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Daphne Wayans

The Other Mothers

Daphne Wayans | Posted 07.10.2014 | Parents
Daphne Wayans

In these more modern times, it's as though we've lost that sense of community where we really allow others to help us with the rearing of our children. We have forgotten or are neglecting to include this as one of our assets as a mother.

Getting Your Master's Degree in Motherhood

Daphne Wayans | Posted 03.17.2014 | Parents
Daphne Wayans

When I first enrolled into Motherhood, it never occurred to me that there'd be no curriculum description. Nor did I realize I'd be signing up for what would eventually amount to acquiring a BA, MBA, PhD and, maybe the most valued of the bunch, a BH (Badge of Honor).

The New Divorce and How It Affects the Modern Family

Daphne Wayans | Posted 07.15.2013 | Divorce
Daphne Wayans

While all definitions of "divorce" seem to imply a severing and ending of relationships, the word itself derives from the word "divert," which seems to better imply what a family usually experiences with a divorce.