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Confessions of a Racial Profiler

Stuart Muszynski | Posted 06.19.2012 | Home
Stuart Muszynski

A political science professor at Kent State University once told me that the history of our democracy is as much defined by who has been excluded as it is by who is included. Why do we exclude?

'Community' Star: Chevy Chase Will Probably Be Back

Posted 04.18.2012 | TV

If "Community" returns for a Season 4, Chevy Chase is expected to return, according to Joel McHale. Speaking at an NBC press event on Wednesday, Mc...

DEBATE: Should Airlines Offer Children-Only Seating Areas And Flights?

Annemarie Dooling | Posted 04.18.2012 | Travel

Last week blogger Keli Goff relived her tale of angst in the sky, when she forced to share her flight with a particularly unaccomodating family. Her p...

Coachella: Crowd vs. Community -- What Is the Difference?

Amanda Slavin | Posted 06.17.2012 | Home
Amanda Slavin

With a strong foundation, a solid team, a concept and support system in place that is driven by a soul, a crowd can become an opportunity to bound together individuals in a positive way.

Participatory Budgeting Lets Citizens Experiment With Economic Democracy

Michelle Chen | Posted 06.16.2012 | Politics
Michelle Chen

Who'd have thought that voting to add trash cans on the street or renovate public housing could be a democratic milestone?

Yes Is the New No

Ira Israel | Posted 06.16.2012 | Healthy Living
Ira Israel

Let's not allow yes to be the new no, let's make an effort to engage in authentic and compassionate communications. Let's not fool ourselves into thinking that interacting on Facebook or Twitter will help us get our emotional needs met.

'Community' Star To Play Young Tracy Jordan

Posted 04.13.2012 | TV

A young Tracy Jordan is infiltrating Kabletown! According to TVLine, "Community" actor Donald Glover has been cast in the second live episode of "...

Joel McHale Hopes 'Community' Feud Leads To Renewal

Posted 04.12.2012 | TV

"Community" star Joel McHale said he hopes the feud between series creator Dan Harmon and co-star Chevy Chase will help the struggling series live to ...

Chevy Chase Slams 'Community' | Posted 04.11.2012 | TV

This is no joke: Chevy Chase doesn’t think his NBC show Community is funny — at all. In a second and more candid audio recording of Chase, obta...

Introducing 'Community' Star Alison Brie's New Band

The Huffington Post | Crystal Bell | Posted 04.10.2012 | Entertainment

"Community" might have the most talented cast on network television. First, Donald Glover released his debut rap album Camp -- under the name Childish...

What To Watch On TV This Week

The Huffington Post | Laura Prudom | Posted 04.09.2012 | TV

There will be many hellos and goodbyes this week on TV. "Glee" (Tues., 8 p.m. ET on Fox) is coming back with a bang. The spring premiere will solve...

'30 Rock' & 'Community' Hit Ratings Lows: Fans Sound Off!

Posted 04.06.2012 | TV

"30 Rock" and "Community" hit series low ratings this week on Thurs., April 5. According to EW, 2.8 million people watched "30 Rock" and 3.1 millio...

The Grandeur And Fanfare Of Malta's Good Friday Celebrations

Meg Pier | Posted 06.06.2012 | Religion
Meg Pier

Scanning the faces of the multitude assembled, I saw that their countenances were reverential rather than delighted, and deeply moved more than amused; some had tears in their eyes.

'Community' Boss: I Made A Mistake

Posted 06.04.2012 | TV

"Community" boss Dan Harmon took to his blog to apologize to fans regarding his feud with series star Chevy Chase. Harmon is now saying: "I have to ju...

A Brief History of Chevy Chase Being A Jerk

Mike Ryan | Posted 06.01.2012 | Entertainment
Mike Ryan

The word "difficult" has been thrown around so often in the last couple of days as a way to describe Chase, that it may be time for a refresher course on what exactly that means. Now, this isn't to say that Harmon doesn't get his fair share of the blame - scolding Chase in public, with Chase's family present, seems like a low blow -- but, well, Chase does have a history. Especially when it comes to another NBC series, Saturday Night Live.

Survival of the Insurable: Universal Access to Health Care & Natural Selection

Dinkar Jain | Posted 06.02.2012 | Politics
Dinkar Jain

If we overturn universal access to health care, the costs to America and humanity would be immense.

Maggie Furlong

Is Chevy Chase Quitting 'Community'? | Maggie Furlong | Posted 05.15.2012 | TV

When the cast of "Community" tweets quotes and anecdotes asking "Pierce or Chevy?," it's not always easy to tell. Just like his "Community" alter ego,...

How Foosball, Pool and Muay Thai Helped Me Deal With Difficult Personalities (Including My Own)

Jennifer Tress | Posted 05.30.2012 | Entertainment
Jennifer Tress

There's a sweet exhilaration associated with the moment you first realize something you really like has intersected with something you're good at.

An Untapped Resource: The Power of Volunteerism

Stuart W. Holliday | Posted 05.28.2012 | World
Stuart W. Holliday

There is no doubt that we live in difficult times. The shared challenges are many and complex, but they are not insurmountable. As our nations move toward economic recovery, we must employ a variety of solutions -- and one area of great potential is service.

What To Watch This Week

Posted 03.26.2012 | TV

"Mad Men" is back ... and TV just keeps getting better this week with the return of HBO's "Game of Thrones" on Sunday. The second season of the series...

25 Things You Didn't Know About The 'Community' Cast | Posted 05.19.2012 | Comedy

If you've read a single post on Warming Glow over the last month, then you likely already know that "Community" is set to return tonight on NBC. Here'...

What To Watch This Week

Posted 03.19.2012 | TV

Raise your Old Fashioneds! This week marks the end of the long-awaited return of Don Draper, Joan Harris, Roger Sterling, Peggy Olson and the rest of ...

Community - Season 3, Ep. 11: "Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts"

Sean Campbell | Posted 05.16.2012 | Black Voices
Sean Campbell

It's about time that we got a Shirley-centric episode. Yvette Nicole Brown, aside from her ping-pong rivalry with Jeff, has been pretty quiet this season.

'Community' Returns To Fake Vows And A Real Wedding

Posted 05.15.2012 | TV

"Community" (Thu., 8 p.m. ET on NBC) slipped back into its old time slot, shifting "30 Rock" back by half an hour to its old stomping ground as NBC sh...

Did 'Community' Really Beat 'Idol'?!

Posted 03.16.2012 | TV

The darkest timeline is over: "Community" is back on NBC and with solid ratings to boot. According to NBC, the midseason premiere of "Community" broug...