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Don Pettit

What Does Space Smell Like?

Posted 07.23.2012 | Science

By: Life's Little Mysteries Staff Published: 07/20/2012 06:55 PM EDT on Lifes Little Mysteries Astronauts who have gone on spacewalks consistent...

THIS WEEKEND: Space Station Trio To Make Homecoming Journey

Posted 07.01.2012 | Science

By: Denise Chow Published: 06/30/2012 08:07 AM EDT on Three astronauts living on the International Space Station will return home to Eart...

Astronauts On Twitter: 20 Names To Know

Posted 06.14.2012 | Science

What does the Sun look like from space? What do astronauts want to eat when they return to Earth? What does this button do? If you've ever wondered...

PHOTOS: Earth Luminous In Long-Exposure Shots From ISS

Posted 06.15.2012 | Science

At 17,000 miles per hour, it doesn't take long to make a stunning time lapse of the Earth. Astronaut Don Pettit snapped the amazing photos below wh...

WATCH: Stunning Time-Lapse Of Meteor Shower From ISS

Posted 05.24.2012 | Science

By: Staff Published: 05/23/2012 04:04 PM EDT on The Lyrid meteor shower of April put on an eye-catching sky show as seen fro...

WATCH: Dancing Water Droplets Rock Out On Space Station

Posted 05.05.2012 | Science

Watching water droplets dance is cool, but watching water droplets rock out in space is even cooler. NASA astronaut Donald R. Pettit does just that...

WATCH: Gorgeous New Time-Lapse Of Earth From Space

Posted 04.30.2012 | Science

There may be a lot of them, but it's hard to get tired of the spectacular time-lapse videos taken by astronauts aboard the International Space Station...

WATCH: Astronaut Makes Mind-Boggling 'Antibubble' Aboard ISS

Posted 04.23.2012 | Science

The zero-gravity environment inside the International Space Station gives astronauts ample opportunity to have a little fun--as seen in this new space...

WATCH: Artist's Trippy Time-Lapse Video From Space Station

The Huffington Post | Travis Korte | Posted 03.22.2012 | Science

NASA's time-lapse videos from the International Space Station (ISS) are breathtaking, sure. But wait till you see what an artist can do tweak them. Fo...

WATCH: Zero-G Coffee Cup Lets Astronaut Sip In Space

Posted 02.10.2012 | Science

NASA astronaut Don Pettit will do anything for his morning coffee—even physics. Using a sheet of plastic from an overhead projector and a solid unde...

Cara Santa Maria

WATCH: NASA Astronauts Answer YOUR Questions From SPACE | Cara Santa Maria | Posted 03.07.2012 | Science

2012-01-06-djfkdjfjeijfiifjdjfdfijeijfidjifjdifjidf.jpgToday I asked questions submitted by you to two astronauts whose answers were by turns insightful, hilarious, and awe-inspiring.