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Computer History Museum

Online Avatars May Be Part of Our Developmental DNA

Paula Golden | Posted 04.22.2015 | Education
Paula Golden

Joseph Campbell, the American scholar best known for his work in comparative mythology, The Hero With a Thousand Faces wrote, "A hero ventures forth f...

Techies, Boomers, and Beyond: The Homebrew Computer Club Reunion

Francine Toder, Ph.D. | Posted 03.01.2014 | Fifty
Francine Toder, Ph.D.

The Homebrew members were, and it turns out most still are, inquisitive and always searching for new and better ways to design computers, software, communications and related technology. Knowingly or not, they activate novelty, complexity, and problem solving, the triad of qualities that stimulate brain activity including neuronal production and connections.

The Biggest Little Industry You've Never Heard of Turns Fifty

Penny Herscher | Posted 01.23.2014 | Technology
Penny Herscher

You use chips in your car, in your phone, in your TV, in your fridge, when you play a video game, when you text, Skype or blog, in the bar code reader at the grocery checkout, when you take a photo, as your luggage is routed through an airport -- any time you use electronics today you are using chips.

Renting, Buying, and Stealing: The Future of Software Applications

John Pavley | Posted 04.18.2013 | Technology
John Pavley

It's never been harder, or easier, for a developer of software applications to make an honest living. And it's never been more confusing, or simpler, for consumers to figure out how to get access to cool new tools and critical old ones for their computers, phones, and pads.

Elon Musk: His Story in His Own Words (Video)

Alison van Diggelen | Posted 04.07.2013 | Technology
Alison van Diggelen

For the first time, entrepreneur Elon Musk shared his whole life story in front of a live audience in Silicon Valley. He joined me in conversation at the Computer History Museum on January 22 and we explored: What makes a Revolutionary?

PHOTOS: This Is What Craigslist Looked Like In The 1970s

Robin Wilkey | Posted 01.04.2013 | San Francisco

Silicon Valley tends to be ahead of the curve when it comes to tech. And in the case of social media, it seems the area was way, way ahead of the curv...