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Deep Relationships

The Benefits of Curiosity: 5 Ways to Ignite and Nurture Your Curiosity

Adrienne Partridge, Ph.D | Posted 02.01.2015 | Healthy Living
Adrienne Partridge, Ph.D

One of the most valuable assets of curiosity is its ability to seek to understand another person -- fully and truly -- without judgment. I find that the most open and least judgmental people are curious.

Jesus Didn't Care About Correct Doctrine, and Neither Should We

Mick Mooney | Posted 01.17.2015 | Religion
Mick Mooney

In the gospels we read how Jesus was always around people. He had a life full of relationships. Always talking, drinking, eating, relaxing; sometimes entertaining his guests and sometimes being entertained by them.

I Want To Know You

Dr. Karin Luise | Posted 05.28.2014 | Healthy Living
Dr. Karin Luise

Let us speak of gratefulness, what life is, and what we hope will come with the years. Let us feel confident and comfortable enough to give voice to life's moments and let them sparkle richly in the air between us.

How The Pasadena Blackout Forced Our Family To Unplug And Recharge

Christopher Meeks | Posted 02.05.2012 | Home
Christopher Meeks

My family lives close to Pasadena, where we recently experienced great winds. We had no electricity. We suddenly had time on our hands, time that wasn't filled in the usual way with our devices. Just being with each other was great.