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Crossroads Gps

Rove Group's Curious Claim Exposed

ProPublica | Kim Barker | Posted 12.14.2012 | Politics

What Karl Rove's Dark Money Nonprofit Told the IRS by Kim Barker ProPublica, Dec. 14, 2012, 10:19 a.m. In a confidential 2010 filing, Crossroads ...

Paul Blumenthal

Karl Rove Group Takes Aim At 2014 Senate Races | Paul Blumenthal | Posted 12.11.2012 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- The 2012 election is barely five weeks behind us, but conservative "dark money" groups are already beginning their 2014 campaign. Crossr...

Christina Wilkie

Deficit Debate Sends Old Foes Back To The Airwaves | Christina Wilkie | Posted 12.08.2012 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- The lobbying battle over federal budget priorities heated up this week, as two powerful factions announced major TV ad campaigns aimed a...

Splendor in the Gaffes

Paul Steven Stone | Posted 02.04.2013 | Politics
Paul Steven Stone

I don't know about you, but I'm going to move to the other side of the electoral bed and light up a cigarette. Anyone have a match? And how sw...

Rove-Linked Group Launches New Attack Against Obama

The Huffington Post | Sarah Bufkin | Posted 12.05.2012 | Politics

Crossroads GPS, a nonprofit organization founded by conservative strategist Karl Rove, has bought its first television ad since the election, attackin...


Arlington Patch | Jason Spencer | Posted 11.16.2012 | Politics

Conservative groups like Crossroads GPS, Americans for Prosperity and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce began running negative ads against Tim Kaine in Nov...

Paul Blumenthal

How A Costly Failure Can Reap Big Wins | Paul Blumenthal | Posted 11.14.2012 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Karl Rove's Crossroads groups have come under heavy criticism since the Nov. 6 elections, from which they walked away with little to sho...

Zach Carter

Club For Growth Bests Conservative Groups In Picking 2012 Winners | Zach Carter | Posted 11.12.2012 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Although it lost three of its marquee Senate races on Tuesday, the hardline economic conservative group Club for Growth bested both Karl...

Hunter Stuart

WATCH: Karl Rove's 19 Justifications For GOP's Election Loss | Hunter Stuart | Posted 11.12.2012 | Politics

Republican strategist Karl Rove has a lot to answer for. After spending over $300 million to get GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney elected, an...

Karl Rove: Obama Won 'By Suppressing The Vote'

The Huffington Post | Amanda Terkel | Posted 11.09.2012 | Politics

Mitt Romney lost the election because President Barack Obama engaged in voter suppression, according to Republican political strategist Karl Rove. ...

Amanda Terkel

Karl Rove Spins GOP Election Losses | Amanda Terkel | Posted 11.08.2012 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- No one lost as much on election night as Karl Rove. Although he wasn't running for office, his Crossroads organizations spent more th...

Paul Blumenthal

Super PACs Influence, But Don't Buy Election | Paul Blumenthal | Posted 11.07.2012 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Independent conservative groups are going to have to come to terms with the fact that they spent more than $700 million -- 70 percent of...

Paul Blumenthal

Karl Rove's $300 Million Machine | Paul Blumenthal | Posted 11.04.2012 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- The independent group American Crossroads, a super PAC, and Crossroads GPS, a social welfare non-profit, set a goal to raise and spend $...

LISTEN: Clint Eastwood Robocalls Voters

The Huffington Post | Amanda Terkel | Posted 11.02.2012 | Politics

Actor Clint Eastwood has recorded a new robocall for Karl Rove's Crossroads GPS group, in which he tells voters it's time to fire President Barack Oba...

Paul Blumenthal

'Dark Money' Floods 2012 Election | Paul Blumenthal | Posted 11.02.2012 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Four conservative nonprofits and the business industry's lead trade association have spent nearly $300 million on political efforts over...

Elise Foley

Mitt Romney Cancels Campaign Events, Campaigns Anyway | Elise Foley | Posted 10.31.2012 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- It's unseemly to campaign in the midst of an unfolding natural disaster, but the Romney-Ryan camp was ready this week with a solution: D...

Elimination of Contribution Limits Would Not Stop Secret Spending

Ian Vandewalker | Posted 12.26.2012 | New York
Ian Vandewalker

This election has shown that there is a class of big-money political donors who greatly value secrecy. Their behavior under the current rules provides evidence that big spenders prefer anonymity even when other options are available.

Outside Money in the Senate: 1 Map, 4 Graphs and 7 Takeaways

The Sunlight Foundation | Posted 12.25.2012 | Politics
The Sunlight Foundation

Outside money continues to pour in at a record pace this election cycle, and beyond the presidential race, the biggest general election spending totals are all in Senate races. ll told, outside groups have dropped $189.4 million into Senate races as of October 23.

Sarah Bufkin

Outside Groups, Super PACs Flood Senate Races With Cash From Undisclosed Donors | Sarah Bufkin | Posted 10.24.2012 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Outside groups are flooding Senate races with a record amount of campaign cash, according to a new report out from the nonpartisan Sunli...

Ryan Grim

GOP's Big Guns Trained, Elizabeth Warren Fights Back | Ryan Grim | Posted 10.24.2012 | Politics

Outside groups are spending big to defeat progressive Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren. With little time left before Election Day, Karl...

Priorities USA Bain Capital Ad Attacks Mitt Romney As Crossroads GPS Seeks To Humanize Candidate

The Huffington Post | Sabrina Siddiqui | Posted 10.23.2012 | Politics

Priorities USA Action, the super PAC backing President Barack Obama, released a new Bain Capital-centric ad Tuesday that targets Mitt Romney over the...

GOP Groups Spill Secrets To Avoid Fail

Politico | Posted 10.19.2012 | Politics

For two years, outside money was a secretive game, with deep-pocketed conservative groups refusing to detail their methods or strategies -- let alone ...

Is Karl Rove Once Again the Man to Make the Difference?

Craig Unger | Posted 12.12.2012 | Politics
Craig Unger

Karl Rove's web of influence and his relationships with wealthy benefactors have enabled him to play a commanding under-the-radar role as king of the super PACs and de facto party boss of the Republican Party.

Paul Blumenthal

Karl Rove Attacks From The Left? | Paul Blumenthal | Posted 10.10.2012 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- The "dark money" nonprofit Crossroads GPS is taking a new tack in its attacks on two Democratic Senate candidates, Montana Sen. Jon Test...

Crossroads GPS Makes $4 Million Ad Buy

The Huffington Post | Elise Foley | Posted 10.09.2012 | Politics

Conservative group Crossroads GPS will begin running $4 million worth of ads Tuesday against Democratic senatorial candidates Rep. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wi...