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Consumer Reports

Rather Not Go Bankrupt When You Get Sick? Another Reason to Support Obamacare

Wendell Potter | Posted 11.17.2012 | Politics
Wendell Potter

Politicians who are promising to repeal Obamacare won't find any evidence in the Kaiser Family Foundation's analysis of health insurance costs that the law has caused premiums to skyrocket, as many of those politicians have contended.

Everybody Hates Netflix (But Can't Stop Watching It)

The Huffington Post | Jason Gilbert | Posted 06.10.2015 | Technology

Our love-hate relationship with streaming and DVD service Netflix is going strong, according to a fresh Consumer Reports survey that found high usage ...

Are You A Star Sleeper?

Posted 07.10.2012 | Healthy Living

Instead of bragging about how little sleep we need, what if we rewarded star sleepers for their healthy habits? First, we'd have to identify those ...

Report Finds Consumers Want Antibiotic-Free Meat

Jean Halloran | Posted 08.20.2012 | Home
Jean Halloran

Some 80 percent of all antibiotics sold in this country are used not on people but on animals, to make them grow faster or to prevent disease in crowded and unsanitary growing facilities.

Fuel Efficiency Number One Concern For Car Buyers, Study Shows

Posted 05.23.2012 | Green

From Mother Nature Network's Melissa Hincha-Ownby: The results of the newest Consumer Reports National Research Center car-owner survey are in and ...

Consumer Reports Finds Very Small Percentage of Facebook Users 'Are Sharing Too Much'

Larry Magid | Posted 07.07.2012 | Technology
Larry Magid

When Consumer Reports decided to write about Facebook, it focused extensively on how it's possible for people to use the service in ways that jeopardize their privacy even though, based on their own statistics, the vast majority of users have mostly positive experiences with Facebook.

Consumer Reports Privacy Survey Rings Alarm Bells

Stephen Balkam | Posted 07.04.2012 | Technology
Stephen Balkam

Consumer Reports' recent survey entitled, "Facebook & Your Privacy: Who Sees Your Data on the Biggest Social Network" raises some very important issues about the use of the details and data of our daily lives and how we are tracked in both the real world and across cyberspace.

REPORT: Millions Ignore Facebook's Privacy Settings

The Huffington Post | Courteney Palis | Posted 05.03.2012 | Technology

If you haven't reviewed your Facebook privacy settings lately, now might be the time to double-check them. According to a Consumer Reports survey r...

Choosing (Medicine) Wisely: Good Answers for Good Questions

David Katz, M.D. | Posted 06.09.2012 | Healthy Living
David Katz, M.D.

Make your standard of care better than standard. Be a good boss -- ask good questions, get good answers. By doing so, you can help ensure that you and your doctor are always diligent, and choosing wisely -- together.

The 10 Best Supermarket Chains In The Country

Posted 12.18.2014 | Taste

Fed up with high prices and bad service at your local supermarket? It's time to move to the Northeast, home of the country's top supermarket as jud...

Consumer Reports Rates Best New Tablets

Reuters | Poornima Gupta | Posted 06.02.2012 | Technology

By Poornima Gupta SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Apple Inc's new iPad topped Consumer Reports' list of tablets despite the influential watch...

Fighting for Consumer Rights, Fifty Years After Kennedy's Call

Jim Guest | Posted 05.15.2012 | Business
Jim Guest

Today marks the 50th anniversary of a watershed moment in the consumer movement -- the recognition by a president that consumers deserved their own set of rights.

And The Wireless Network Customers Hate Most Is...

The Huffington Post | Jason Gilbert | Posted 12.06.2011 | Technology

The bad news for AT&T keeps on coming. With its acquisition of T-Mobile in jeopardy, the number-two carrier in America was once again given the lowest...

When Is Too Much Information Too Much?

Helene Pavlov, M.D. | Posted 01.21.2012 | Healthy Living
Helene Pavlov, M.D.

Research should guide decision-making but not be the end all. Physicians need to know how the "research findings" might be applied in a patient's individual circumstance.

iPhone 4S Gets A Big Endorsement

The Huffington Post | Jason O. Gilbert | Posted 01.08.2012 | Technology

Consumer Reports, the influential publication of product and service reviews, could not recommend the iPhone 4 because of internal antenna issues affe...

Insurers Pressuring Obama to Defy Law So They Can Continue Keeping You in the Dark

Wendell Potter | Posted 12.31.2011 | Politics
Wendell Potter

If you have no idea what you're paying good money for when you enroll in a health insurance plan, there's a good reason for that: insurers profit from your ignorance. And they're waging an intense behind-the-scenes campaign to keep you in the dark.

Honda Chief Financial Officer: 'To Put It Bluntly, We're In A Really Tough Spot'

Posted 12.31.2011 | Business

TOKYO (Chang-Ran Kim) - Honda Motor Co withdrew its annual earnings guidance in an unusual move on Monday due to uncertainty surrounding currency mark...

Most Celebrity-Branded Foods Disappoint In Major Taste Test

Posted 11.06.2011 | Home

You're in the tomato sauce aisle of your local ShopRite. You're in a rush, you still have 18 other things to buy, and you have to make it home by 4 to...

Consumer Reports Picks The Best Supermarket Coffees

Posted 10.02.2011 | Home

Gloria Jean's and Newman's Own make the best widely available Colombian coffee, according to a taste test in the September 2011 issue of Consumer Repo...

In-N-Out, Chipotle, Chick-Fil-A Top New Fast Food Survey

Posted 08.31.2011 | Home

Consumer Reports magazine has released the results of its latest national survey of chain restaurants—and for once, the results are not surprising. ...

Turning the Clock Back on Child Safety Protections

Ami Gadhia | Posted 08.08.2011 | Politics
Ami Gadhia

The House Energy and Commerce Committee is preparing to consider a bill that would poke serious holes in the product safety net. Here is a breakdown of some of the ways this bill would put consumers at risk:

STUDY: Millions Of Facebook Users Are Underage, Unsupervised

The Huffington Post | Catharine Smith | Posted 07.10.2011 | Technology

Though Facebook's user policy prohibits children under the age of 13 from using the social network, the presence of underage children is a growing pro...

It's Time for Facebook to Grow Up

Jeff Fox | Posted 07.10.2011 | Technology
Jeff Fox

Children are at risk. Of the 20 million minors who actively used Facebook in the past year, 7.5 million -- or more than one-third -- were younger than 13.

The False Promise and Big Profits of 'Mini-Med' Health Plans

Wendell Potter | Posted 05.28.2011 | Politics
Wendell Potter

One of the reasons I left my job as a PR executive for the health insurance industry was because I could not in good conscience be a pitchman for the sort of fabulously profitable benefit plan that often provides little more than the illusion of coverage.

Yepoka Yeebo

AT&T's T-Mobile Deal: A Chance To Fix Competition 'Charade' | Yepoka Yeebo | Posted 05.25.2011 | Technology

NEW YORK -- AT&T's $39 billion plan to buy T-Mobile, a marriage of two heavyweights, threatens to hurt consumers who would have fewer cell phone carri...