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Computational Thinking

Dash and Dot -- The Best Toy to Teach Computational Thinking

Esther Wojcicki | Posted 03.04.2015 | Parents
Esther Wojcicki

So what motivates me as an educator to write about toys? As teacher of media and tech, I have been interested in ways to teach students computational thinking. This year was the first time I found a toy that helps do just that.

Computational Thinking About Politics

Robert St. Amant | Posted 12.30.2012 | Science
Robert St. Amant

On The Atlantic Wire Gabriel Snyder gives what we'd call a combinatorial analysis of the presidential election. I like the analysis not for what it says about the possible outcome but because it illustrates an influential idea in computer science, called computational thinking.

Putting Words Together: Text and Topics in the Republican Primary Debates

Matthew Gidcomb | Posted 12.09.2012 | College
Matthew Gidcomb

Manually determining the political topic of each statement from the debates would be a long, labor-intensive process, and seems a perfect candidate for a computational solution.

Foreign Policy and Footwear: A Word-Frequency Analysis of the Republican Primary Debates

Matthew Gidcomb | Posted 08.08.2012 | College
Matthew Gidcomb

While he uses it only seven times, no other candidate does, so it has a high weight here. In this case, it not only points us to a phrase unique to the candidate but also a position -- non-interventionist foreign policy -- on which he differs from the rest of the Republican field.

Engaging New Resources for the K12 Math, Science Teachers: Exploring Computational Thinking

Esther Wojcicki | Posted 05.25.2011 | Education
Esther Wojcicki

What can we do to get kids really excited about math? One thing is to make it relevant to the world today. How about learning to program your cell phone, for example, just to start?