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Study's Startling Finding About Colbert

The Huffington Post | Katherine Fung | Posted 06.06.2014 | Media

Want to be more informed about what's going on in the world? The findings of a new study suggest that watching Stephen Colbert might help you more tha...

You Have To Watch This Nun Threaten To Punch Colbert In The Face

The Huffington Post | Carol Hartsell | Posted 05.15.2014 | Comedy

No one would have blamed Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert if they had decided not to address the kidnapped Nigerian girls on their shows. There's nothin...

'HOLDING! Unnecessary Tenderness!'

The Huffington Post | Carol Hartsell | Posted 05.13.2014 | Comedy

Stephen Colbert was in full "Stephen Colbert" mode on Monday night, mock-criticizing Michael Sam for waging a "war on traditional grid-iron values" am...

This May Be His Most Ridiculous Interview Yet

The Huffington Post | Carol Hartsell | Posted 05.09.2014 | Comedy

You could be forgiven if, like us, you thought that dressing as a vampire would be the most outrageous part of Stephen Colbert's interview with congre...

WATCH: This Surprised Colbert And Fox Host

The Huffington Post | Katherine Fung | Posted 05.09.2014 | Media

Colbert is just as surprised as he said Stu Varney seemed to be that people actually watch him on Fox Business. Varney described a walk he took ou...

Colbert as Colbert? It Might Not Be So Bad

Bill Mann | Posted 06.25.2014 | Media
Bill Mann

The initial reports confirming that the Comedy Central host would be taking over David Letterman's show included a disheartening assurance from a CBS exec that Colbert would do The Late Show as himself, not as his bloviating,O'Reilly-esque character. "Terrible news," I thought initially. But two weeks later it seems that it might not be, for several reasons.

'These Two Go Together Like Ku And Klux'

The Huffington Post | Carol Hartsell | Posted 04.25.2014 | Comedy

We thought "The Ballad Of Cliven Bundy" was going to be the most outrageous part of this segment from Thursday's "Colbert Report," but turns out, the ...

Colbert Mocks Fox News' Criticism Of Affirmative Action

The Huffington Post | Katherine Fung | Posted 04.26.2014 | Media

Several Fox News hosts recently praised the Supreme Court's decision to uphold Michigan's ban on affirmative action, and Colbert noticed one problem. ...

Colbert's Latest 'Better Know A District' Gets A Little Porny

The Huffington Post | Carol Hartsell | Posted 04.23.2014 | Comedy

After watching Stephen Colbert's latest edition of "Better Know A District," there's really only one thing you can say about Congressman Tony Cárdena...

Colbert Mocks Fox News On Earth Day

The Huffington Post | Katherine Fung | Posted 04.27.2014 | Media

Stephen Colbert learned his lesson from Fox News' coverage of Earth Day. The host played clips of Fox News pundits reporting on a study that found...

'I Want To Put Politics Aside & Offer The Clinton Family A Heartfelt Congratulations For Such A Shrewd Political Move'

The Huffington Post | Carol Hartsell | Posted 04.22.2014 | Comedy

On Monday, Stephen Colbert weighed in on the latest Clinton scandal: the announcement that daughter Chelsea is pregnant with her first child GOP consp...

Drink Like The Truthiest American This Weekend By Channeling Stephen Colbert

The Huffington Post | Sara Boboltz | Posted 04.11.2014 | Taste

Dust off your very best "good ol' Republican gin."

Colbert? Another White Guy?

Jamie Masada | Posted 06.11.2014 | Comedy
Jamie Masada

But I do have issues with being in a country of over 300 million people who are not all white, who don't all live in -- or near -- Manhattan, who are not all college educated, and who are not all males. But you never would know that if you're relied on the executives from NBC and CBS.

The Daly Szep -- Heeeeres Stephen

Paul Szep | Posted 06.10.2014 | Comedy
Paul Szep


Late Night Remains a Men's Game

Ann marie Houghtailing | Posted 06.10.2014 | Media
Ann marie Houghtailing

If a network chose to place a woman behind the desk of a late night show, there would be an opportunity to do something both historic and radical -- suggest that the voice of a female comedian is as relevant as that of her male counterpart.

O'Reilly FREAKS Out At Stephen Colbert

The Huffington Post | Jack Mirkinson | Posted 04.09.2014 | Media

A few days ago, Stephen Colbert had a bit of fun with some comments Bill O'Reilly made about inequality in America—specifically, the notion that the...

Watch Colbert Tear Apart Bill O'Reilly's Anti-Equality Theory

The Huffington Post | Katla McGlynn | Posted 04.04.2014 | Comedy

Some of the most poignant criticisms of Fox News happen to come from Stephen Colbert vehemently defending Bill "Papa Bear" O'Reilly. On Thursday ni...

GOTCHA! GOP Opposition To Obamacare Was Just A 4-Year Prank!

Posted 04.02.2014 | Comedy

With Obamacare celebrating 7 million signups, there's really only one thing for Republicans who have opposed it all along to do: finally admit that it...

#CancelColbert? Beyond Dichotomies

David Palumbo-Liu | Posted 06.01.2014 | Media
David Palumbo-Liu

When something that we like, something that is usually in line with our "progressive" sentiments, reveals that the ethics of race and racism aren't as tidy as we had assumed, that structure begins to crumble. We become defensive.

Satire Is What Closes on Saturday Night: The Outrage Of #CancelColbert

Floyd Elliot | Posted 05.28.2014 | Comedy
Floyd Elliot

Even awareness of the satirical context did not slake the thirst for outrage of those demanding that Comedy Central (who, you may recall, actually tweeted the out-of-context punchline, not Colbert) #CancelColbert.

Colbert Is Confused: 'You Said He Was Black'

The Huffington Post | Carol Hartsell | Posted 03.26.2014 | Comedy

Stephen Colbert unveiled a new edition of "Better Know A District" on Monday's show, and it was chock-full of racial misunderstandings, confusing ques...

Conservative Colbert Torn By Booming Pot Industry

The Huffington Post | Katla McGlynn | Posted 03.14.2014 | Comedy

Staunch capitalist Stephen Colbert normally wouldn't go for anything as liberal as pot legalization, but Colorado's booming industry has him thinking ...

Colbert Burns Fox News Host

The Huffington Post | Katherine Fung | Posted 03.14.2014 | Media

Stephen Colbert took a swipe at Fox News host Neil Cavuto on Thursday night. On Thursday, President Obama ordered the Department of Labor to chang...

Colbert Outdoes Fox News In Rage Over Obama's 'Between Two Ferns' Video

Posted 03.13.2014 | Comedy

Fox News was furious over Barack Obama's appearance on "Between Two Ferns," the Funny Or Die-produced series starring Zach Galifianakis. Since the vid...

That Takes Balls

Posted 03.12.2014 | Comedy

The U.S. government is suing Sprint for overcharging on its wiretap program. Yep, you read that right. As Stephen Colbert pointed out on Tuesday du...