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Craig Ferguson The Huffington Post

Thursday's Late Night Round-Up: Joe Biden, Swine Flu, And Michele Bachmann (VIDEO)

Tim Meadows Reports on Torture, Susan Boyle, And His Sex Life (VIDEO)

Monday's Late Night Round-Up: Swine Flu, The Ground Zero Fly-Over, And More! (VIDEO)

Wednesday's Late Night Round-Up: Joe Biden's Hair, Eliot Spitzer's Hookers, And Colbert's Earth Day Hate (VIDEO)

Wednesday's Late Night Round-Up: Tea Bagging, Blago's New Reality Show, And Goldman Sachs (VIDEO)

Monday's Late Night Round-Up: Pirates, China, And Mel Gibson's Divorce (VIDEO)

Wednesday's Late Night Round-Up: Iraqi Tourism, "The View," And Michael Vick (VIDEO)

Tuesday's Late Night Round-Up: Chris Dodd, The Woz, And Obama's Prime-Time Presser (VIDEO)

Monday's Late Night Round-Up: Chinese Condoms, Bruce Willis, And "He's Just Not That Into Jews" (VIDEO)

Craig Ferguson's St. Patrick's Day: Fighting With Tim Meadows, Waking Up With Regis (VIDEO)

Tuesday's Late Night Round-Up: Amy Winehouse, Octomom, And Rock-Throwing Chimps (VIDEO)

Monday's Late-Night Jokes: AIG, GM, Hillary Clinton And More (VIDEO)

Tuesday's Late-Night Joke Round-Up: A-Rod, Tasers, And Baseball Teams Named After Testicles (VIDEO)

Craig Ferguson "Mostly Not Worried" About Jimmy Fallon Competition (VIDEO)