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Divorce Parenting

No-Cost Advice, Support and Resources for Parents Coping With Divorce Issues Available in January

Rosalind Sedacca | Posted 01.12.2016 | Divorce
Rosalind Sedacca

It's no surprise that more divorces are filed in January, following the holiday season, than in any other month. That's why, as founder of the Child-C...

Survive Parenting After Divorce: Don't Make These 5 Common Mistakes!

Natasha Daniels | Posted 12.15.2015 | Divorce
Natasha Daniels

You have given up half your belongings. You have recovered from the headache of decoding legal jargon and shelling out legal fees! You think you are almost out of the woods when the reality of co-parenting hits you like a ton of bricks. How are you going to parent after divorce?

Divorce Litigation: Can Parents Afford the Real Price?

Rosalind Sedacca | Posted 10.23.2015 | Divorce
Rosalind Sedacca

When custody decisions are made by those who are focused more on financial issues than family issues, children's needs often get pushed aside in favor of other objectives. Relationships, balance and good will are not prime objectives in the battle of divorce, and the scars on your children's psyches are often overlooked in the legal blood-bath that ensues.

Can a Puppy Help the Affleck-Garner Children With the Divorce?

Rosalind Sedacca | Posted 07.23.2016 | Divorce
Rosalind Sedacca

The Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner divorce is making headlines once again. The couple have just given their children a new puppy, hoping to help the kids better adjust to the inevitable changes resulting from the divorce.

Divorcing Parents: Avoid the Celebrity Path. Don't Blindly Go to Court

Rosalind Sedacca | Posted 02.21.2015 | Divorce
Rosalind Sedacca

It's easy to forget that divorce litigation is really a luxury, not a necessity. And it's often a luxury that results in material success at the cost of familial success. Not only is fighting expensive, it's often more about ego than concern for the best interest of your kids.

Parental Conflict Alienates, Hurts and Changes Children of Divorce Long-Term

Rosalind Sedacca | Posted 10.18.2014 | Divorce
Rosalind Sedacca

Children derive security from parental love, support and protection. Even after divorce, if the children feel both parents are still there for them -- participating in their lives and providing love and guidance -- they can thrive.

Divorced? 4 Valuable Life Lessons to Master Now

Rosalind Sedacca | Posted 09.01.2014 | Divorce
Rosalind Sedacca

Forgiveness is the gift you give to yourself. It's not for or about the other person. It releases you from the pain of staying bound up in the past. Blaming yourself or your former spouse serves no purpose in reinventing your life. It holds you back from enjoying today.

10 Signs Your Kid Is Doing OK After The Divorce

Rosalind Sedacca | Posted 08.18.2014 | Divorce
Rosalind Sedacca

We all know divorce can take its toll on both parents and their children. However, that doesn't have to be the case. Parents who focus their love and ...

What To Do If Your Kids Are Sabotaging Your Love Life

Rosalind Sedacca | Posted 07.29.2014 | Divorce
Rosalind Sedacca

With empathy, patience, persistence and the passing of time, you can introduce a new partner successfully. But never let your children feel they're second-place to a new love interest.

Conscious Uncoupling: Helping Divorced Parents Avoid Unconscious Un-Parenting?

Rosalind Sedacca | Posted 06.09.2014 | Divorce
Rosalind Sedacca

When we hear anything about "consciousness" -- which means giving thought and serious attention to something before acting on it -- we're as uncomfortable as kids in a sex-ed class.

3 Signs You're Holding On To A Grudge

Rosalind Sedacca | Posted 05.25.2014 | Divorce
Rosalind Sedacca

It is not uncommon to resent the people closest to us because they have often done us some harm such as violating our trust through a lie, betrayal, deceit or abuse. However, resentment comes at a big cost to you.

January Divorces Pose Special Challenges for Children

Rosalind Sedacca | Posted 03.23.2014 | Divorce
Rosalind Sedacca

My advice to parents is simple, but not always easy. Put yourself in your child's place and feel the insecurity, fear, anxiety, guilt and shame that your child may be experiencing.

