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Broadway in El Barrio (and The Bronx): For a New Generation of Actors and Audience Members, In The Heights Hits Home

Kate Quarfordt | Posted 05.11.2013 | New York
Kate Quarfordt

For a decade, the kids in our program have been stretching far outside their cultural comfort zones to put on musicals that have little do to with their own life experiences.

The Appalling Silence of Good People

PJ Mintner | Posted 05.07.2013 | Gay Voices
PJ Mintner

Every time I'm lukewarmly supportive, rather than being a passionate believer in social justice, I tell the world that I don't care about others, and I certainly don't care about myself.

The Poor Porker

Dark Rye | Posted 05.07.2013 | Taste
Dark Rye

The Poor Porker beignet cart reflects that thrifter's sensibility. It's a curated trove of weird found objects and quirky personal passions, so genuinely strange that it's hard for people not to fall in love with Masse and Wilson's vision of the world.

Carly Fiorina Interview: Marissa's Ban on Working From Home and HP's Future

Cassie Slane | Posted 05.07.2013 | Technology
Cassie Slane

Do you remember when female leaders at the top of Silicon Valley companies were hard to find? Well, they still are. But at least now, there are a few more than there were. Only 14 years ago Carly Fiorina was the first.

Doing More About Diversity in America's Orchestras

Jesse Rosen | Posted 05.04.2013 | Arts
Jesse Rosen

The next time orchestras are taken to task for being too European, too Caucasian, and too male-dominated, one might reference the new and growing generation of music directors who bring an inclusive sensibility and dimension to artistic leadership.

The Next CEOs - 10 CEO Ready Leaders

Mike Myatt | Posted 05.01.2013 | Business
Mike Myatt

The 10 leaders profiled below represent different industries, different disciplines, and even a few different countries, but they all share one thing in common - they're all CEO ready. Meet my predictions (in no particular order) for the next crop of chief executives...

37 Books That Teach Kids About Race

Kristen Howerton | Posted 04.30.2013 | Parents
Kristen Howerton

As Black History Month comes to a close, I thought I would share some resources for talking to kids about racism, in terms of both the historical context of our country and the present-day issues of prejudice.

It's Time for All Jocks to Embrace Diversity

Domonique Foxworth | Posted 04.28.2013 | Sports
Domonique Foxworth

It is my hope that the next generation of athletes will not support a culture of ignorance and discrimination and that gay athletes will feel comfortable being open about their sexuality.

The Problem With Political Correctness

BJ Gallagher | Posted 04.27.2013 | Politics
BJ Gallagher

If we can't talk about differences that puzzle us, or things we're curious about, without fear of giving offense, then how can we ever overcome our ignorance about cultures and races -- or even the opposite sex?

Diversity, Drive and Determination in the Kitchen

Marcus Samuelsson | Posted 04.23.2013 | Taste
Marcus Samuelsson

Black people had to work really hard to get out of the kitchen and now they have to work really hard to get back in. Black chefs are underrepresented in fine dining kitchens. But we're getting there.

Recent Presidential Elections: Better Juries, Harder Ballot Initiatives

David J. Brunell | Posted 04.23.2013 | Politics
David J. Brunell

I generally take the longer view and think Supreme Court nominations are the most significant actions U.S. presidents take, but besides anything Obama has already done or will do in the future, the election itself made democracy better -- maybe.

T Magazine Apologizes For Lack Of Diversity

The Huffington Post | Julee Wilson | Posted 02.21.2013 | Black Voices

Unfortunately, we've become accustom to the lack of diversity reflected in the pages of the top fashion and lifestyle magazines. Will there ever come ...

Affirmative Action -- an Optical Illusion?

Allison Singh | Posted 04.22.2013 | College
Allison Singh

Affirmative action creates an optical illusion. Yes, there are many success stories. However, for every success story there are countless invisible students with potential, but beyond the reach of admissions officers.

Top Women in the U.S. Has Reached 20% Mark, Should We Celebrate?

Carol Evans | Posted 04.15.2013 | Women
Carol Evans

I celebrate the progress we've made. I honor the 20 percent. But I don't want us to get complacent and bright-eyed with 20 percent. I want us to demand power sharing from the guys. Let's get our fair share of the money, the top jobs, the board seats, the positions of influence--and the power.

The Defining Moment

Frances Hesselbein | Posted 04.15.2013 | Impact
Frances Hesselbein

In my grandmother's arms, I cried my heart out for poor Mr. Yee. That was long ago -- the defining moment when I learned respect for all people, the defining moment that would stay with me, would shape my life with passion for diversity, for inclusion.

Race and Obama's Second Term -- Part II: Solutions

Preeti Vissa | Posted 04.13.2013 | Politics
Preeti Vissa

In a nation where "minorities" will soon be the majority, inequality is an invitation to disaster. So let me propose two additional agenda items for the president.

Who Are The Muslim Feminists?

Common Ground News Service | Posted 04.11.2013 | Religion
Common Ground News Service

The term "Muslim feminism" challenges paradigms and encompasses a wide spectrum of views that no one woman, not even a Muslim woman, can define.

Is Multiculturalism Dead?

Carlos Alberto Torres | Posted 04.10.2013 | Politics
Carlos Alberto Torres

We are currently in the midst of the largest wave of migration ever seen worldwide and global cities today are more diverse than ever before. Diversity, the heart of multiculturalism, defines the world economy and social fabric of cities around the globe.

A Celebration of Black Women on Film in 2012

Yvonna Russell | Posted 04.09.2013 | Black Voices
Yvonna Russell

As Black History Month begins, let's celebrate the women of color on film who embraced the challenges of directing, producing and diverse on camera roles in milestone achievements of a year past.

Good News From the Melting Pot

Ken Atchity | Posted 04.08.2013 | Politics
Ken Atchity

I don't know about you, but I'm tired of bad news about how America is going to hell in a hand basket and that, with Obama back in office, "I have great doubts about the future of our country."

How Our Children Learn

Rabbi Abraham Unger, Ph.D. | Posted 04.07.2013 | Parents
Rabbi Abraham Unger, Ph.D.

Children know no boundaries. They are open to assimilating their experiences in a flash through a never-ending combination of instinct combined with fervent analysis and lack of inhibition.

Ed Koch and the Heart of New York

Steven Cohen | Posted 04.06.2013 | New York
Steven Cohen

While neither Ed Koch nor any of the mayors who followed him have been perfect, each played a key role in New York's remarkable comeback.

HBCUs Will Benefit From America's Post-Racial Pushback

Jarrett L. Carter | Posted 04.01.2013 | Black Voices
Jarrett L. Carter

As post-racial talk turns towards the utility of race-based admissions in higher education, conversation is bubbling up about the post-racial movement and its impact on historically black colleges. Should HBCUs become more diverse?

Primetime Television: The New Color-Blind Medium?

Meron Mogos | Posted 03.31.2013 | TV
Meron Mogos

There should be space for diversity without the antagonism of race, and the introduction of shows like Scandal and Deception illustrate that a new trajectory has been marked. What does this convey about how we address race on television?

What Women Can Do About Gender Difference in the Workplace

Dr. Patty Ann Tublin | Posted 03.30.2013 | Women
Dr. Patty Ann Tublin

Women must stop seeing themselves as a minority in the workplace and view themselves as the realistic majority. In other words, women must create a major shift in mindset.