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Political Polarization Echoed Within American Culture

Casey Papuga | Posted 12.17.2012 | College
Casey Papuga

It is very doubtful that the changes our nation needs to undergo can be remedied by strictly employing the ideologies of one party or the other. There needs to be a return to balance in the political sphere.

Obama Could've Closed the Deal Last Night... But Didn't

Trey Ellis | Posted 12.17.2012 | Politics
Trey Ellis

Last night the president still left unsaid what he plans to do in his second term. Romney, on the other hand, trumpets a clear message of hope and of change.

Second U.S. Presidential Debate Triggers Mixed Reactions

The Huffington Post | Shirin Barghi | Posted 11.02.2012 | World

The second presidential debate between President Barack Obama and Republican contender Mitt Romney has triggered a wave of mixed responses around the ...

Empty Suit

Robert L. Borosage | Posted 12.17.2012 | Politics
Robert L. Borosage

This was the debate that finally exposed Mitt Romney as an empty suit running a campaign that is disingenuous at its core. The president exposed to millions of Americans just how hollow Romney's claims are.

WATCH: Candy Crowley Fact Checks Mitt Romney On Libya

The Huffington Post | Rebecca Shapiro | Posted 10.17.2012 | Media

Presidential debate moderator Candy Crowley fact checked Mitt Romney after the Republican presidential candidate charged that President Obama failed t...

Fact Check: How Obama, Romney Debate Statements Hold Up

AP | CALVIN WOODWARD | Posted 12.16.2012 | Politics

WASHINGTON — In the rough-and-tumble of a town hall-style presidential debate, the facts took something of a beating Tuesday night. Mitt Romney...

Love Thy Haters, Mr. President, and Kick Some Ass

Farai Chideya | Posted 12.16.2012 | Politics
Farai Chideya

President Barack Obama is not an angry man -- black, mixed, or purple -- unless he feels his intelligence and leadership is being taken for granted. What would happen if he loosed it?

Format & Details For Tonight's "Town Hall" Debate

The Huffington Post | Craig Kanalley | Posted 10.16.2012 | Politics

The second presidential debate takes place on Tuesday night at Hofstra University in Long Island, beginning at 9 p.m. Eastern Time. It's the lone d...

Beyond Borders With Brad and Angelina and All of Us

Carol Smaldino | Posted 12.15.2012 | Politics
Carol Smaldino

It would have to be more than coincidental that the Brad Pitt Chanel commercial that apparently is making people sneer, comes on right before the 2003...

The Multi-Task Candidate

Neil McCarthy | Posted 12.16.2012 | Politics
Neil McCarthy

Mitt Romney is a multi-tasker. All those pundits lambasting Mitt for his lack of specifics, or for his herculean ability to completely change his mind in the space of, if not a moment, then most certainly an election cycle, are missing the point of the man.

Presidential Debate Time, Location & How To Follow The Action LIVE

Posted 10.16.2012 | Politics

It's time for Barack Obama and Mitt Romney to face off once again as the candidates take part in the second presidential debate on Tuesday night. T...

Four Freedoms Finally Opens as a Coda to Second Presidential Debate

Paul Gunther | Posted 12.16.2012 | Politics
Paul Gunther

Regardless of what Tuesday's debate results herald in its instantaneous wake, all Americans and those who admire us should take stock the morning after to recall the essential principles that have animated our nation's abiding purpose as the four freedoms at last summarize with lapidary precision.

WATCH: Couple Debates The Debate

Posted 12.16.2012 | Comedy

There may be a presidential debate on TV tonight, but that doesn't mean everyone in the house is gonna want to tune in. Luckily, this couple is he...

Middle East, Three Mistakes and One Collective Solution

Dominique de Villepin | Posted 12.16.2012 | World
Dominique de Villepin

It's time for the United States to face the legacy of a half century of policies in the Middle East, the legacies of the Cold War as well as of the last decade's neoconservatism. Yes, mistakes have been made. Changes are needed, now. And they can be.

Let's Try This Again: Questions for the Candidates on Reforming Health Care

Scott Bittle | Posted 12.16.2012 | Politics
Scott Bittle

Americans are worried sick about what is or will happen to the American health care system. So far, they deserve a more candid and less manipulative conversation than they've got.

2012 Electoral Math -- Obama's Debate Cliff

Chris Weigant | Posted 12.15.2012 | Politics
Chris Weigant

Mitt Romney got an enormous bounce out of the first debate. This translated into him flipping two states to his column -- something he hasn't been able to do in quite a while.

What Our Country Needs: A New Foreign Policy

John F. Kimberling | Posted 12.15.2012 | World
John F. Kimberling

We do not see any creative or imaginative new ideas coming from either the Republicans or the Democrats. We need a new political party with new ideas.

5 Points Obama Must Make In Tomorrow's Debate

Robert Reich | Posted 12.15.2012 | Politics
Robert Reich

Although the "town meeting"-style debate isn't conducive to sharp give-and-take with Romney, look for every opportunity to nail him. Indignance doesn't come naturally to you, but you have every reason to be indignant on behalf of the American people.

Radley Balko

Our Broken Criminal Justice System: The Issues No One Is Talking About | Radley Balko | Posted 11.19.2012 | Politics

Our broken criminal justice system wasn't discussed in the first two 2012 debates, and it's unlikely it will be addressed in the two that remain. In f...

GQ's Guide to Watching the Presidential Debates

Death Race | Posted 12.15.2012 | Media
Death Race

We put together a list of all these places, be it online or offline, where you can watch tomorrow's debate. And who else will be there with you, cheering on the beautiful misery of it all:

Picturing a Real Foreign Policy Debate

Michael Brenner | Posted 12.15.2012 | Politics
Michael Brenner

Foreign policy debates are especially prone to leave obscure the key issues and fog our vision of each candidate's positions. Tuesday's Obama-Romney debate promises more of the same mix of platitudes, bromides and patriotic flourishes. In disorderly times, the land fills with loud patriots.

Biden and Ryan Engage in a Dishonest Debate

Atul Singh | Posted 12.15.2012 | Politics
Atul Singh

At a time of crisis, Joe Biden and Paul Ryan make claims and counterclaims, and fail to address the issues facing America honestly.

Are Both Presidential Candidates Afraid of What Candy Crowley Might Ask?

Greta Van Susteren | Posted 12.15.2012 | Media
Greta Van Susteren

There is no question that Candy Crowley is a pro with years and years of real experience... but if a candidate fears what Candy might ask at a debate, what happens when the candidate faces world leaders? Shrink and run?

Jason Linkins

Everyone's Got Debate Advice For Barack Obama | Jason Linkins | Posted 10.15.2012 | Politics

A few weeks ago, Barack Obama debated Mitt Romney. It did not, strictly speaking, go well for the president -- with reactions to his performance r...

Obama: Debate Preparation Is 'Going Great'

Reuters | Posted 12.14.2012 | Politics

* Obama delivers pizza to volunteers in swing state office * Romney campaign: Obama can change his style, not record By ...