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Coming Out

Be Part Of Our Lost Letters Project To Support Coming Out

The Huffington Post | Lucette Jefferson | Posted 03.18.2013 | Gay Voices

Over the last few months, we've seen a lot of amazing letters from parents and future parents to their children about their sexuality. Last week we we...

Right to Marry is a Drag

Tom Bartolomei | Posted 05.15.2013 | Gay Voices
Tom Bartolomei

I have been out for over 20 years and in that time I have "come out" several times. First it was to family and friends as gay, and then there was coming out at the Forbes Top 100 Company I work for and last as a Drag Queen's husband.

The Unexpected Power of Coming Out

Brynn Tannehill | Posted 05.15.2013 | Gay Voices
Brynn Tannehill

When Senator Portman's son came out, it became a living, breathing example of the butterfly effect. When we tell the truth about ourselves and our lives, it doesn't just affect us and those we tell. It ripples outward, and contributes to the tsunami of social change we are witnessing.

The Good, Bigoted People

Nico Lang | Posted 05.15.2013 | Gay Voices
Nico Lang

You don't hate by accident. You have to be taught to hate -- in little ways that are reinforced every day, ways you might not even recognize. In my case, hating yourself takes a lifetime.

LOOK: Dad Writes Best Note Ever To Closeted Gay Son

The Huffington Post | Cavan Sieczkowski | Posted 03.17.2013 | Gay Voices

Coming out may not always be easy. One father, who overheard his son on the phone discussing his intentions to reveal his sexuality, eased his child's...

A Silver Coming-Out Story

Chris Delyani | Posted 05.11.2013 | Gay Voices
Chris Delyani

Then a slip of paper, not much larger than a sheet of paper you'd write a shopping list on, fell out of the book's pages. On it was typewritten a simple, unsigned message from the Boston Alliance of Gay and Lesbian Youth.

Get It Straight, Heteros: Setting The Record 'Straight' Over Distinctions Within LGBTQ Community

Posted 03.08.2013 | Gay Voices

LGBTQ. The letters stand for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer. While many millenials are championing distinctions within the LGBT communi...

WATCH: New Youth-Oriented Video On Coming Out -- Cool Or Controversial?

Kergan Edwards-Stout | Posted 05.08.2013 | Gay Voices
Kergan Edwards-Stout


Ex-Brewers Pitcher Says It's Natural For Gay Athletes To Be Attracted To Straight Teammates

Posted 03.01.2013 | Gay Voices

A former Milwaukee Brewers pitcher has chimed in on the recent debate over whether or not professional gay athletes should come out of the closet whil...

Why Don Lemon Is My Hero And Should Be A Hero For All Young, Gay Black Males

Deron Dalton | Posted 05.01.2013 | Gay Voices
Deron Dalton

Lemon taught me that there is too much life to experience to remain trapped in the closet or, worse, to hurt oneself. It was a relief to relate to someone's struggle, and it inspired me to do the right thing. I didn't want to be 40-something and still debating whether to come out.

Who Told You Gay Is OK?

Allison Hope | Posted 04.30.2013 | Gay Voices
Allison Hope

Anyone who encourages someone to express himself or herself truly and wholly is to be commended, never condemned. Our adult allies, whether LGBT-identified or not, are the ambassadors who allow diversity to germinate and flourish, and who give hope to our LGBT youth.

Come Out Campaign

Tanya Tsikanovsky | Posted 04.28.2013 | Gay Voices
Tanya Tsikanovsky

How do we get our LGBTQ family members out of their closets? How do we do what Harvey Milk asked us to do? How do we make sure we take full advantage of the time we have with a president that supports us? Well, here's an idea.

Deprived, Not Depraved: Lewis' Story

Neal Boulton | Posted 04.27.2013 | Gay Voices
Neal Boulton

Over the years, Lewis and I became liver-recovery buddies. "Oh, I am sure I had far more fun," Lewis said one day during our first year of doctor's visits, after I declared that at least I'd had fun destroying my liver. "Indirectly far more fun, that is," he added in his usual enigmatic way.

