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How Important are Patents and Copyrights for Startup Founders?

Quora | Posted 01.18.2017 | Business

How important are patents/copyrights for startup founders? originally appeared on Quora - the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are...

4 Things Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Legally Using Christmas Songs in Business

Deborah Sweeney | Posted 12.29.2016 | Business
Deborah Sweeney

At first listen, songs like "Jingle Bells" and "Frosty the Snowman" seem to have a lot in common. They're both festive tunes perfect to belt out while...

Adobe Voco can change your voice - How AI is changing our reality

Professor Mark Skilton | Posted 11.14.2016 | Technology
Professor Mark Skilton

The new Adobe Voco app is another example of how Digital data is different from the physical world. Digital information has no physical mass and can...

How Trademark Law Harms Peoples' Lives and Wealth

Tom Casano | Posted 11.08.2016 | Business
Tom Casano

Trademark, copyright, and patent law are three segments of the same basic concept: protecting businesses from unlawful use of their property. Unfortun...

Blockchain Could Be Music's Next Disruption

Don Tapscott | Posted 09.26.2016 | Media
Don Tapscott

This post was co-written with Imogen Heap. Artists can finally get what they deserve. Anyone who follows the music industry knows of the tussles betw...

The Beginner's Guide to Protecting Your Digital Property

Harold Stark | Posted 09.22.2016 | Technology
Harold Stark

So you consider yourself something of a prodigy. Using nothing but raw talent and hard work, you have created something wonderful in the world of info...

3 Legal Scenarios Every Entrepreneur Should Be Familiar With

William Morrow | Posted 09.09.2016 | Business
William Morrow

Very few entrepreneurs are willing to acknowledge the legal realities of running a business. Many are simply unaware of it. While this is mostly for g...

All biters are wack!

Timo Kiuru | Posted 09.06.2016 | Business
Timo Kiuru

Last year when I was living and working in Seoul, Korea I witnessed plagiarism everywhere. I'd run into a hairdresser that had taken it's visual ident...

Great Artists Steal, But Please Not From Me

michael e. jones | Posted 08.30.2016 | Arts
michael e. jones

What happens when an artist doesn't collage, mash-up, remix or rearrange someone else's art and just takes it, mildly tweaks it, and then calls it his own original work? Ask the controversial appropriation artist Richard Prince.

Why Do Magazines and Book Publishers Rip Off Ideas? (Because They Can.)

Peter Mandel | Posted 05.31.2016 | Media
Peter Mandel

There's nothing new under the sun. This old saw is one of the first things you learn on the job if you're a writer, artist, or other drudge who tries...

Controversial Jeremy Scott Inspiration Gallery Comes to Manhattan Lower East Side

Courtney M. Soliday | Posted 05.30.2016 | Style
Courtney M. Soliday

Jeremy Scott Inspiration Gallery Opens in Lower East Side of Manhattan New York-based artist/photographer Adrian Wilson transformed his chic LES store...

Protecting America's Secret Sauce: The Defend Trade Secrets Act Signed Into Law

Michelle K. Lee | Posted 05.11.2016 | Politics
Michelle K. Lee

Today is a new day for American inventors. The President and Congress helped American companies and innovators protect their intellectual property from those engaging in economic espionage by passing and signing the Defend Trade Secrets Act.

How Prince's Quest for Complete Artistic Control Changed the Music Industry Forever

The Conversation US | Posted 04.23.2016 | Entertainment
The Conversation US

It was Prince's pursuit of complete artistic freedom that will make up a significant portion of his legacy. His several notable confrontations with record companies, streaming services and social media users inspired other artists to both demand artistic freedom and earn their fair share of profits.

For Entrepreneurs: How to Protect Your Intellectual Property

Parker Beauchamp | Posted 04.19.2016 | Business
Parker Beauchamp

In a digitally connected world, ideas are easy to share, distribute and, unfortunately, even steal. By definition, an entrepreneur is a person who "...

Artists. Lives in the Balance.

William Buckley Jr. | Posted 04.14.2016 | Politics
William Buckley Jr.

As an evolved society we cannot continue to allow great art to be the sacrificial lamb for empire building on the internet.

Photo Copyright: Oscar Wilde, Richard Prince, and Your Instagram Content

Kim Farbota | Posted 03.15.2017 | Arts
Kim Farbota

Foundations: Oscar Wilde and the Origins of Photo Copyright In 1882 a 27-year-old Oscar Wilde arrived in New York City. Wilde's best-known works, The...

Content Filtering Would Hurt Free Speech and Innovation

Joshua Lamel | Posted 01.19.2017 | Politics
Joshua Lamel

This week marks the four year anniversary of the largest online protest in history, when 75,000 websites and 15 million users protested legislation supported by the entertainment industry that threatened freedom of expression online.

After 70 Years, Germany Is Printing 'Mein Kampf.' Should It?

The Huffington Post | Sara Boboltz | Posted 12.31.2015 | Arts

Mein Kampf, or My Struggle, Adolf Hitler's hate-filled screed that paved the way for the Holocaust, is set to be printed for the first time in Germany...

Legal Questions When Creating a Musical Group or Band

Brad Reid | Posted 11.12.2016 | Business
Brad Reid

Like it or not, law permeates our society including the arts. Musical groups find themselves surrounded by legal questions. Frequently, default legal ...

Politicians: Respect And Protect Copyright

Steven Tyler | Posted 10.14.2016 | Entertainment
Steven Tyler

This week, I sent a letter to Donald Trump's campaign asking to not use my music at political rallies. My intent was not to make a political statement, but to make one about the rights of my fellow music creators. Now is the time to show us some love by supporting the effort to reform outdated copyright laws.

3 Common Mistakes On Your About Me Page

Danielle Sabrina | Posted 10.05.2016 | Business
Danielle Sabrina

On the surface, the purpose of your "About Me" page is simple: it's a place where your clients can get to know you better -- right? But actually, the goal of your "About Me" page goes much deeper than a simple autobiography.

How 'The Fat Jew' Learned The Hard Way That You Can't Break The Internet's Golden Rule

The Huffington Post | Sara Boboltz | Posted 08.21.2015 | Comedy

Josh Ostrovsky -- or, as 5.7 million people on Instagram know him, The Fat Jew -- was living your typical Cinderella story of Internet fame ... until ...

The Good, the Bad, and the Uncomfortable About Being a Creator in the Digital Age

Sarah Hinchliff Pearson | Posted 08.03.2016 | Arts
Sarah Hinchliff Pearson

If you believe in what you're doing, and I hope you do, then telling your story and explaining why people should care should really become part of your toolbox. And there is something pretty magical about the crowdfunding process when it works.

The Real 'Happy Birthday' Song Could Soon Make It To Movies And TV

The Huffington Post | Sara Boboltz | Posted 07.29.2015 | Arts

For decades, characters on screens big and small have been held back from singing "Happy Birthday" to one another by copyright law. Yes, if producers ...

You Can't Steal Jokes On Twitter Anymore

The Huffington Post | Lorenzo Ligato | Posted 07.28.2015 | Technology

Have you ever wanted to tweet a comedian's joke without attribution? If you do, your message could end up looking like this: That's because Twitter i...