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Community Colleges

Repairing the Potholes on the College Transfer Pathway

Dr. Brian C. Mitchell | Posted 11.16.2015 | College
Dr. Brian C. Mitchell

It has been instructive to watch how higher education leadership, including policy makers, work to improve how students transfer from community colleges to four-year colleges and universities.

Five Tips for Transferring to a UC From a Community College

Students Rising Above | Posted 11.13.2015 | Impact
Students Rising Above

Ever heard the phrase, "the early bird gets the worm?" That's certainly the case here! You will find that there are many requirements you must fulfill to be eligible to transfer to a University of California (UC) campus.

3 Reasons to Skill Up this National Apprenticeship Week

Nicholas Wyman | Posted 11.05.2015 | Education
Nicholas Wyman

President Obama has used the launch of the first National Apprenticeship week to shine the spotlight on the value and opportunity that exists with the...

Preparing for College

Dr. Dustin Swanger | Posted 10.30.2015 | Education
Dr. Dustin Swanger

There are a myriad of factors that influence whether a student is successful in college. We all need to explore new methods of delivery. We all need to increase the support services that help students succeed, all of which increases our costs.

The Best Community Colleges of 2015 | Posted 10.22.2015 | College

Students who attend a community college and transfer to a four year institution can save significantly on tuition and have fewer student loans to pay off when the time comes to graduate.

Who's To Blame When a Student Fails a Test?

Serena Piper | Posted 10.21.2015 | College
Serena Piper

I teach at a preschool and I find every way I can to work with my kids to make sure they take something away from each activity. Why should college be any different?

What Makes Academic Crime Fiction Tick?

Lev Raphael | Posted 10.14.2015 | Education
Lev Raphael

I served my time in academia for over a decade. And a few years after I left, I decided to start a mystery series set in that environment.

Keeping Score: New Iteration and Limitations of the College Scorecard

Eboni M. Zamani-Gallaher | Posted 10.07.2015 | College
Eboni M. Zamani-Gallaher

The College Scorecard endeavors to provide those college-bound with institutional data to make informed decisions in selecting which college to attend based on factors such as costs, completion rates, etc. Nonetheless, there is a wrinkle considering the way in which completion is calculated.

Are We Talking to the Wrong People About Gun Control?

Liesel Reinhart | Posted 10.05.2015 | Crime
Liesel Reinhart

Regardless of what the constitution may or may not allow, I can live a perfectly happy and safe life without owning a gun. I had that thought today, and it led to another: Maybe it's time to stop talking about rights and start talking about personal rationale.

Innovation in our Communities

Dr. Dustin Swanger | Posted 10.01.2015 | Education
Dr. Dustin Swanger

Innovation is a word that is thrown around a lot. We live in an innovation economy. The company is very innovative. Innovation is the key to our future. But we're not always a society that supports innovation.

Spreading the Ivy: What Happens When Community College Faculty Are Offered Fellowships at the Ivy League

Jayanti Tamm | Posted 10.01.2015 | Education
Jayanti Tamm

In America's new Gilded Age, the options and opportunities for those with the greatest fortunes are limitless. For students from wealthy families, the ever-escalating cost of a college degree is not a barrier.

Meet the Five Healthiest Campuses in America

Alison Malmon | Posted 10.06.2015 | College
Alison Malmon

We often talk about what colleges are doing wrong and where they're falling short. From sexual assault to mental health, the consequences can be tragic when student health isn't prioritized - high drop-out rates, life-long trauma, even death.

Contributions of Community Colleges to Cities and Towns

Tom Snyder | Posted 09.18.2015 | College
Tom Snyder

Many high school students enroll at a community college in their senior year to get academic credit at a reduced price. These courses can then be applied to their freshman year at a community college or a four year institution.

Back-to-School Planning for Returning Students

Nathaniel Sillin | Posted 09.17.2015 | Business
Nathaniel Sillin

For mid-career workers, education is a great way to remain vital in the workforce. It can also be a risky financial investment. Experienced workers should fully investigate all degree and training programs for maximum payoff.

16 of the Best Community Colleges in Illinois Ranked by Wallethub

Reboot Illinois | Posted 09.15.2015 | Chicago
Reboot Illinois

The cost of four-year colleges is climbing, and many students and parents have therefore been looking at community colleges as a financially sound option. Illinois has some great community colleges, and they come at an affordable price.

The Importance of Planning

Dr. Dustin Swanger | Posted 09.03.2015 | Education
Dr. Dustin Swanger

As Fulton-Montgomery Community College begins the process of developing its next strategic plan (as our current plan ends at the conclusion of this academic year), I have been reflecting on the importance of a good plan for any organization.

The Educated Citizen

Dr. Dustin Swanger | Posted 09.02.2015 | College
Dr. Dustin Swanger

One key to moving our society forward is having our citizens understand the issues and make informed decisions about our leaders. While a college education may not be the only way to prepare for such an endeavor, it sure helps.

Community Colleges and Health Care

Tom Snyder | Posted 07.01.2015 | College
Tom Snyder

Programs that lead to an RN are expensive to run, and finding qualified instructors with a master's degree in nursing is challenging as these nurses can typically earn more money working in direct care.

Community Colleges and Tech Support

Tom Snyder | Posted 06.17.2015 | College
Tom Snyder

Whether it is a Mom-and-Pop business or a multi-national company, they both share a common need -- reliable tech support. But we are facing a crisis in this country because there are more jobs available in technology than there are highly skilled people to fill them.

20 Rich and Famous Community College Graduates

GOBankingRates | Posted 06.09.2015 | Business

While it's impressive and inspiring to hear stories of a self-made celebrities who carved out their fortunes without a college degree to their names, you might be surprised to see the 20 millionaires that landed on this list by attending community college.

Online Learning: Bending the Cost Curve in Higher Education?

Gabriel Sanchez Zinny | Posted 06.01.2015 | Latino Voices
Gabriel Sanchez Zinny

While the debate still remains open about the level of quality that the sector is capable of delivering, it is offering a valid alternative for working adults or marginalized students who would otherwise receive little or no education.

My Daughter's Education Didn't Meet My Expectations; It Got Rid Of Them

Heather Risinger | Posted 06.03.2015 | Parents
Heather Risinger

As I watched everyone happily posting their kid's prom pictures and making their big college announcements, I was going through something completely different with my daughter. This was the last semester of my her high school career, and nothing was going according to plan.

The Pitfalls of Community College Placement Tests

Pamela Burdman | Posted 05.21.2015 | College
Pamela Burdman

Diane Ravitch, in her recent post about international math tests, raises concerns that standardized tests damage the quality of education and constrain young people's intellectual growth. What I worry about is the way they can unfairly deny opportunities to students.

Philly Grad Aims for New Chapter In Life

Peak Johnson | Posted 05.19.2015 | College
Peak Johnson

It happened earlier this month when Shawn Jorden, 25, was handed his degrees in Psychology and Liberal Arts from the Community College of Philadelphia, a goal that he had initially thought was out of reach.

From Community College to the White House Administration

DJ Patil | Posted 05.07.2015 | College
DJ Patil

I'm the U.S. Chief Data Scientist -- and I got my start in community college. Yes, I've got a Ph.D. in applied mathematics, have been fortunate to help build amazing companies like LinkedIn, and have been at the forefront of the data science movement.