Out-Of-The-Closet Reflections: One Year Later

Troy Roness | Posted 04.24.2013 | Gay Voices
Troy Roness

A year ago I thought that disclosing my sexuality would aid in the healing from my eating disorder and my compulsive exercising. However, looking back, I realize that I was looking at my sexuality all wrong.

Debra Chasnoff: The First Lesbian to Thank a Partner When Accepting an Academy Award (AUDIO)

Nicholas Snow | Posted 04.24.2013 | Gay Voices
Nicholas Snow

We decided to check in with Academy Award-winning documentary filmmaker Debra Chasnoff about her life after becoming the first lesbian to ever thank her partner during an Oscar acceptance speech.

Clive Davis Reveals He's Bisexual

AP | MESFIN FEKADU | Posted 04.21.2013 | Gay Voices

NEW YORK -- Record executive Clive Davis says he's bisexual. In his new memoir, out Tuesday, the twice-divorced 80-year-old reveals that he had sex w...

California Student's Senior Project Documents 10 Coming Out Stories

Posted 02.14.2013 | Gay Voices

A California-based teen sent HuffPost Gay Voices his senior project, which tells the story of 10 gay men from the ages of 15 to 82. Devon Yaffe na...

A Scout Is Trustworthy

Rev. Patrick S. Cheng, Ph.D. | Posted 04.13.2013 | Gay Voices
Rev. Patrick S. Cheng, Ph.D.

I am proud to be an Eagle Scout. I am equally proud to be an openly gay man. In fact, I attribute my many years in Scouting -- first as a Webelos, then as a Boy Scout, and finally as a camp counselor -- as helping me to come out, and to be honest with the world about who I am.

'My So Called Life' Star On Coming Out In Hollywood

HuffPost Live | Posted 02.08.2013 | HuffPost Live 321

With increasing support and acceptance of LGBT rights, students, leaders, and members of the LGBT community are more open to coming out in public. Huf...

What Tennessee's 'Don't Say Gay' Bill Would Have Done To Me | Posted 04.08.2013 | Gay Voices

Campfield's latest version of the bill would require teachers or school administrators to out suspected gay youth to their parents. I suspect that Campfield misunderstands how kids, even young kids, figure out who they are -- and how important it is not to interfere with that process.

Nate Berkus: Being Gay Is Not A Choice

HuffPost OWN | Posted 02.06.2013 | Gay Voices

They've done dozens of shows together, but Oprah and Nate Berkus have never had a conversation like this. On "Super Soul Sunday," Nate talks to Oprah ...

Ed Koch And The Corruption Of The Gay Closet

Michelangelo Signorile | Posted 04.06.2013 | Gay Voices
Michelangelo Signorile

At this very moment there are closeted gay politicians in Washington and across the country voting against gay rights in part to cover for themselves, driven by personal ambition. They are dangerous individuals.

Preparing For A Generation That Comes Out Younger

Josh A. Goodman | Posted 04.02.2013 | Gay Voices
Josh A. Goodman

The average coming-out age has declined from 20-something in the '80s to somewhere around 16 today, and there are many who come out younger -- in some cases far younger. Both the LGBTQ community and society at large need to be thinking about how to meet these kids' needs.

Michelangelo Signorile

'Star Trek' Legend On LGBT Rights, Viral Videos And Anti-Gay Senators | Michelangelo Signorile | Posted 03.12.2013 | Gay Voices

George Takei says there’s a not-so-secret mission -- or two -- behind the bitingly funny videos and Facebook updates which the "Star Trek" legend po...

The First Time I Heard the Word 'Lesbian'

Kim Corsaro | Posted 04.01.2013 | Gay Voices
Kim Corsaro

Growing up the daughter of a conservative Baptist minister, I was sheltered, to say the least. Later on, when I learned what lesbian meant, it didn't seem like such a big deal.