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5 Essential Spring Gin Cocktails

5 Essential Spring Gin Cocktails  03.21.2014
At long last, spring is here! And now that the sun is shining and the flowers are getting ready to bloom, it's time to break out the gin....

WATCH: How To Make A Brown Derby Cocktail  02.27.2014
Named for the famous Los Angeles diner, this classic bourbon cocktail is sweet and sour. Watch top San Francisco bartender Dominic Venegas...
WATCH: How To Make A Whiskey Smash

WATCH: How To Make A Whiskey Smash  02.19.2014
Like Mint Juleps? You'll love this citrusy 19th-century cooler. Top San Francisco bartender Erik Adkins shows you how to make a Whiskey...

The Secret Formula Behind Dozens of Classic Cocktails  02.19.2014
Learn the one recipe that makes dozens of famous drinks. For full recipes and more ideas, visit
The Secrets To Making A Romantic Valentine's Day Cocktail

The Secrets To Making A Romantic Valentine's Day Cocktail  02.14.2014
You get to show off your bartending skills and can impress your date by fixing a delicious drink created just for him or her.
In Season: Blood Orange

In Season: Blood Orange  02. 5.2014
It's the kind of drink I know that everyone will like; it's that darn good.
Microwavable Cocktails

Microwavable Cocktails

Food & Wine  02. 5.2014
The appliance proved instrumental in the creation of three super-fun cocktails.

Your Super Bowl Drinks  01.31.2014
Fix one of these cocktails at your Super Bowl party, and no matter which team wins, you'll be a champ.
9 Super Super Bowl Cocktails

9 Super Super Bowl Cocktails  01.31.2014
We have nine amazing drinks that you and your friends are sure to love more than just a six-pack of beer.
How-To Cocktail: Rob Roy (VIDEO)

How-To Cocktail: Rob Roy (VIDEO)  01.22.2014
The Rob Roy cocktail is overlooked by many, but this Scotch-based cousin of the Manhattan is really simple to make and delicious.
Stubborn Spirits

Stubborn Spirits  01.22.2014
There are several types of liquor that are very difficult to use in cocktails -- even for pros like me. So I offer you a "my way or the...