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Craig Krull Gallery

Artist Joe Fay Talks About Life, Art, Montana and Beagles

John Seed | Posted 08.11.2015 | Arts
John Seed

Artist Joe Fay, who is having his first solo show in Los Angeles in 24 years has "not missed a beat," according to David Pagel of the L.A. Times.

Three Stops on Our Way to the Oscars

Edward Goldman | Posted 04.26.2015 | Arts
Edward Goldman

So, as you can imagine, I take the Oscars very seriously, and follow all the brouhaha leading up to the live Sunday broadcast. And this year was no exception. But for me, along with a few good friends, the party actually started the day before, on Saturday. That's how it went...

Hilary Brace: Entering a Moisture-laden Palace

John Seed | Posted 12.15.2014 | Arts
John Seed

Simultaneously suggesting the artist's sense of awe and her consciousness of nature's fragility in the face of global warming, Brace's recent body of work manages to seem both tangible and imagined.

Dan McCleary: The Mentor

John Seed | Posted 05.08.2013 | Arts
John Seed

Emmanuel Galvez also met Dan at HOLA, but not as a student. Galvez was serving as a drawing model and when he mentioned to Dan that it was his birthday McCleary responded by handing him a small gift: a pen. "That made an impact," Galvez recalls, "someone actually cared."

'Unapologetically Beautiful'

John Seed | Posted 04.15.2013 | Arts
John Seed

At Craig Krull Gallery in Santa Monica, Astrid Preston's exhibition "New Territory" stands out for a very simple reason: the show is unapologetically ...

'Dreamscapes' And Impossible Architecture

Posted 04.13.2012 | Arts

Jenny Okun takes multiple exposure photographs of architectural forms, transforming them into kaleidoscopic dreamscapes. Although the photographer...

The Secrets of Symbols: This Artweek.LA (November 28 - December 4, 2011)

Bill Bush | Posted 01.29.2012 | Arts
Bill Bush


Young Men and a Lot of Chocolate

Edward Goldman | Posted 11.15.2011 | Arts
Edward Goldman

In Beatrice Wood's famous response to an inquiry about the source of her youthful spirit, the 90-year-old artist revealed her secret: Oh, it's simple -- young men and a lot of chocolate.

The Tawdry Three-Ring Circus of Venice: This Artweek.LA (April 4-10)

Bill Bush | Posted 06.05.2011 | Arts
Bill Bush


Worlds Within Worlds: The Remarkable and Surreal Bee

Debra Ollivier | Posted 05.25.2011 | Arts
Debra Ollivier