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Caroline Anstey: 'Millennials Are Making It Clear They Want To Invest Alongside Their Values'

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Davos Could Actually End Extreme Poverty Pretty Easily

Why Being More Interconnected Doesn't Mean We're More In Control

Mindfulness Is The Way To 'Get Out Of This 24/7 Stress-Based World We're In,' Professor Says

Jasmine Whitbread: First And Third World 'Not Geographic Anymore -- They Cut Right Across'

How The World Can Cope With Its Food Demand Struggles

Dr. Jennifer Doudna: Women Can Pursue STEM Fields And Still Be Mothers, Wives On Their Own Terms

The World Economic Forum hosts its annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, bringing together business and political leaders, journalists and great thinkers to examine the most pertinent international issues. This year's theme is: “The New Global Context.”

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