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Why Organizations Get The Employee Engagement They Deserve

George Bradt | Posted 02.15.2017 | Business
George Bradt

Organizations get the employee engagement they deserve because they prompt it. Purpose-driven organizations that let employees co-create the path forw...

Want a Long, Happy Marriage? Be Loving AND Stubborn

Dr. Jamie Williamson | Posted 02.13.2017 | Home
Dr. Jamie Williamson

Enlightened spouses realize that love is an action word.

Donald Trump: Desperate?/Committed?/To Make a Difference?

Tony Smith | Posted 01.23.2017 | Home
Tony Smith

Could it be ─ that this rough, brusque, "impulse machine" is actually a man hugely committed to make a difference, to contribute, and, somehow, he h...

The Thanksgiving Challenge That Will Improve Your Relationship

Kyle Benson | Posted 01.17.2017 | Home
Kyle Benson

All criticism in a relationship is painful. Complaints that include specific request for change, can make a relationship better. Criticism does not. I...

WATCH: Conditional Commitment ("I'll Do If... Unless...")

Brad Yates | Posted 01.16.2017 | Home
Brad Yates

So... we're two weeks into 2017... how are you doing with those New Year's resolutions...? Many of us make these declarations about the positive chan...

The Risky Paradox of Love: The More You Give, The More You Feel

Kyle Benson | Posted 01.09.2017 | Home
Kyle Benson

Love is often perceived as this easy thing that everyone is capable of doing. I find this to be untrue. To love and be loved can create anxiety. To h...

The War of Independence In Relationships

Kyle Benson | Posted 12.25.2016 | Home
Kyle Benson

The idea that partners shouldn't be needy and should be independent creates a lack of security in the relationship. Kim and Kevin were on the verge o...

The One Question That Will Change Your Life.

Kasia Jamroz | Posted 12.16.2016 | Home
Kasia Jamroz

We all share the same set of wishes. We also have similar wants, dreams, and desires. We want to feel good. Live an effortless life while having well ...

Musings - Change

Sharon Eakes | Posted 12.06.2016 | Home
Sharon Eakes

If you change the way you look at things,The things you look at change. ―Wayne Dyer Yesterday I looked out my upstairs window and saw that enough ...

4 Powerful Exercises That Make A Toxic Relationship Healthy

Kyle Benson | Posted 12.02.2016 | Home
Kyle Benson

Love is a dance of connection and disconnection. There are times when you feel compelled by your lover, and other times when you feel the need for alo...

2 Hidden Ways We Sabotage Intimacy In The Relationship We Want

Kyle Benson | Posted 12.02.2016 | Home
Kyle Benson

Credit: Milkos Do you have a pattern of being attracted to an emotionally unavailable intimate partner who is emotionally protected and difficult to...

Doing Well By Doing Good: Suzanne DiBianca, Chief Philanthropy Officer of Salesforce, on her movement to give away $128 million dollars

Alexandre Mars | Posted 11.30.2016 | Home
Alexandre Mars

As we're nearing the holidays, a time when people have their end-of-the-year charitable contributions more frequently on their minds, I would like to ...

When Your Dogs Become Possible Dating Deal Breakers

Judy Katz | Posted 11.30.2016 | Home
Judy Katz

You see them all over the city -- or maybe I should say you see us.

Life is My Writing Prompt

Galina Nemirovsky | Posted 11.17.2016 | Home
Galina Nemirovsky

Before I launched my 365-Day writing project, I came up with a 13-page (10 point font, 1.5-spaced) list of ideas. In the early days of the project, t...

Are You a Gardener or a Carpenter for Your Child?

Greater Good Science Center | Posted 11.01.2016 | Home
Greater Good Science Center

By Jill Suttie When I first became a mom in 1996, I had little in the way of familial support and few friends with children. Books became my primary ...


Sharon Eakes | Posted 10.27.2016 | Home
Sharon Eakes

Commitment is important because the rewards are big. In the case of my qigong practice, the rewards of are the experience of health and vitality.

Why We Struggle To Stay Committed

Angela N. Holton | Posted 10.20.2016 | Home
Angela N. Holton

So, how can you stay committed to your projects, goals, and relationships with less struggle?

Overcoming 'Impossible' Odds

Linda Bloom LCSW and Charlie Bloom MSW | Posted 10.19.2016 | Home
Linda Bloom LCSW and Charlie Bloom MSW

Imagine what your life would be like if all of the things that most of us take for granted were not there. Things like food, a functional bathroom, clean clothes, privacy, adequate heat in the cold of winter, a sense of physical and emotional security, and other ingredients that most of us consider the basics of living.

An Affair to Remember

Ellie Newman | Posted 10.18.2016 | Home
Ellie Newman

Sometimes the very things that initially drew us to a partnership are the very things that end up driving us away. If you are willing to peel away the layers to understand what it is you are actually seeking and what's in your way of getting it, odds are you can find what you are looking for right where you are.

Symbols of Love: Designing Dog Shaped Jewlery

Brie Witherspoon | Posted 09.09.2016 | Home
Brie Witherspoon

Dog Fever Boston Terrier Hug Ring Friendship has many facets. The symbols that remind us of our unconditional love to one another come in many forms....

Erotic Touching: 13 Sexually Enhancing Conversations For Couples

Kyle Benson | Posted 08.26.2016 | Home
Kyle Benson

Every sexual act is a journey into yourself and your partner. It's a continual exploration of sensations, eroticism, and love. Each relationship is a vessel that embodies both security and adventure in a commitment that offers life's greatest luxuries: time.

Personal Freedom Should Be A Commitment, Not A Fight

Celinne Da Costa | Posted 02.27.2017 | Home
Celinne Da Costa

Freedom is not something you need to consistently fight for more of. Similar to income, there is a tipping point -- after you reach a certain point, having more money won't make you happier, and neither will having more freedom.

Do These 3 Things If You Want To Have Amazing Sex

Kyle Benson | Posted 08.15.2016 | Home
Kyle Benson

I'm not talking about making sex a to-do list item. I'm recommending that you create an erotic space and time for your partner and you to connect.

Lindsey and Will: Miami, August 2016

Robert G. Zuckerman | Posted 08.14.2016 | Home
Robert G. Zuckerman

Lindsey and Will, image from pre-wedding togetherness photo shoot done at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables. I met Will, a passionate, highly talente...

I Do! (Or Do I?)

Diana Lang | Posted 08.11.2016 | Home
Diana Lang

When you are able to love yourself and be open to letting someone love you; and when you are able to love someone else in that same way, love cannot help but find you. And that love may surprise you utterly, and be the greatest love of all.