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David Drake

Gobble: Prepare Healthy Gourmet Dinners In 3 Easy Steps

David Drake | Posted 06.20.2016 | Healthy Living
David Drake

I just got a chance to interview Ooshma Garg, Founder & CEO of Gobble, last Friday June 3rd, as I was heading to JFK airport for my own roadshow start...

Will a Pre-funded Deals Strategy Cause a Shift in Real Estate Crowdfunding?

David Drake | Posted 06.08.2016 | Business
David Drake

Real estate crowdfunding platforms are increasingly shifting towards pre-funded deals to increase their market share and deal flow. Pre-funded deals o...

7 Reasons Why Private Equity Loans will Overtake Debt Crowdfunding for Realty in 2016

David Drake | Posted 06.07.2016 | Business
David Drake

Debt financing is emerging as a key strategy for private equity firms. In 2014, a significant number of private equity firms moved their capital to de...

Lyft or Via: Which Ride-Sharing Service in New York City Will You Use?

David Drake | Posted 04.05.2016 | New York
David Drake

Via does not run yet on weekends in New York City so at 4 a.m. Sunday November 30th I jump into a Lyft to take me to JFK for my trip to Art Basel in M...

Family Offices Have Been Brilliant Innovators Since Day One

David Drake | Posted 04.05.2016 | Business
David Drake

The early beginnings A family office, also known as a single family office, is a private organization that manages investments and trust for a sing...

Drones Rising: Bringing the Economy Along With It

David Drake | Posted 03.07.2016 | Business
David Drake

In a recent economic report by the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI), drones will have an economic impact in the first t...

Fernando Botero: The Million Dollar Painter

David Drake | Posted 12.16.2015 | Arts
David Drake

Fernando Botero Photo credit: Born in 1932, #FernandoBotero is a Colombian sculptor whose drawings and paintings show a deliberate ...

How 3 Generations of Investors can Impact the Future of Regulated Crowdfunding

David Drake | Posted 12.11.2015 | Business
David Drake

Photo credit: The recently approved Title III rules of the Jumpstart our Business Startups (JOBS) Act by the Securities and Exchange Comm...

#FabienCousteau, the Modern Aquaman and Entrepreneurial Explorer of the Seas

David Drake | Posted 12.04.2015 | Science
David Drake

I had been an advocate of saving the oceans for so long and throughout this journey I have created a lot of relationships with celebrities and have rubbed elbows with a number of famous people.

3 Things You May Not Know about Investment Crowdfunding

David Drake | Posted 11.24.2015 | Business
David Drake

Friday, October 30th 2015, has become a historical milestone for all startup businesses, small to medium-sized companies, and investors in the United ...

The Evolution of Family Offices

David Drake | Posted 10.28.2015 | Business
David Drake

As the family office market evolves, small family offices will continue to offer unique and specialized services to their clients as well as strategically partner with other offices, allowing them to fend off stiff competition from private banks while still delivering better value to their clients.

2,000 Global Crowdfunding Sites to Choose from by 2016: Top 5 Growth Indicators

David Drake | Posted 10.23.2015 | Business
David Drake

In 2016, the number of crowdfunding platforms is likely to hit the 2000 mark due to the following reasons

Alternative Finance Update: Key Crowdfunding Trends

David Drake | Posted 10.16.2015 | Business
David Drake

Alternative Finance is on the rise, and it is set to conquer a 3.3 trillion market opportunity. It includes crowdfunding, peer to peer lending, equity crowdfunding, financial technologies, or fintech, invoice trading and more.

Emerging Leaders in Real Estate Crowdfunding: Sharestates and Patch of Land each raised over $50M

David Drake | Posted 10.05.2015 | Business
David Drake

The U.S real estate crowdfunding industry has experienced phenomenal growth since the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act, or JOBS Act, became legal in 2012. With the absence of any strong barrier to entry, new firms continue to flood the industry as news surfaces monthly of yet another startup being launched.

Two-time Emmy Award-Winner William Daniels Unveils why he is 'Still at Play" at 88

David Drake | Posted 09.18.2015 | Entertainment
David Drake

William Daniels, a two-time Emmy Award-winner who recently turned 88, is writing his first memoir "Still at Play" that will chronicle the roles he played in his 75 years in show business.

The Carpenter Musical Trio: Their Passions and Musical Talents

David Drake | Posted 05.14.2016 | Arts
David Drake

Lauren, Sean and David Carpenter make up the Carpenter musical trio that plays Semi-Canonical Great Feud in their apartment's living room at The Plaza Hotel. The trio is popular for playing as well as selling Stradivarius violins.

The Musical Beat of Harmony Program With the New York Philharmonic Transforms Children's Lives

David Drake | Posted 06.13.2015 | Arts
David Drake

The Harmony Program started as a pilot program in the New York City Mayor's Office in 2003. It incorporated the following year as a non-profit organization.

Placido Domingo Leads Top 20 NYC Opera Renaissance Performers in Honor of the Late Maestro Julius Rudel

David Drake | Posted 03.13.2015 | Arts
David Drake

Every one of the Rose Theater's 1,100 seats was filled for a opera concert produced by NYCO Renaissance, an effort to revive the defunct New York City...

A Big Night of Music (for Opera and the #newNYCO)

David Drake | Posted 03.06.2015 | Arts
David Drake

It was a cold winter evening of March 4 in New York. Opera performances in an intimate setting however made the night warm and cozy yet impactful. Si...

Art Collections as Family Office Investments: Preserving Beauty, Heritage and Wealth

David Drake | Posted 03.10.2015 | Money
David Drake

Investing in art provides growth prospects for professional, enhances awareness of global art among family members and passes understanding of a family's art collection to future generation.

Advancing Forward: The Top 60 US Real Estate Crowdfunding Platforms

David Drake | Posted 02.22.2015 | Money
David Drake

Crowdfunding is likely to be an effective alternative to traditional sources of institutional capital such as venture capital firms and angel investors.

Soaring With the Washington Ballet's Noche de Pasión: The Tango Soirée

David Drake | Posted 01.30.2015 | Arts
David Drake

The new edition of performers and the charm of the artistic director Septime Webre were only exceeded by his impromptu Cuban salsa in sync with his Latin ballet dancers.

David Drake's Tawny Heatherton: A Brilliant Creation

Scott Alexander Hess | Posted 02.02.2016 | Queer Voices
Scott Alexander Hess

Last year I went to see David Drake's Tawny Heatherton creation at the Laurie Beechman Theatre. I went in expecting a smart little drag show, but I walked away breathless and in awe of one of the most talented writer/performers of our time. I caught up with Drake as he prepped for Tawny's latest opening.

Curtis M. Wong

Landmark Gay Drama Tries On New Face For One-Night-Only Benefit | Curtis M. Wong | Posted 02.02.2016 | Queer Voices

A landmark drama about a gay man’s coming-of-age during the peak years of the HIV/AIDS crisis will get a striking makeover on the eve of its 20th an...

David Drake: From Gay Warrior To Farrah Fawcett Wild Child!

Scott Alexander Hess | Posted 02.02.2016 | Queer Voices
Scott Alexander Hess

I have become a huge fan of Drake as a writer, actor and all-around amazing artist. I caught up with him this week as he took a breath, having just opened his latest brilliant creation, Tawny, Tell Me True, in New York.