Is Demonizing Divorce Justifiable?

Rosalind Sedacca | Posted 02.08.2014 | Divorce
Rosalind Sedacca

I am a product of parents who stayed together for the sake of the kids. I suffered all the negative psychological outcomes that children of divorce experience because my parents made every mistake we now warn against.

Teens Taking Sides a Painful Consequence of Divorce

Rosalind Sedacca | Posted 11.18.2013 | Divorce
Rosalind Sedacca

While there is never a one-size-fits all answer to relationship questions, I'm sharing my response with you as a perspective worth considering.

3 Ways To Be A Better Parent (And Person!) After Divorce

Rosalind Sedacca | Posted 11.03.2013 | Divorce
Rosalind Sedacca

Parenting during and after divorce can be complex, frustrating and confusing. However, every day parents around the world are coping with the challenges and raising happy, well-adjusted children.

Parents: Don't Drag Your Kids Into Your Divorce Depression

Rosalind Sedacca | Posted 08.11.2013 | Divorce
Rosalind Sedacca

Children's fears are compounded by apprehension about whether Mom or Dad will ever divorce them -- and what will happen to them and their family in the future. As dramatically as your life has been altered, remember, so too has theirs.

We're Divorced! What's Left to Argue Over?

Diane L. Danois, J.D. | Posted 06.26.2013 | Divorce
Diane L. Danois, J.D.

Welcome to the unknown, brave new world of co-parenting, or perhaps its more complicated sibling, co-parenting with stepparents! Splendid. Little disagreements that turned into giant disputes when you were married are now exponentially worse as a divorced couple.

How To Screw Your Kids Up In The Divorce

Rosalind Sedacca | Posted 06.23.2013 | Divorce
Rosalind Sedacca

Always be careful of what you share with your children regarding your own emotional state during and after your divorce. It can create enormous confusion for your children, along with guilt, frustration and despair.

What I'm Not Afraid To Admit About My Ex

Marcelle Soviero | Posted 06.03.2013 | Divorce
Marcelle Soviero

"I envy couples who got it right the first time."

Why You Shouldn't Stay Together For The Kids

Rosalind Sedacca | Posted 06.02.2013 | Divorce
Rosalind Sedacca

Stay together for the sake of the kids? Generations of miserable parents followed that, advice hoping their sacrifices would pay off for their children in the end.

10 Steps To Breaking The News Of Your Split To The Kids

Natalie Gregg | Posted 10.23.2012 | Divorce
Natalie Gregg

There are few harder moments in parenthood than telling your kids that it's over between mommy and daddy.

How I Embraced Being A Single Mom

Debbi Dickinson | Posted 10.01.2012 | Divorce
Debbi Dickinson

Transitioning from married life to divorced life is a challenge. Doing this with children at home can takes that challenge to the next level.

3 Things You Haven’t Thought About Prepping For Post-Split

Betsy Ross, LICSW CGP | Posted 09.12.2012 | Divorce
Betsy Ross, LICSW CGP

Unfortunately, divorce isn't like a stubbed toe that hurts intensely at the time but fades away after a while with -- hopefully -- no scar; instead, divorce can act more like a gluten allergy --always there, lurking and waiting to be triggered, then arriving uninvited to wreak havoc on our lives at any time.

5 Ways Your Kids Are Stressing Out About Your Split

Marie Hartwell-Walker, Ed.D. | Posted 07.31.2012 | Divorce
Marie Hartwell-Walker, Ed.D.

If you are divorced or in the process of a divorce, you're probably wondering what the kids are thinking.

How To Fix Parenting Mistakes Post-Divorce

Rosalind Sedacca | Posted 07.01.2012 | Divorce
Rosalind Sedacca

Whether you got divorced several weeks ago or it's been several years since your split, most of us can acknowledge that we've made some mistakes.