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COP 16 The Huffington Post

Israel Ambassador: 'Spirit Of Shared Destiny' Needed To Drive Climate Talks

Climate Delegates Work Through The Night To Reach An Agreement In COP 16's Final Hours

Bolivian President Warns Nations Against Committing 'Ecocide'

Who Should Pay To Address Climate Change?

If An Island State Vanishes, Is It Still A Nation?

UN Climate Talks Get Decisive As Second Week Begins

Giant Space Mirrors, Cloud Salting, Ocean Seeding -- Will These Techno-Fixes Solve Our Climate Problems Or Make Them Worse?

Google Unveils Powerful New Tool

Why Food Prices Could Double

U.S. And China Begin To Bridge Differences At Cancun Climate Meeting

Nations Negotiate Climate Change As Cancun's Beaches Disappear

Mexican President Hopes U.S. Republicans Change On Climate

UN Climate Conference Kicks Off In Cancun With Limited Expectations

PHOTOS: Ahead Of Climate Conference, Countries Make Own Progress On Cutting CO2

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