Romero | Posted 07.07.2012 | Politics
Anthony D. Romero

I have now been to Guantánamo six times. Nothing I've seen has changed my view that the military commissions are unworkable. The system is set up to guarantee convictions and hand down death sentences, nothing more.

Please Call for the Closure of Guantanamo By Signing the White House Petition

Andy Worthington | Posted 03.25.2012 | Politics
Andy Worthington

What happened to President Obama's bold promise to close Guantánamo?

Protests Mark Dubious Milestone

Posted 01.11.2012 | Politics

WASHINGTON--Human rights groups plan protests worldwide on Wednesday to mark the 10th anniversary of the opening of the U.S. military detention ca...