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David Gerson

Jason Linkins

Mitt Romney: The Candidate You Can Push Around | Jason Linkins | Posted 01.01.2012 | Politics

In 2012, what's so great about having principles? Sure, Mitt Romney might have nothing but an empty space where his "core" should be, but his awkward, rapid repositioning in Ohio demonstrates that you can rent that space for cheap. Your other GOP frontrunner of the moment, Herman Cain, has evinced a similar malleability. Don't like his "9-9-9 plan?" Well, it's a "9-0-9" plan now! What is it that you want Cain to say about abortion? Fine, that's what he thinks now. For the moment, it sure seems like the GOP base is warming up to the idea that the best candidate for president is someone who is an empty vessel into which it can pour its resentments and who it can browbeat with relative ease. Mitt Romney fits that bill.