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Colbert Romney

WATCH: Everything Romney Said He'd Do On Day One

Posted 10.19.2012 | Comedy

According to what Mitt Romney's been saying on the campaign trail, if he wins the election, he's going to have a pretty busy first day in office. And ...

WATCH: Colbert Takes On Romney's Big Fundraiser Gaffe

Posted 07.19.2012 | Comedy

In yet another attempt to connect with the humans who can make him President, GOP candidate Mitt Romney made an eyebrow-raising remark at a fundraiser...

WATCH: Colbert Mocks Trump's Birtherism

Posted 05.30.2012 | Comedy

After a two-week hiatus, Stephen Colbert returned to "The Colbert Report" Tuesday night to tackle the latest ramblings of everyone's favorite billiona...

WATCH: Stephen Colbert Mocks Romney's 'Latino Problem'

Posted 04.07.2012 | Latino Voices

On Wednesday, Stephen Colbert poked fun at Mitt Romney's trouble appealing to a key voter "demografico": Latinos. According to many political anal...

WATCH: Colbert Mocks GOP's Southern Campaign Strategy

The Huffington Post | Seena Vali | Posted 03.13.2012 | Comedy

As Republican candidates continue to campaign ahead of Tuesday's primaries in Alabama and Mississippi, Stephen Colbert noticed some odd changes happen...

WATCH: Colbert Backs Up Romney's 'Corporations Are People' Theory

Posted 10.12.2011 | Comedy

Mitt Romney made headlines Thursday for saying that "Corporations are people" in response to a question about taxes at the Iowa state fair. While many...