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Dealing With Setbacks

5 Ways To Stay Motivated When You Experience Setbacks

Brian Bagnall | Posted 06.27.2016 | Healthy Living
Brian Bagnall

At different stages of success, not everyone in your life will serve a beneficial function. It's important during a time of setbacks to surround yourself with precisely the people who are going to comfort you, lift you up, and give you the tools you need to get back on track better than before.

Healthy Ways to Handle Setbacks

Jill L. Ferguson | Posted 05.19.2016 | Healthy Living
Jill L. Ferguson

Repeatedly in her early career, Jahren's grant proposals were denied or didn't produce the funding she needed. She was not accepted at conferences by her peers in ways she would have preferred. Her life did not go as she had hoped or planned.

Big Ears. Ice Skating. And, Getting UNSTUCK!

JP Maroney | Posted 06.07.2016 | Business
JP Maroney

It was October, 1974. Houston, Texas. My family gathered at "The Houston Galleria" to celebrate my 4th birthday party. A favorite place of mine... "Ferrell's Ice Cream Parlor."

How A Crushing Disappointment Helped Me Recognize My True Power

Posted 10.15.2014 | OWN

Our most agonizing moments can usher in our most transcendent. By Naomi Barr "You're a monochromatic actor," the director said, standing to leav...

Fourteen Suggestions for Incoming College Freshmen

Daniel R. Schwarz | Posted 10.04.2013 | College
Daniel R. Schwarz

After receiving a nice response to my Huffington 2012 blog, "Ten Suggestions for Incoming Freshmen," and listening to some readers, I have done some f...

Facing A Life Challenge? Try The A.P.P.L.E.-A-Day Plan

Margaret Cochran, Ph.D. | Posted 08.02.2011 | Healthy Living
Margaret Cochran, Ph.D.

Used as an acronym, the letters of the word "apple" spell out a system that can become your secret to creating a sense of self-worth and personal happiness, no matter what is happening around you.