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Credit Crisis

Credit Card Debt: 12 Common Debt Habits That Lead to Financial Ruin

Amandah Blackwell | Posted 01.10.2015 | Money
Amandah Blackwell

The reasons for credit card debt vary from person-to-person. But there are some common debt habits that can lead to credit card debt and cause it to grow instead of shrink. Likewise, there are ways you can break free from the clutches of credit card debt.

Attraction and Credit: The Power of Focus

Jeanne Kelly | Posted 11.05.2014 | Business
Jeanne Kelly

While listening to the radio the other day I happened to hear a talk on the law of attraction, a subject that interests me a great deal. It got me th...

The One Question You Should Ask on a First Date

Jarad Barr | Posted 10.08.2014 | Money
Jarad Barr

Sure, this may initially come off as traditionally unromantic and personal, but you must accept the society in which we live today. Online dating sites and apps such as Tinder continuously unromantically increase their market share of the most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes.

An Open Letter to Eric Holder and the Department of Justice

Carla Shutak | Posted 09.24.2014 | Politics
Carla Shutak

How do I, as a victimized consumer, apply for said relief? You see, many of us used-to-haves out here in the real world are still trying to claw and scrape our way out of the hole these financial institutions dug for us to live inside.

How Does Student Loan Debt Affect My Credit?

Jeanne Kelly | Posted 08.31.2014 | Business
Jeanne Kelly

This week I was sent an article from Equifax, a credit reporting agency, saying that according to the Federal Reserve, the total outstanding balance o...

Do the Best Credit Repair Services Really Work?

Simple. Thrifty. Living. | Posted 02.06.2017 | Business
Simple. Thrifty. Living.

Credit repair is not a guaranteed fix of your credit score, but if you go in knowing the risks and pick a company with a good reputation and money-back guarantee, you can hopefully avoid being burned.

Credit Crisis: Five Years Past or Five More in the Making

Michael Pento | Posted 11.17.2013 | Business
Michael Pento

Wall Street is now reflecting upon the fifth anniversary of the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy. In fact, most are celebrating the belief that the complete collapse of the American economy was avoided. However, it is much more accurate that the Great Recession was only temporarily mollified.

Apple: Rotten or Ripe to Buy?

Natalie Pace | Posted 03.31.2013 | Business
Natalie Pace

Over the last four months, Apple Inc. has lost over $240 billion in market value -- more than the value of most companies traded on Wall Street. This has caught many Apple lovers by surprise.

Presidential Debates and Middle-Class Economics

Michael Farr | Posted 10.05.2012 | Business
Michael Farr

While a lack of middle-class income growth can create headwinds for any economy in the short term, the longer-term risks of political instability and civil unrest can become much greater.

The Long-Term Price of Financial Reform

André Oliveira Santos | Posted 11.12.2012 | Business
André Oliveira Santos

In response to the global crisis, policymakers around the world are instituting the broadest reform of financial regulation since the Great Depression.

Come on Baby, Let's Do the Twist

Michael Farr | Posted 06.21.2012 | Business
Michael Farr

The Fed has become somewhat impotent and should pass the buck to Congress. If only Congress would answer the phone.

A Hundred Billion Here, a Hundred Billion There

Mitch Feierstein | Posted 07.28.2012 | Business
Mitch Feierstein

Last week the Financial Times ran a piece which opened thus: "Greece's banking system is being propped up by an estimated €100 billion provided by the country's central bank -- approved secretly by the European Central Bank." The news barely made it into the U.S. press.

Further Gains for the Banks?

Michael Farr | Posted 06.19.2012 | Business
Michael Farr

The dramatic rebound in bank stocks is a reflection of just how depressed the sector had become. So has the opportunity passed, or should we continue to expect outsized gains from the sector?

President Sarkozy to Press: 'See You Tomorrow, Pedophile Friends'

Mitch Feierstein | Posted 06.17.2012 | World
Mitch Feierstein

Sarkozy's tendency to honesty doesn't seem to extend as far as an appetite for debate. Given a hard ride by some journalists in relation to a major current corruption scandal -- hardly a topic that journalists ought to avoid -- Sarkozy raged at them.

House Poor but Keeping Up With the Joneses

Justine Rivero | Posted 05.27.2012 | Money
Justine Rivero

If you can afford your $3 latte or even a $300 discount Kate Spade purse, you can also afford to change your financial habits right now. What you cannot afford is a financial emergency down the line.

Credit: The Gift & The Curse! - 5 Ways to Pay Down Debt

Ash Cash | Posted 04.07.2012 | Black Voices
Ash Cash

High debt can stop you from getting loans, renting or buying a home, purchasing a car or even getting a job. Credit can be a gift or a curse! Making some small sacrifices early can give you peace of mind and put you on the right road to financial freedom. Here are some tips.

Bonnie Kavoussi

Crunch Time: Bank Downgrade, Credit Squeeze Signal Possible Return To 2008 | Bonnie Kavoussi | Posted 12.15.2011 | Business

The situation in Europe is hitting global credit markets, making it harder for companies and banks to secure loans. Investors are buying fewer corpora...

5 Credit Tips to Help First Time Homebuyers Get a Mortgage

Jeanne Kelly | Posted 11.17.2011 | Business
Jeanne Kelly

If you're an aspiring first-time homebuyer, start working on improving your credit rating right now so that when it's time for you to find a home, you'll have no trouble finding a mortgage.

The 1% Versus The 99%: Who Has Better Credit?

Justine Rivero | Posted 01.08.2012 | Business
Justine Rivero

As Occupy Wall Street focuses much of its agenda around the financial health of America, we took a look at the personal side of financial health for both sides of the 1 percent and the 99 percent.

No Money? No Problem!

Mira Luna | Posted 01.02.2012 | Politics
Mira Luna

Instead of placing faith in the "economic experts," these currency projects are built on faith in community and the creation of real wealth. When carefully designed, they can be a source of community empowerment, prioritizing caring relationships and community values ahead of profit as well as and generating meaningful employment at local businesses.

'Buy Here Pay Here' Packages, Sells Subprime Auto Loans To Investors

Posted 01.01.2012 | Business

Auto loan financiers are beginning to adopt a practice from the housing industry that many say played a significant role in the meltdown of the housin...

Your Friday Random-Ass Roundup

J.D. Bell | Posted 11.30.2011 | Black Voices
J.D. Bell

Welcome back for another installment of randomness. Feel free to offer your own reading suggestions in the comments.

Citigroup Mails More Credit Card Offers Than There Are Americans

The Huffington Post | Jillian Berman | Posted 11.21.2011 | Business

Citigroup Inc. is hoping everyone and their mother and then some will sign up for a credit card. The bank mailed 346 million credit card offers in...

How Did European Banks Trap Themselves in a Replay of the 2007 Crisis?

Georges Ugeux | Posted 11.08.2011 | Business
Georges Ugeux

At a conference in New York at the end of 2008, Obama's economic advisor, Larry Summers made a prophetic remark at an event organized by the Economist.

Credit Crisis: Tuesday's Market Preview Is Not Pretty

Mohamed A. El-Erian | Posted 11.05.2011 | Business
Mohamed A. El-Erian

Tighten those seat belts. It will be a bumpy and volatile week as markets are held hostage to policy developments in both America and Europe.