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Cuban Economy

To the Castro Regime, We Are All Guilty! / 14ymedio, Yoani Sanchez

Yoani Sanchez | Posted 07.20.2016 | Home
Yoani Sanchez

This summer, taxi drivers have become the government's new public enemy. (14ymedio) 14ymedio, Yoani Sanchez, Havana, 20 July 2106 - At the beginning ...

Partying in Havana, Chanel's Fashion Show Faux Pas

Joseph Anthony | Posted 05.24.2016 | Latino Voices
Joseph Anthony

Chanel landed in Havana, their first show in Latin America. From the moment their boat docked, loaded with aforementioned celebrities and models, Chanel put out all the stops for its "Cruise 2017" collection.

10 Things That Will Be Cheaper (or More Expensive) if the U.S. Embargo on Cuba Is Lifted

GOBankingRates | Posted 05.02.2016 | Business

By Barbara Friedberg, Finance Writer With President Barack Obama's recent visit to Cuba, the media is ablaze with hopes that the U.S. embargo on the ...

Perry Brass: The Manly Pursuit of Desire: 10 Days in Havana, Part One

Perry Brass | Posted 04.01.2016 | Arts
Perry Brass

The author near the Capitol, in Havana, with some of Cuba's famous old American cars, most of which are used in one way or another as taxis. I spent ...

Peeling the Onion: U.S.-Cuba Economic Normalization

Margaret E. Crahan | Posted 01.28.2017 | Latino Voices
Margaret E. Crahan

Implementation has proceeded slowly, and both U.S. and Cuban officials have described the process as akin to peeling an onion arduously, layer after layer.

Young Cubans Deserve to Be Heard

Giancarlo Sopo | Posted 08.03.2016 | Politics
Giancarlo Sopo

While it was clear to me in Havana that U.S. isolation tactics have failed the Cuban people, it was also evident that their government's tight grip over the economy is the greatest obstacle to life on the island. Therein lies the root cause of many of Cuba's problems.

Dividing the Pie: Cuba's Ration System After 50 Years

Medea Benjamin | Posted 05.09.2015 | Latino Voices
Medea Benjamin

As the economy expands, the hope is that Cubans across the island will have access to a more varied diet. In a world where so many people still go hungry, Cuba could become a model of how to grow the pie -- and make sure that everyone gets a piece.

These Photos Show How Little Cuba's Struggling Economy Has Changed In A Half-Century

The Huffington Post | Harry Bradford & Damon Scheuler | Posted 12.22.2014 | Business

With an economy that has basically stood still for more than half a century, it's often difficult to tell the difference between a present-day photo of Cuba and one that is decades old.

Have You Tried Cyanide... General?

Yoani Sanchez | Posted 11.04.2014 | Home
Yoani Sanchez

Nearly two decades have passed and they are still imposing limits and prohibitions incompatible with development and with life. As if in this social laboratory they want to test what they can do to get the guinea pigs -- which are us -- to keep breathing, clapping, accepting.

After 40 Years of Working, Keeping Body and Soul Together Selling Plastic Bags

Yoani Sanchez | Posted 10.29.2014 | Home
Yoani Sanchez

Selling 'jabitas' (plastic bags) in front of an agricultural market in Havana. (Luz Escobar) 14ymedio, Yoani Sanchez, Havana, 28 August 2014 - "I nee...

The Party and the Army: Civil-Military Relations in Cuba

William M. LeoGrande | Posted 08.26.2014 | Home
William M. LeoGrande

Today, eight ministries are led by career military officers, three of whom are still on active duty.

Apretaste! A Craigslist for the Island of the Disconnected

Yoani Sanchez | Posted 06.07.2014 | Technology
Yoani Sanchez

Visiting Apretaste!, I remember a phrase I always repeat when I encounter something hard. "Creativity is the capacity to open a window when the door is closed," I tell myself, like a mantra in complex situations.

