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Congress Food Stamps

States To Test Ways To Send Food Stamp Recipients To Work

AP | Posted 03.20.2015 | Politics

WASHINGTON (AP) — Ten states will test new ways to get food stamp recipients back to work, using Agriculture Department grants aimed at helping some...

Food Stamp Cut Hits This County Harder Than Most

AP | BRETT BARROUQUERE and DYLAN T. LOVAN | Posted 01.23.2014 | Politics

BOONEVILLE, Ky. (AP) — Rosanna Troyer is coping with the drop in her federal food assistance from $367 to $303 by cutting back on meat purchases and...

Food Stamp Enrollment Declines!

The Huffington Post | Arthur Delaney | Posted 12.11.2013 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- After rising steadily every year since the start of the Great Recession in 2007, food stamp enrollment may have finally peaked and begun...

America's Greatest Shame: Child Poverty Rises and Food Stamps Cut While Billionaires Boom

Les Leopold | Posted 01.23.2014 | Politics
Les Leopold

All in all, you could not have designed a more perfect program to enrich the rich and do absolutely nothing for the 99 percent -- and as a result, sink ever more children into poverty.

Food Stamps, Farm Aid Talks To Begin In Congress

AP | MARY CLARE JALONICK | Posted 10.30.2013 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- WASHINGTON (AP) — House and Senate negotiators are set to begin crafting a compromise farm bill, including cuts to the food stamp prog...

Food Stamps Cuts: A Vivid Symbol In The Poverty Debate

AP | CONNIE CASS and MARY CLARE JALONICK | Posted 09.21.2013 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Food stamps have figured in Americans' ideas about the poor for decades, from President Lyndon Johnson's vision of a Great Society to Pr...

What About the Kids?

Martin Kleinman | Posted 11.20.2013 | New York
Martin Kleinman

Across the country, the ramifications of a deep cut to food stamps or the unwinding of the ACA would be disastrous, not to mention immoral.

Arthur Delaney

House Votes To Cut Food Stamps By $40 Billion | Arthur Delaney | Posted 09.20.2013 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- The House of Representatives on Thursday approved sweeping reforms to the nation's food stamp program that would cut some $40 billion in...

GOP Works To Sway Skeptical Republicans

AP | BY MARY CLARE JALONICK | Posted 11.18.2013 | Politics

WASHINGTON — Republican House leaders are working to line up votes for nearly $4 billion in annual food stamp cuts, but some GOP moderates are q...

The Republican Insanity of Helping Farmers But Starving Poor People

Sanjay Sanghoee | Posted 09.11.2013 | Politics
Sanjay Sanghoee

How on earth do you stand up for agriculture while simultaneously denying the neediest people the means to obtain the fruits of that agriculture?

House Moves On Farm Bill

AP | JIM ABRAMS | Posted 09.11.2012 | Politics

WASHINGTON — House Speaker John Boehner said Thursday that no decision has been made on House consideration of a five-year, $500-billion farm an...