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Comedy Writers

A Chat with Veteran Comedy Writer Extraordinaire (The Jerk, Jaws, The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour) Carl Gottlieb

Mark C. Miller | Posted 05.17.2017 | Comedy
Mark C. Miller

Carl Gottlieb Screenwriter, director, and actor Carl Gottlieb shared an Emmy Award in 1969 for outstanding writing achievement in comedy, variety, or...

As Long as There Is (American) Sitcom

Eva Barros Campelli | Posted 06.19.2015 | Entertainment
Eva Barros Campelli

No matter how TV has changed and will change again over the years, if there is a genre that has no need to reinvent itself, that genre is comedy. The only thing that a good comedy really needs is a small, cozy room full of great and enthusiast writers.

Here's What People Had To Say About The 'SNL' Slavery Sketch

The Huffington Post | Jessica Dickerson | Posted 05.06.2014 | Black Voices

"Saturday Night Live" writer Leslie Jones received major criticism for her recent contribution to last week's episode. During the "Weekend Update"...

The Harm in Asking : Your New Favorite Comedic Memoir

Toni Nagy | Posted 06.23.2014 | Comedy
Toni Nagy

Barron's new book, called The Harm in Asking, is filled with stories that are engaging, hilarious and disturbing. Barron's vast talent in storytelling is so lively that you feel transported into her mind -- which at first made me feel like "hey get me out of here."

Why I Don't Like Men With Facial Hair

Peggy Elliott | Posted 05.11.2013 | Fifty
Peggy Elliott

I am not attracted to men with facial hair. It's not really a phobia, though I confess I am somewhat ambivalent about both Santa Claus and Jesus. It is all because of my childhood Pediatrician - my parents called him a baby doctor - had a mustache exactly like Adolf Hitler's.

Interview With Rita Rudner

John DeBellis | Posted 03.18.2013 | Comedy
John DeBellis

The first heckler I ever encountered yelled, "What's your day job?" I replied, "This is the first time I've ever been onstage, could you please come back and heckle me when I'm more experienced?" He shut up.

My Friend, Alan Kirschenbaum

Philip Rosenthal | Posted 12.27.2012 | Entertainment
Philip Rosenthal

I don't really think it's appropriate to write about something so personal on the Internet, it certainly doesn't feel right, but nothing feels right today. I lost a brother.

21 People You Didn't Know Worked On 'SNL'

The Huffington Post | Posted 06.23.2012 | Comedy

"Saturday Night Live" has proven to be an one of the most respected places to cultivate and discover new talent, both on and off camera. Plenty of fam...

The Funniest Sketches By SNL's Newest Writer

The Huffington Post | Christine Friar | Posted 11.15.2011 | Comedy

It was announced today that Onion News Network veteran and current Funny Or Die writer Chris Kelly will be joining the staff at "Saturday Night Live" ...

I Was Hired to Write Jokes for John Wayne Bobbitt (and Lived to Tell)

Mark C. Miller | Posted 05.25.2011 | Comedy
Mark C. Miller

Photo courtesy of It was a day like any other, only this one started with an unusual classified ad in the Hollywood trade paper, D...

The Onion's Our Front Pages Celebrates Years Of Hilarious Headlines

The New York Times | ERIC KONIGSBERG | Posted 05.25.2011 | Home

Headlines in the satirical weekly newspaper The Onion tend to function both as punch line and setup, in that order. They are the heart of the paper, a...

Some of His Best Friends

Jennie Blackton | Posted 05.25.2011 | Entertainment
Jennie Blackton

A bouquet of eulogies for the playwright and actor, George Furth, who died at 75 last week. These titles are simply the way George would surely introduce us to each other.