Cuban Regime Ambivalent About Self-Employed, While the People Can't Live Without Them

Yoani Sanchez | Posted 05.27.2014 | Latino Voices
Yoani Sanchez

The day started with a certain nightmarish atmosphere. The little sip of morning coffee was missing, because the seller with a thermos and paper cups wasn't on the corner. So she dragged her feet to the bus stop, while keeping an eye out for a collective taxi. Nothing.

Cubans Flock to New Film That Exposes the Myth

Yoani Sanchez | Posted 04.23.2014 | Latino Voices
Yoani Sanchez

Why is the latest creation of director Ernesto Daranas becoming such a social phenomenon? The answer transcends artistic questions to delve into the depth of his dreams.

Competition in Cuba

Julia E. Sweig | Posted 04.02.2014 | Politics
Julia E. Sweig

Last year in Cartagena, the message was unanimous: Cuba next time, or no Summit. Obama can again dismiss this message and lose even more influence in the Americas. But the stars are aligning for Obama to make a big legacy move by 2015.

Cuba: A Society of Alchemists and Liars

Yoani Sanchez | Posted 03.10.2014 | Home
Yoani Sanchez

They don't turn iron into gold, but they are skilled at replacing ingredients and adulterating almost every product. The streets are full of glue sticks that, when you press them, only contain air. Bottles of shampoo mixed with clothes-washing detergent. Soap with plastic shavings.

The Illusion of Color

Yoani Sanchez | Posted 01.23.2014 | Home
Yoani Sanchez

On learning that there are still more than 700,000 black-and-white TVs in Cuba, I can't help but evoke the excited neighbors of my tenement using their fingertips to paint their cathode ray tubes.

Cuba's Emerging Middle Class And Growing Private Sector

VOXXI | Johanna Mendelson Forman | Posted 11.12.2013 | Latino Voices

Yes, you read the headline correctly. Cuba has an emerging middle class. And it continues to grow and prosper. It may even be the factor that most ...

Cuba: Two Currencies, Two Realities

Yoani Sanchez | Posted 12.26.2013 | Home
Yoani Sanchez

When the beginning of a timeline to eradicate the dual currency was announced this week, the two countries that converge on this Island reacted differently.

Cuba: Where 'Merchant' Is a Dirty Word

Yoani Sanchez | Posted 11.23.2013 | Home
Yoani Sanchez

Why, instead of so much persecution, don't they authorize the work of "merchant." Buying, transporting and reselling articles in high-demand should not be a crime, but rather a regulated activity that also contributes to the treasury through taxes.

Cuba: A Man With Neither Privilege Nor Obedience

Yoani Sanchez | Posted 11.09.2013 | Home
Yoani Sanchez

Beto doesn't like talking about the past. For the first time he has something of his own, something no one has given him.

Where Are Abela's Guajiros?

Yoani Sanchez | Posted 10.23.2013 | Home
Yoani Sanchez

I go in search of that original exemplar of Cubanness that is rural man. However, under the scorching sun of August, instead of "Abela's guajiros," I find people dressed in military garb.

The Return of the Loanshark to Cuba

Yoani Sanchez | Posted 10.15.2013 | Home
Yoani Sanchez

After being stigmatized for decades, these banned bankers have returned without licenses or pity. As necessary as he is slandered, the moneylender is just one link in the illegal financial chain of our reality.

Building a Home in Cuba, Without Bank Loans, Without Legal Supply Markets

Yoani Sanchez | Posted 10.09.2013 | Home
Yoani Sanchez

Every day that goes by they get closer to the end of the job, but they also live through another day of anxiety and risks to get the materials. Today they need stone dust and washed sand.

Cuba Under Raul Castro: Economic Reform as Priority?

Arturo Lopez Levy | Posted 04.27.2013 | Home
Arturo Lopez Levy

Even in East Asian countries, with far larger markets than that of Cuba, state promotion of foreign investment was oriented toward the promotion of exports, where competition performs with greater rigor.