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What's driving the worldwide obesity epidemic?

The Conversation Global | Posted 12.14.2016 | Healthy Living
The Conversation Global

Christopher Dombres/Flickr Lisa Oberlander, Paris School of Economics - École d'économie de Paris; DISDIER Anne-Célia, École Normale Supérieure ...

A Mysterious Neurological Condition Is Paralyzing Children

The Huffington Post | Anna Almendrala | Posted 11.03.2016 | Healthy Living

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is investigating the rise of a rare polio-like illness that tends to strike children. Acute flacci...

I am a Hypochondriac

Galina Nemirovsky | Posted 09.29.2016 | Healthy Living
Galina Nemirovsky

I am in a perpetual abusive relationship with hypochondria; I desperately want to get away from it, but somehow it controls my brain. I've had hypoch...

Experts May Have Finally Found The Cause Of Crohn's Disease

The Huffington Post | Sarah Digiulio | Posted 11.02.2016 | Healthy Living

People with Crohn’s disease know the uncomfortable symptoms of the chronic condition all too well: diarrhea, abdominal pain, weight loss and fatigue...

Finding the Origin of Human Disease

ResearchGate | Posted 05.18.2016 | Science

Riaan Rifkin, a prehistoric archaeologist, together with geneticists at the University of Pretoria, South Africa gets down to the root of origins of human disease pathogens in sub-Saharan Africa, the cradle of mankind.

This Woman's Period Lasted Nonstop for 5 Years -- What We Can Learn From Her Story

Teen Vogue | Posted 04.26.2016 | Healthy Living
Teen Vogue

You are your own best advocate, and it's always a good idea to ask questions or speak up if you suspect something is not right with your body. Periods are a healthy, normal thing, and there's nothing wrong with talking about them. If you're experiencing a medical issue, period-related or not, never be afraid to tell someone.

These Are the States Where You're Most (and Least) Likely to End Up With a Health Problem | Posted 02.29.2016 | Healthy Living

When it comes to preventive care, how does your state measure up? Today the United Health Foundation released a report that compares all 50 states based on access to health care, immunizations, and chronic disease prevention.

Reclaiming Your Health

Linda Lauren | Posted 02.17.2017 | Healthy Living
Linda Lauren

It's easy to slip into the mindset of owning a disease or illness, but it's far more rewarding to reclaim some of your health through a positive attitude just by not staking a claim when you say the name of the illness.

What Scientists Mean When They Say Race Is Not Genetic

The Huffington Post | Jacqueline Howard | Posted 02.10.2016 | Science

If a team of scientists in Philadelphia and New York have their way, using race to categorize groups of people in biological and genetic research will...

The Good Side of Viruses

Medical Discovery News | Posted 02.02.2017 | Science
Medical Discovery News

While we have extensively studied the role of bacteria that call our bodies' home, we have yet to achieve that level of understanding with viruses. In...

5 Tips for Standing Down Your Stress

PJVIncent | Posted 11.30.2016 | Healthy Living

When we exist in the fight or flight mode as a rule rather than the exception, we drain the senses and data storage system within us. Perhaps we can also reverse the response by encouraging the senses to stand down. I've used this method over and over again with great success.

Bob Saget Shines a Light on Scleroderma With Cool Comedy -- Hot Cuisine

Xaque Gruber | Posted 05.26.2016 | Healthy Living
Xaque Gruber

In 1982, management consultant and former competitive figure skater, Sharon Monsky was diagnosed with scleroderma (in Latin "hard skin") a rare, potentially fatal disease that hardens the skin and internal organs and often strikes women of child-bearing age.

Update on Two Heroes Against Cancer and Hunger

William Lambers | Posted 03.02.2015 | Impact
William Lambers

There is some inspirational news to share as we close out 2014. During Thanksgiving week, I wrote about Lauren Hill and Natalia Marsh-Welton, two heroes who battled brain cancer this year.

Ariel Edwards-Levy

Ebola Worry Grows, But Most Are Confident U.S. Can Avoid A Large Outbreak | Ariel Edwards-Levy | Posted 10.07.2014 | Healthy Living

Americans are increasingly concerned about the spread of the Ebola virus, but most say they're confident any U.S. outbreak could be contained, accordi...

Nutrition Vital to Stopping Ebola, But Funding Is Low

William Lambers | Posted 11.17.2014 | Impact
William Lambers

It will take months to contain the virus according to estimates. During that time hunger could very well escalate.

Which Disease Kills The Most People, By Country

The Huffington Post | Kira Brekke | Posted 06.13.2014 | Healthy Living

What do the U.S., Morocco, Russia and Argentina have in common? Heart disease. A new map assembled by the Global Post reveals which disease leads ...

Leveling the Research Playing Field for Women

Lynn Posluns | Posted 07.30.2014 | Women
Lynn Posluns

With the bulk of research into some of the leading diseases impacting women being conducted on male subjects, there is little understanding of what makes women more susceptible or how to begin turning the tide.

South Sudan: We Must Not Miss This Opportunity to Save Lives

Toby Lanzer | Posted 07.19.2014 | World
Toby Lanzer

An end to the conflict would allow people to move around in greater safety, to sow in what remains of the planting season, and to take better care of themselves in the coming months. It would also allow for UN and humanitarian agencies to better deliver relief to people most in need wherever they are.

Is Global Warming Real? A 30-Second Answer

Keith Gaby | Posted 06.14.2014 | Green
Keith Gaby

There is either a decades-long conspiracy involving tens of thousands of scientists who have imbedded false formulas into the basic physics and chemistry textbooks, or climate change is real.

Lethal Virus Spreads In Middle East

The Wall Street Journal | Posted 04.14.2014 | World

Saudi Arabia on Sunday confirmed a surge of cases of a deadly virus in the kingdom over the past two weeks, even as it tried to counter criticism that...

The Promise of Genomic Medicine Is Just Beginning

Vivek Wadhwa | Posted 05.14.2014 | Science
Vivek Wadhwa

Hardly a week goes without the announcement of a major scientific breakthrough in genomics. The early triumphs are being seen with rare inherited diseases -- which together afflict more than 25 million Americans.

The One Thing Not To Say To Someone With OCD

Nile Cappello | Posted 01.23.2014 | Healthy Living
Nile Cappello

Unless you are educated on OCD, have seen a therapist, or have some sort of confirmation other than your own unfortunate desire to connect with me about this -- I'm going to be honest and let you know I really, really don't want to hear your superficial self-diagnosis.

Deadly Disease May Spread In U.S. | Posted 09.16.2013 | Healthy Living

The Pacific Northwest — a region known for stunning natural vistas and a love of outdoor recreation — is also home to a deadly fungal disease that...

LOOK: 26 Scientists & Doctors Who Gave Their Names To Dread Diseases

The Huffington Post | Melissa Cronin | Posted 06.12.2013 | Science

Just about everyone has heard of Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, and other well-known maladies. But did you ever wonder how these and other ...

'Old Fashioned' Diseases That Are Making A Comeback

Posted 03.19.2015 | OWN

By Corrie Pikul Here's what you should know about four retro diseases that are still around -- and a fifth that's back with a vengeance. 1. The ...